Chapter 1357 Nine Stars

When the ancient fragment pierced through Tai Xuan’s chest, the riotous waves of Genesis Qi surging across the world suddenly stilled.

Tai Xuan's expression froze for a good while, and he eventually lowered his head reluctantly, only to see a tiny wound on his chest. Although the wound looked insignificant and it seemed like he could heal it in the blink of an eye with his recovery ability, that wasn’t the case.

Tai Xuan could feel an ancient but overbearing force course around his body, and everything inside his body became invisible wherever that force passed, as though being wiped out.

That ancient power was incomparably tyrannical! 

Panic and fear filled Tai Xuan’s heart. Zhou Yuan’s attack was incredibly powerful. He thought he would at most be severely wounded if struck, but he never thought that a fragment was concealed inside that attack and that mysterious fragment was far more deadly that he thought. 

Tai Xuan’s withering body tottered side to side. He clutched the wound in his chest and stared at Zhou Yuan, his eyes filled with sorrow and disbelief. “What is that?!”

As Zhou Yuan stretched out his hand, the ancient fragment floated onto his palm. 

It was unknown what kind of material the fragment was made of, but it was covered with ancient runes and seemed to have existed since the beginning of earth. 

This fragment came from the Cangxuan Saint Stamp!

The fragment was concealed in the innermost part of the light sphere formed by the four Saint Runes. Zhou Yuan couldn’t activate it in the past and it was only after his most recent breakthrough that his control of the four Saint Runes improved once again and he could borrow the four Saint Runes’ power to activate the Cangxuan Saint Stamp’s fragment and launch a fatal blow at Tai Xuan. 

The Saint Stamp’s fragment was extremely special and even contained the heaven power of Cangxuan Heaven. Since Tai Xuan’s body had been pierced, his power would soon be corroded by the heaven power. 

Tai Xuan had underestimated Zhou Yuan's attack power. He never thought that Zhou Yuan would be concealing such a terrifying killing weapon. 

“It seems you can’t use me to complete your journey to the Saint stage,” uttered Zhou Yuan indifferently.

Tai Xuan's body trembled as faint cracks spread across his skin. The sea of blood beneath his feet rapidly dried up and the Immortal Blood Demon, who was in a fierce battle with the nine-claw sacred dragon, let out a painful roar before its body crumbled and became a puddle of blood.

Both armies stared dumbstruck at the scene. 

No one expected the turning point to appear so suddenly.

Tai Xuan clearly gained an absolute advantage when he summoned the nine seals of the blood prison and Zhou Yuan should be suppressed in the blood prison, suffering endless tortures. But who would have thought that Tai Xuan, who the Sacred Race had high hopes for, would be the first to collapse!

“How is that possible?!” Countless Sacred Race experts roared, their expressions changing dramatically and their eyes filled with anger and panic. 

In particular, the top third Law Domain stage experts’ faces were like the bottom of a pot. Although furious with Tai Xuan’s failure, they were stunned by Zhou Yuan’s strength. They couldn’t imagine how someone below the Saint stage could defeat Tai Xuan, who had accumulated many people’s powers! 

Tai Xuan is defeated?  

This is unbelievable!

But regardless how shocked they were, that was the truth. Tai Xuan's gradually collapsing body as well as his Law Domain clearly showed that he had sustained fatal injuries.

On the other hand, there wasn’t any cheering on the all-heavens side. Instead, it was completely silent because everyone was in utter disbelief by the result. Their gazes were blankly fixed on the young figure above. After all, even if Zhou Yuan’s strength had soared after he reappeared, no one ever thought he could defeat Tai Xuan. 

They only hoped that Zhou Yuan could last a while against Tai Xuan. At the very least, they wished he could stop Tai Xuan from acting so arrogant. 

But who would have thought that Zhou Yuan not only defeated Tai Xuan in the end and even severely wounded him. Moreover, it was unknown whether Tai Xuan would survive.

What a shocking result!

Many third Law Domain stage experts exchanged glances with each other. They saw shock and awe in each others’ their eyes. They only ever regarded Zhou Yuan as a junior, but they finally understood that the youngster, who had constantly created miracles in all-heavens, had already completely surpassed them.

He certainly will become a Saint in the future!    

In the face of someone like him, it wasn’t shameful to feel awe.

Chi Jing wore a very relieved expression. She still remembered the first time she met Zhou Yuan in the Tianyuan Region. At that time, he was only at the Divine Dwelling stage, and in her eyes, he was just a young, inexperienced boy. But who would have thought that the little youngster had already reached such a level. 

Only Xu Beiyan quivered, and in the depths of his eyes was a hint of jealousy, bitterness and fear.

The strength that Zhou Yuan showed terrified him.  

If even a monster like Tai Xuan was defeated by Zhou Yuan, it showed that the gap between him and Zhou Yuan was more than that could be measured.

Xu Beiyan wondered whether Zhou Yuan knew about how he previously plotted against him. 

A light flashed in Xu Beiyan's eyes. He made up his mind that he must leave immediately when the battle ended. Regardless of whether Zhou Yuan was aware of what he previously did, he must quickly hide in the shelter of his three masters. After that, he was determined to go into closed-door cultivation because after such changes he wanted to break through to the Saint stage as soon as possible. He perhaps would have the opportunity to attack the Saint stage if he asked his three masters for some Ancestral Dragon Spirit Essence. 

Only when he reached the Saint stage would he not have to worry about Zhou Yuan getting revenge. No one knew what would happen in the future. Zhou Yuan had ruined many Sacred Race’s plans and was perhaps being watched closely by the Sacred Race already. He could be killed any day, and at that time, Xu Beiyan would be the one who has the last laugh.

As such thoughts flashed across his mind, Xu Beiyan’s panic gradually subsided and he peered at Zhou Yuan’s figure in the distance.

Zhou Yuan paid no attention to the many awed and furious gazes and he just stared at Tai Xuan, whose body and Law Domain were gradually collapsing. “If you withdraw from the Stone Dragon Secret Domain now, the Sacred Race Saints might be able to save you.” 

He wasn't having mercy on Tai Xuan, but it was just that he knew that any counterattack from Tai Xuan would still be terrifying even if he was severely wounded. However, the Stone Dragon Secret Domain would fall into the all-heavens’ hands if they could force Tai Xuan to leave and their mission would be completed. 

Tai Xuan checked his condition and an uneasy smile crept across his withering bone-like face. “Zhou Yuan, your perception is terrifying.”

Looking at Zhou Yuan, he sighed, “I really didn't think that I, Tai Xuan, would experience such a day…perhaps Jia Tu also felt the same way when he lost to you. You are the hope of all-heavens. I feel that you will bring great trouble to the Sacred Race in the future.”

Then, he said loud and clear, “This is why Zhou Yuan, you must die here.”

As his voice died away, everyone saw Tai Xuan's body beginning to blur, disintegrate…It started from the soles of his feet and gradually it was his entire body.

After a few breaths, Tai Xuan's body completely vanished from the world.

But Zhou Yuan's expression dramatically changed because he saw a Sacred Pupil suspended where Tai Xuan vanished. Strange lights flowed around the Sacred Pupil as though Tai Xuan’s body had turned into nutrients and were completely pouring into the eye. 

But what made Zhou Yuan’s face grow overcast was the starlight condensing inside the Eight-Star Sacred Pupil. Eventually, the starlight condensed into the ninth star.

It was a Nine-Star Sacred Pupil!  

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