Chapter 1379 Killing Intent

The one hundred figures emitting terrifying Genesis Qi hovered in all directions of the sky, stirring universe Genesis Qi. Even the world seemed to be producing wailing noises. 

Xiao Tianxuan, Xiao Tianluo and other defeated soldiers of Saint Remains City stared dumbfounded at the scene. Although no one except Xiao Tianxuan could figure out the cultivation level of the one hundred figures, that didn’t stop them from feeling their terror.  

After all, didn’t they see the Sacred Palace experts, who utterly defeated the Saint Remains City Army, crushed by the mysterious experts’ Genesis Qi pressure?


Compared to the others, who were confused and shocked, Xiao Tianxuan felt a storm turning his heart upside down because he could feel that the Genesis Qi of everyone in the mysterious team was at least the Nascent Source stage!

Moreover, a dozen of them were at the Law Domain stage!    

The overall strength of various sects and factions was significantly increased due to the Ancestral Dragon Pills distributed around all-heavens over the years. In the Cangxuan Sect, besides sect master Qing Yang, the other five peak masters also broke through to the first Law Domain stage. 

Among the seven Cangxuan peaks, only Sheng Taiyuan, the peak master of the Saint Genesis Peak, was a little behind. But even so, he was at the pseudo Law Domain stage.

However, the number of Law Domain experts in the entire Cangxuan Sect could still be counted with one hand. 

But the number of Law Domain experts in the mysterious team led by Zhou Yuan was several times more than that in the Cangxuan Sect! That team lineup was enough to set off monstrous waves in Cangxuan Heaven!

What is that guy’s level now? Xiao Tianxuan exclaimed. The information that he had on Zhou Yuan was only from the Battle of Guyuan Heaven a few years ago. At that time, Zhou Yuan was only at the Heavenly Sun stage. But because the situation in Cangxuan Heaven became more and more chaotic, everyone couldn’t spare any time to pay attention to news outside of Cangxuan Heaven and the result from the Stone Dragon Secret Domain hadn’t spread to the closed-off Cangxuan Heaven. 

This was why Xiao Tianxuan was surprised to see Zhou Yuan recruited so many Nascent Source and Law Domain experts. He could see undisguised awe in their eyes when they looked at Zhou Yuan. 

While Xiao Tianxuan and the others were pleasantly surprised, the advanced Heavenly Sun stage leader from the Sacred Palace was utterly terrified because he felt like a boat about to capsize in a storm under such terrifying Genesis Qi pressure. 

He was like a rabbit fallen into an ambush of tigers. He couldn’t help but tremble under their blazing gazes. 

“You, who are you? You’re not from Cangxuan Heaven!”

The Sacred Race team leader’s voice edged with fear.

He wasn't a fool. The Law Domain experts before him were all very unfamiliar-looking and so must come from outside of Cangxuan Heaven. However, didn't the palace master say that Cangxuan Heaven was closed-off?

“Correct.” Zhou Yuan smiled, but he didn't say anything else and effortlessly crushed the apricot seed with two fingers. An icy intent flashed across his eyes. 

"You can't kill me! I know that you are the reinforcements sent to Cangxuan Heaven by all-heavens, but so what? Palace master has healed all his injuries and his strength is dramatically improving. No one below the Saint stage is a match for him! You are just throwing away your life to come to Cangxuan Heaven!” The Sacred Palace team leader roared with all his strength.

“Sheng Yuan…” 

The coldness in Zhou Yuan’s eyes deepened. “I will soon go find him and settle a grudge.”

As the Sacred Race team leader stared at Zhou Yuan, he suddenly remembered a major event that happened in Cangxuan Heaven and a name clearly emerged in his mind. 

“Zhou Yuan…You are Zhou Yuan from the Cangxuan Sect?! You are the Zhou Yuan who broke the Cangxuan Saint Stamp! You came back?!” he cried out in disbelief.

Zhou Yuan just faintly smiled without saying anything. But his murderous intent had already shrouded several people. 

The Sacred Palace team leader felt a chill run down his spine under such murderous intent. However, he also knew that he couldn’t survive, and so murderous rage suddenly sprang out from his heart and he grinned sinisterly, “I wondered who you were. So you’re the dog that was driven out Cangxuan Heaven! You came back with help? Unfortunately it’s useless now! All of you will die in palace master’s hand!”

Zhou Yuan narrowed his eyes and flicked his fingers, shooting the apricot seed across the air. But the apricot seed was instilled with Genesis Qi and as the Genesis Qi rippled, the apricot seed transformed into a purple-gold material, destroying several layers of space as it sped past. 

Many advanced Heavenly Sun experts frantically circulated their Genesis Qi to withstand the attack, but all blocking attempts were useless. Before Xiao Tianxuan and the others had come back to their senses, a stream of light had already sped past and hole appeared between the eyebrows of the many Sacred Race experts. In the end, they plunged from the sky without any vitality remaining. 

Xiao Tianxuan's face twitched with shocked disbelief. Zhou Yuan had only flicked his fingers but an apricot seed wiped out several advanced Heavenly Sun experts! What terrifying strength!

But Xiao Tianluo and other defeated soldiers of Saint Remains City were even more dumbfounded. They were slaughtered when they faced the little Sacred Demon Army but the advanced Heavenly Sun experts were killed like chickens in Zhou Yuan’s hand.

The one hundred figures above slowly descended, landing in different places. At the same time, the Genesis Qi pressure that made the world tremble dissipated.

Zhou Yuan walked towards Xiao Tianluo, Xiao Tianxuan and the others, saying with a smile, “City lord Xiao, junior city lord, I haven't seen you in years. How have you been?”

Zhou Yuan wore a wide smile and the murderous aura that surrounded him when he wiped out the Sacred Palace troops was completely gone. Instead, his aura suddenly became like a gentle spring breeze.

But even so, Xiao Tianluo felt it was better to act overcautious. The others also didn’t dare to say anything. In the end, Xiao Tianxuan gave a bitter smile as he said, “I should address you as lord Zhou Yuan now, right?” 

Zhou Yuan waved his hand. “I am also a disciple of the Cangxuan Sect. You can just call me senior brother.”

Xiao Tianxuan breathed a sigh of relief and his smile deepened. Since Zhou Yuan said that, he was acknowledging that he was still a member of the Cangxuan Sect, and so, their relationship became much closer.

“Your highness Zhou Yuan really has the disposition of the Sacred Dragon. I already thought you weren't an ordinary person back then. It is indeed true.” Xiao Tianluo respectfully complimented Zhou Yuan when he saw that Zhou Yuan was so friendly. 

But he was indeed speaking the truth. Back when Xiao Tianxuan clashed with Zhou Yuan,  Xiao Tianluo indeed persuaded him not to be an enemy of Zhou Yuan and told him it would be best if he could befriend Zhou Yuan. Xiao Tianluo indeed had good eyes.

“Is the Saint Remains City destroyed?” asked Zhou Yuan.

Xiao Tianluo's face grew overcasted. Even though the Saint Remains City perhaps couldn’t be compared to the Cangxuan Sect, he had still put in years of handwork. However, it was now destroyed by the Sacred Palace. This was a huge blow to him.

“Although the Sant Remains City is destroyed, it can always be rebuilt. The most important thing is that everyone is still around,” Zhou Yuan comforted.

Xiao Tianluo nodded, and then he remembered something, “Did your Highness Zhou Yuan come back to return to the Great Zhou Empire?”

Reminiscent flashed in Zhou Yuan’s eyes. “I have been away from home for years. I should let my parents know I am safe.”

Xiao Tianluo hesitated for a moment and then he said, “Your Highness should go to the Great Zhou Empire first. I received news earlier that the Sacred Palace sent a Sacred Demon Army to the Cangmang Continent. Those people just now were just from one of the smaller teams. I believe the main Sacred Demon Army is heading for the Great Zhou Empire. Perhaps the Sacred Palace has received news of your return and is going to capture your parents to blackmail you.”  

Xiao Tianluo saw the smile immediately fade from the youngster’s face and a coldness as cold as eternal ice came to his eyes. 

Even if he hadn’t revealed any murderous intent, everyone around him couldn’t stop their expressions from changing. Even Zhao Mushen and the others gave a sidelong glance at him because this was the first time they felt such strong murderous rage from Zhou Yuan. 

Evidently, what Xiao Tianluo said had completely triggered his monstrous killing intent.

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