Chapter 1358 Shadow of the Sacred God

When Tai Xuan vanished and only left behind his Sacred Pupil suspended in the air, everyone on both the Sacred Race or all-heavens side couldn’t stop their expressions from changing. 

But the greater reaction was from the Sacred Race’s side because they knew what Tai Xuan’s move represented. He was sacrificing his body and Spirit to bring his Sacred Pupil to its pinnacle state. It was a sacrificial art!

Tai Xuan was clearly pushed to a very desperate situation. If he didn’t use such an extreme means, he likely would lose the battle. 

At that time, not only would he lose his life, the Sacred Race’s plan would also be affected. The Sacred Race Saints wouldn’t let him go easily if that happened, and so, it was better to take a gamble.

Although Tai Xuan had sacrificed his body and Spirit, there was a wisp of him in his Sacred Pupil and he would have a chance to come back to life with the Sacred Race prime saints’ help after he killed Zhou Yuan.  

Therefore, they weren’t surprised by Tai Xuan’s decision. 

But their gazes were still filled with complex emotions when they looked at Zhou Yuan. The contempt they previously had in their gaze like they were looking at an inferior race had faded. Although they were extremely proud and arrogant, they had to acknowledge Zhou Yuan’s strength.

After all, Zhou Yuan had pushed even the strongest person at the Sacred Race’s Law Domain stage to such a hopeless situation.

“But everything ends here…”  

All top Sacred Race experts wore solemn expressions. As part of the Sacred Race, they knew how terrifying the Sacred Pupil would become once it evolved into a Nine-Star Sacred Pupil. Even if Tai Xuan had forced the evolution with external means, the Nine-Star sacred pupil was possessed by only people at the Saint stage. 

A Saint’s power could destroy everything.

Zhou Yuan’s face turned grave and his eyes went wide with fear because he could sense the aura of death from the waves of dangerous aura it exuded. 

Tai Xuan was indeed worthy of being called the strongest at the Sacred Race’s Law Domain stage. He had endless means and his enemies couldn’t relax in the slightest.

Covered with wisps of blood, the Nine-Star Sacred Pupil rotated and locked on Zhou Yuan with a contemptuous expression.  

Faintly, it murmured like the god of death. “Zhou Yuan, you are dead.”

Blood-red aura rose from the Nine-Star Sacred Pupil and the Sacred Pupil gradually dimmed. 

Peering at the bizarre blood-red aura rising, Zhou Yuan sensed boundless danger. He frantically circulated his Genesis Qi without any reservation and operated several Genesis arts, forming a torrent-like attack and striking the blood-red aura. 


However, an attack of that scale didn’t create the slightest ripple when it slammed into the blood-red aura. It was like a stone thrown into a bottomless black hole.

Zhou Yuan's face grew increasingly grave. He sensed something bad.

The blood-red aura made even his Spirit shudder, as though a disaster was looming. 

“What is that thing?!” Zhou Yuan looked bewildered. 

The blood-red aura grew increasingly intense, and eventually it formed a faint, almost invisible, shadow above the Nine-Star Sacred Pupil. 

The shadow was blurry, but its appearance brought a supreme pressure spreading across the world. On the blurry face seemed to be a pair of indifferent and ruthless eyes watching the world.

The several all-heavens Saints outside the Stone Dragon Secret Domain paled at the shadow’s appearance, and even prime sovereign Jin Luo looked glum.  

“That’s...the Shadow of the Sacred God?!” a Saint exclaimed.

Prime sovereign Jin Luo’s face was as cold as water as he said, “It is indeed the Shadow of the Sacred God, but a Nine-Star Sacred Pupil evolved from external means can’t summon the Shadow of the Sacred God. The Sacred Race’s prime Saints must have done something.”

“So shameless!” A Saint fumed. This was a battle below the Saint stage, but the Sacred Race had used so much underhanded means. They even fiddled with the Shadow of the Sacred God. They were completely shameless. 

Although the Shadow of the Sacred God was just a projection, it still possessed the power of a true Saint. Saints perhaps could deal with it, but it was absolutely impossible for Zhou Yuan to do so. 

After all, Zhou Yuan was only at the Law Domain stage, regardless how strong he was, and a Law Domain couldn’t compete with the power of the Saint stage.

The gap between those two stages was far greater than that between the Nascent Source and Law Domain stage. 

“What to do?” Some Saints turned to look at prime sovereign Jin Luo. Since the Sacred Race had made such an unscrupulous step, the Shadow of the Sacred God could obliterate Zhou Yuan if they didn’t do anything.

Prime sovereign Jin Luo was silent for a good while, and then he said calmly, “Be prepared.”

The other Saints nodded, their eyes filled with murderous intent. 

The Saints could identify what the mysterious shadow was, but many Law Domain experts in the Stone Dragon Secret Domain couldn’t. But that didn’t stop them from feeling the terror emitting from the mysterious shadow, which made even their Spirits shudder.

The excitement that they felt when Zhou Yuan gained the upper hand was instantly wiped away.

“This is cheating.” Someone gritted his teeth.

Everyone smiled bitterly. Although they felt aggrieved, they knew it was a war and not a fair duel. There wasn’t any fairness and only victory and defeat. 

All eyes shifted to the young figure. Although they understood that they shouldn’t put so much pressure on Zhou Yuan, he was their last hope. 

Under intent gazes, Zhou Yuan furrowed his brows as he stared at the blurry mysterious shadow. The present him couldn’t withstand that kind of power.

This was because they were two completely different levels of power.

However...he would only have no hope if he encountered an attack of that level in other places, but here, it wasn’t completely hopeless.

“I’m not afraid of you cheating.” Zhou Yuan muttered, staring at the dimly lit Nine-Star Sacred Pupil.

“I have better trump cards than you.”

Zhou Yuan extended his fingers, and his fingertips shone with dazzling lights. It was the combined power of his Genesis Qi and Spirit. His fingertips fluttered like dragons and phoenixes dancing, leaving mysterious traces in the space.

They seemed to be forming an ancient and mysterious rune that even Saints would be moved when they saw it. 

As his fingertips fluttered, the mighty Genesis Qi circulating around Zhou Yuan faded at an astonishing speed, and even his Spirit began to dim.

However, Zhou Yuan’s strength wasn’t the same as before. As he made his last stroke, the ancient rune was finally completed.


The Shadow of the Sacred God cast an indifferent gaze over and then its giant hand slammed down. 

Everything was annihilated when the giant palm descended

Regardless whether it was tangible or intangible, everything was turned to nothingness under the palm.

Zhou Yuan remained indifferent facing that palm of destruction. The ancient rune before him gradually faded, as though integrating with the world.

He lifted his head under astonished gazes, staring at the Sacred God’s palm, and said boldly, “So what if you have the Shadow of the Sacred God? Don't forget where we are. This is an ancestral dragon land. Is it a place for you to display an incomplete shadow?!”


As Zhou Yuan's voice died away, everyone felt the entire Stone Dragon Secret Domain quaking. 

Outside the secret domain, all Saints’ pupils rapidly shrank. The giant stone dragon opened its eyes, turned its head and opened its mouth wide, as if to swallow the world.


An ancient dragon roar resounded as though it had passed through time and space, and a supreme power superior to all existences was suddenly spewed out from the dragon's mouth!

It aimed directly at the Shadow of the Sacred God!

All Saints inhaled sharply, it’s the power of the Ancestral Dragon’s will?!

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