Absolute Resonance, Records of Dungeon Travel - Released!

Readers, happy to announce two new special releases for August - Absolute Resonance, by the author of BTTH/The Great Ruler/Dragon Prince Yuan/etc. who we all know and love, and Records of Dungeon Travel, by the author of Dragon Poor!  For Absolute Resonance in particular, we are working very closely with the author, and in fact we recommended this English name to them as the official English name that'll be used for not just the novel, but also the manhua and upcoming animations.

Absolute Resonance:

Absolute Resonance tells the tale of Li Luo, who in many other stories would be a stereotypical 'young master' - he's born as the heir of House Luolan, the newest of the five Great Houses of the land of Xia, and his parents were two of the youngest and most powerful cultivators to rise to the rank of Duke - no mean feat!  Unfortunately, while things seem glorious from the surface, in reality Li Luo is facing a number of seemingly insurmountable problems.  Both his parents have gone missing, causing House Luolan's position to become unsteady, and people both within and without are looking to take a chunk out of House Luolan's considerable holdings. Worst of all, he is lacking in something which everyone else in this world has - a resonance!  In the land of Xia, every human being is born with what is known as a 'resonance', either to a specific element or a powerful, mythical beast. Unfortunately, Li Luo was born with an incredibly rare condition known as a blank resonance - as the name suggests, he doesn't have one!  Is this a curse - or perhaps a blessing in disguise?

Author 'Li Hu' (aka Heavenly Silkworm Potato) is an experienced platinum author and continues to make improvements to his craft with each novel.  In this one in particular, there's a lot of self-referential humor and intentional trope inversion; for example, like in BTTH, our protagonist starts off in a terrible situation while finding himself engaged since childhood to a beautiful woman who is far beyond his current level and status - except in this story, he's the one trying to get out of the engagement, not her!  In one particularly funny scene early on, he begs to get out of the engagement, and his fiancee agrees - if he can beat her in a fair fight, which he has zero chance of whatsoever.  The author has taken care to give us a fresh story with lots of new (and inverted) tropes while also keeping the heart of what's made his novels popular, and putting in a lot of clan/kingdom building to boot.  I've enjoyed reading it, and I hope you all will as well!

Records of Dungeon Travel:

Records of Dungeon Travel is an action-packed cultivation novel with Kim Jin-Woo as the male protagonist. Born and raised by beasts in an underground labyrinth, he was a slave of the evil underground duke before escaping to lead an ordinary life. However, he was forced to return to the underground world to earn his sister’s wedding dowry, during which he coincidentally becomes the master of the naga’s labyrinth. Kim Jin-Woo thereafter gets inundated by the endless wave of adversities in the underground world, where survival is the only known virtue.

This novel offers a breath of fresh air to readers looking for a solid, non-cliché kingdom-building novel. The protagonist is intrinsically strong, but his adversaries are stronger. Unlike typical novels where the characters are adequately prepared for challenges, those in this novel are challenged in their most vulnerable states. The author vividly narrates the emotions and personality of Kim Jin-Woo and his crew as they tackle obstacles using tactics and logic. Furthermore, the fascinating transformation of the naga’s labyrinth from a crumbling, stone chamber to an entire self-sustainable ecosystem is well described in this novel. If you are craving some vicarious pleasure, why don’t you join Kim Jin-Woo in his journey to become the king of the underground world?