Chapter 579. My New Demon Swords (1)

In order to wield a demon sword, a trial must be overcome by the prospective wielder. However, this no longer applied to Kang Oh. 


Once he mastered Demonic Swordsmanship and Devil Trigger, he gained a new class ability.

[Your control over demon swords has been maxed out.]

[You have become the master of all demon swords. The trial is no longer an obstacle to wielding demon swords.] 


He hadn't made use of this ability because there weren't any new demon swords to be found. Fortunately, the three legendary blacksmiths gave him an opportunity to make full use of this ability. 

Kang Oh was able to equip all three of the demon swords without any fuss.

'Nice. Now then...' 

Kang Oh called on Eder. 

"Make me a Bone Golem. Make it really tough."


A giant Bone Golem would prove to be an excellent sandbag. Kang Oh tested out his new demon swords, ascertained their abilities, and gradually got more familiar with them.


He heard the news he'd been waiting for.

"The Resurrection Stone has appeared," Javen said. He had called all of the Soul Guardians and Kang Oh's party, aside from Loxia and Asu; they were at the Lamp, watching over the river of souls.

"Finally!" Kang Oh clenched his fis...

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