Hi everyone, two sets of announcements here with many more coming into the holiday break!  At long last, the first batch of audiobooks mentioned in this post are here!  You can find them at the top of the navbar, or directly at this link!  Our launch titles are Coiling Dragon books 2 and 3, ISSTH Book 1, and Desolate Era Book 1.  They'll be Wuxiaworld exclusives for a period of 1 month at a discounted price, after which point we'll be putting them up for sale on Amazon as well.  The reason we're doing this and putting in a Wuxiaworld discount is mainly because we get just 20% of each sale on Amazon, so we would greatly appreciate it if readers bought here first.  Note - site credits can be used for buying audiobooks, another reason to get VIP!  A review section will be coming up for each audiobook as well.  I hope all of you enjoy!

In addition, we have two new books fresh out of sneak peek - Phoenix's Requiem by Qoob, and Immortal Soaring Blade by Rex (who translated Renegade Immortal)!

Phoenix's Requiem is a female-lead...

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NEW NOVEL: First and foremost, I'm delighted to announce that our long-time veteran translator littleshanks has finally launched his new novel, Rise!  Rise is a novel about the esports scene in Shanghai, the competitive gaming capital of China. It follows the story of Lin Feng, a boy who has just moved to the city for his last year of high school. He's a passionate gamer and dreams of being the best professional League of Legends player in the world. The twist? He almost achieved his dream, but failed at the last hurdle and faded into obscurity. Now, after a four-year long hiatus, Lin Feng comes back to a completely different esports scene and he's aiming for a comeback. Join him as he navigates through the new world of esports, streaming, and professional gaming!

AUDIOBOOKS INBOUND: Secondly - I wanted to give you guys a sneak peek of some of the work that has been done in audiobooks!  Desolate Era is our new audiobook flagship, while we've replaced the Coiling Dragon narrator with someone brand new for Book 2,...

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Hey guys, great news!  Two more top-performing sneak peek Chinese novels licensed from Zongheng have left VIP-only and are available for you to read, each with fifty chapters and a 2/day schedule!  These novels are Yama Rising, translated by Minotauruz (who did the great translation of Demoness' Art of Vengeance) and Star Odyssey, translated by OMA who did Warlock of the Magus World and City of Sin!  Both are veteran and highly capable translators, and I'm excited to bring this to y'all.

Yama Rising: This novel, written by Nocturnal Stranger, is an eclectic yet thrilling mixture of multiple genres, including dark fantasy, dark cultivation, kingdom building, horror, and humor.  The netherworld has fallen, causing ghosts to roam throughout the land of Cathay. The cowardly accidental immortal Qin Ye, the last (and lowest ranked) Agent of Hell, is now somehow responsible for rebuilding it, instead of lounging about all day enjoying World of Warcraft and MOBAs like he planned. He must purge or save the vengeful ghosts...

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Hey guys, I'm absolutely tickled to be announcing that Beastmaster of the Ages has gone live on Wuxiaworld!  It's been one of the most popular VIP sneak peek novels we've seen in a while, and now it hath come to the masses!  Just as exciting - it marks the formal return of Wei!  Wei was our translator who finished Terror Infinity long ago on Wuxiaworld, and ever since then he's been lurking around, honing his craft while trying to find the perfect book for him.  Now, with Beastmaster, he has found it and we gladly re-welcome him back into our ranks (although he never really left - he was lurking)!  We now launch with fifty chapters and our usual 2 chapters/day schedule for Chinese novels!

I'm actually not surprised he chose this novel - Beastmaster of the Ages has been the most popular paid novel on licensing partner for quite some time now!  The author is Feng Qingyang, who also wrote Heaven's Devourer, which was launched earlier this year. The story is set in a world where people are born with their lifelong...

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Hey guys, I bring news! Two brand new novels have just gone live on Wuxiaworld - Fields of Gold and VRMMO: Passing of the Sword!

Fields of Gold was one of Volare's most popular novels, and it has now come to Wuxiaworld! FOG is an ancient/historical slice-of-life 'transmigration into the past' type of novel which details the story of Lin Xiaowan/Yu Xiaocao, who was transmigrated into a small fishing village girl's body, and who embarks on a path to becoming the most famous farmer in the Great Ming Dynasty, with the help of a little divine stone that can accelerate crop growth. Not only did she conquer the taste buds of the ancients, but she would also try to build up her own business empire and become the wealthiest person in the entire dynasty. It's gotten a lot of really rave reviews for those who enjoy the genre, so if you like this type of fiction at all, I strongly urge you to give it a shot. It is launching with over four hundred chapters already done! Myst and Sanguine are the primary translators for this...

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Everyone, I'll keep it short and sweet - Wuxiaworld is hiring again!  This time, we are hiring in two categories - Korean Translators and Audiobook Narrators.  

Korean Translators: We are looking for experienced, competent Korean-to-English translators as we continue to expand our Korean section (and hopefully bring back a few oldies as well).  Applicants should have native-level grasp of English and strong Korean as well, and be available for an absolute minimum of 30 chapters a month, with priority for those who can go beyond this level.  Depending on length and experience, initial starting pay per chapter is $40 - $60, and can go considerably beyond this based on the performances of the novels. We will be selecting a total of five translators for this initial grouping.

Audiobook Narrators: Our work on ebooks has been proceeding apace (check out our newly released The Wastelander, The Elysian, and The Anarchist on Amazon), and we're looking to do multiple simultaneous releases of ebooks/audiobooks.  To that end,...

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Hey guys, was two weeks enough to catch up on the last batch of novel releases?  For those of you who said yes, here are FOUR more coming your way, all from veteran translators - alyschu, etvolare, ensj, and pika!  We also have a $0.99 sale on Coiling Dragon on Amazon for the next three days, which coincides with some new news on the ebook front and the possibility of Coiling Dragon coming back to Wuxiaworld.  Read on!


Necropolis Immortal: Necromancy, no filler, and unexplained mysteries of the world arrive with Necropolis Immortal! This cultivation novel quickly veers away from the usual cliches and into the realm of the spookily unexplored. Lu Yun, commandant of the tomb raiders, arrives in a fantastical world of immortals. It’s a realm filled with shiny new toys—ahem, tombs to be explored. What seems like a treasure-hunting jaunt is soon tinged with intrigue. What else does he have to solve other than how to stay alive in half a year’s time? Oh, and his new body is afflicted with erectile dysfunction....

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First and foremost - the Wuxiaworld iOS app is finally live for both iPhone and iPad.  At long last, soon (tm) has become now!  No, this is not a drill!  This is also four days past April Fool's, so it aint a joke either!  Click the link to go download it!  Our VIP subscribers have been playing with it for the past week or two, and we've incorporated all of their feedback as well as the lessons learned from our Android launch.  We are now live, and it's ready for all of you as well.  Happy reading!

Coinciding with this iOS launch, we also have five new special novels in the Wuxiaworld Direct program to add to your library and viewing pleasure!  Just in time to take your mind off all the madness going around the world.  I hope you guys can enjoy the little oasis which is Wuxiaworld and take your mind off of all of the very, very unfortunate stuff going on right now.  We have two mysteries, a scifi-romance, a comedy-romance, and a cultivation/comedy novel.  As you can see, we are really trying to switch it up for...

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Hey guys!  It's been a bit longer than we had anticipated, but we're really trying to roll things in together instead of overloading you guys with too many announcements, so we wanted to get it all together at once.  We continue our revamp with a new Steam-inspired review system (mouse-over covers to see current ratings), have launched two new novels the past week, and will be launching the remaining four Korean novels at the rate of one each day, starting tomorrow.  Read on!


Refining the Mountains and Rivers: We have been waiting so long for this novel!  Hyorinmaru, who translated Martial World, had started it almost a year ago, but because it was a top-rated novel that was SHARED by two different publishers (Migu and Zongheng), the actual paperwork took forever and a half.  We nearly gave up on this thing several times, but in the end we persevered and got the license!  Y'all know how fast hyorinmaru is, so you can expect fast and steady releases going forward.  We're just getting...

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Hey there everyone, this has been a good while in the making!  This should've happened towards the end of last month, but as most of you have probably heard things in China (where me and the wifey are) have been absolutely crazy the past month or so, and so things got delayed.  Finally, however, we're getting things rolling again!  The 'new genres' are now officially launching with five novels (and more coming).  These are all part of our new 'Wuxiaworld Direct' program, which means that we've centralized a lot of things to ensure that editing and uploading regularity is upheld.  We've also made some changes to the front page (with more iteration coming).  With all that said, here are the five novels we are launching with: Demoness' Art of Vengeance, Fortunately I Met You, Genius Detective, Rebirth of a Fashionista, and Attack of the Wastrel!  All five are different in their own ways, and they are all very good novels, and the translation quality is excellent!

Let me give some brief introductions to these five...

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