My Civil Servant Life & Dragon Poor Now Live!

Hi guys, RWX here!  We've had a spate of successful Korean launches, and now we're going to add two more to them - My Civil Servant Life Reborn in the Strange World (whew, what a mouthful), and Dragon Poor!  These two unique and very entertaining novels come highly recommended by our VIP Sneak Peek readers, and I truly hope you like them!  Both are being translated by new Wuxiaworld translators; the former is translated by Sangwoo, while the latter is being translated by BananaOoyoo.  Please join me in a big Wuxiaworld welcome for them!

My Civil Servant Life Reborn in the Strange World: This novel is a comedy-fantasy where our main protagonist, Denburg Blade, is reborn as the son of the strongest chief of the strongest tribe of the strongest race, the 'battle races'. However, Denburg wants nothing but to live a life of peace! Before being reborn, Denburg had just passed his civil service exam. Now, he begins an adventure in pursuit of peace and a stable life by trying to become a civil servant (again) while being chased by his own village. Empowered with great strength, Denburg must continuously balance his desire for shenanigans and how bothersome its consequences will be!  

This novel has a fresh comedic take on the “reincarnated in a different world” trope. Unlike some other overpowered protagonists, Denburg is a very intelligent character who always weighs the pros and cons and makes smart decisions for his self interests to enjoy a stable life of leisure. The author does a great job providing the reader insight into the thought processes of the characters. No frustrating “but you could have just done this!” here. Of course, he somehow seems to end up getting wrapped up in a bunch of shenanigans, but that’s what makes this story even more fun. Surrounded by a diverse cast, in an expansive world, see how Denburg navigates through friends, politics, and conspiracies in his pursuit of a peaceful life. If you enjoy a strong protagonist with a great sense of humor and enjoy a light hearted read, give this fresh comedic take on the reincarnation trope a try!

Dragon Poor: Dragon Poor is a fantasy novel set in an alternate world that groups of people are mysteriously transported to and follows a male protagonist, Kim Seon-Hyeok, as he attempts to navigate this new, medieval reality. The newcomers to this new world are blessed with awakenings, phenomena in which they receive a class. These classes, complete with abilities and hidden stats, determine their standing and treatment within this world, as prestigious, high-tier classes find opportunities to enjoy lives of luxury, while the rank-and-file struggle to survive. 

Seon-Yeok has received the exceptional-sounding class of 'Dragon Rider', but there is a problem; he's completely ignored, because this world is without dragons! Hence the novel's name, Dragon Poor. He is left to fend for himself as he tries to find a place in this world and realize his potential. This novel maintains the familiar ideas of leveling up and improving one's standing in the world. At the same time, it also offers a lens into someone who is seemingly abandoned by the system, and how the experiences in clawing one's way out of such a situation can affect their worldview. It celebrates individuality, persistence, and compassion, with a few twists and turns along the way!