SCOG on Amazon! Desolate Era! Seoul Station Necromancer!

Everyone, Amazon ebooks for Second Coming of Gluttony, Desolate Era, and Seoul Station Necromancer are in full publication mode, with many more coming!  We'll now be releasing them at a weekly pace; it took a while to finish things up a bit, but they are now all coming!  Sovereign of the Three Realms in particular is being delayed because of Amazon shenanigans, but as soon as it is approved we'll have six of them out as well.  Audiobooks will be en route very shortly as well.  I hope y'all can support this, especially SCOG as their performance will be a testament to rights holders that Wuxiaworld's rather unique system continues to follow the right Dao!  Come relive the journey or start it for the first time!

For Desolate Era, we have three ebooks uploaded to Amazon, with the fourth on its way.  The books are: The Warrior of Swallow Mountain, Snow Dragon's Bane, and The College of Swords.

For Second Coming of Gluttony, we also have three ebooks uploaded with the fourth and fifth enroute! The three books are Gula's Chosen, Dissonant Wishes, and Arden Fortress.

Seoul Station Necromancer has been released as a duology, with particularly significant edits having been made! The duology is Alandal's Monarch and Thrash's Champion.