Chapter 3790: Who’s The Hero?

Hu Ben’s support for the third prince earned him adulation and respect. They thought that he was a crucial pillar of the holy ground.

This was understandable due to his fight against the scion. He led the vanguard and took charge when no one else did.

Though he lost, it was an honorable defeat and actually heightened his status. Today, his choice might offend Archaic Sun King - something potentially detrimental to his own wellbeing. Nonetheless, he did so without any hesitation while thinking of the bigger picture.

Conversely, Li Qiye didn’t do anything to oppose the scion nor lend an inch of his strength for the holy ground. Worst of all, he conspired with Xu Cuimei, a disciple from Righteous, to steal Dhyana Dao Lord’s statue. 

The experts here reviled him for his conduct and didn’t hide their distaste.

Of course, Li Qiye ignored their comments and showed zero emotion on his face.

He glanced at Hu Ben and smiled: “Come together. Two or three moves if I’m feeling nice, just one if otherwise.”

“What, one move?!” The crowd clamored in response.

“Li, you’re too arrogant! Who do you think you are? The ultimate cultivator in history?” Another couldn’t help but shout.

“Too much bravado.” Someone else said.

Everyone knew that Li Qiye’s methods were out of this world but needing just one move to defeat his two foes was still hard to believe.

Just the third prince alone - sure, definitely possible. On the other hand, to do so against Hu Ben seemed rather implausible because they had seen Hu Ben in action back at Smoke-fire Fortress.

“Does he think he is Righteous Scion? This is way over the top.” One youth snorted.

“Even the scion might not be able to beat Hu Ben with just one move. Everyone saw that previous battle, right?” Another chimed in.

Meanwhile, Hu Ben had an ugly expression - a usual occurrence for those tasting Li Qiye’s contempt.

“I see.” He laughed from being too angry and said: “Everyone says our holy ground is full of hidden masters, well, I can’t wait to see the true dragons and white tigers today. Which will be able to defeat me so fast?”

He had fought against the top dog of the young generation and gained insight into his own abilities.

Thus, not to mention one move, Li Qiye wouldn’t be able to defeat him within three.

“Hu Ben, teach this arrogant fool a lesson, don’t let a wretch like him live in the holy ground.” A fan shouted.

“That’s right, this scum deserves a thousand deaths. Kill him and maintain order.” Others started joining in.

Some of these youths were furious and wanted to chop Li Qiye into mincemeat.

On the other hand, Xu Cuimei stood aside with a calm expression. She shook her head, thinking that these speakers were idiots.

Wei Qianqing felt worried for Li Qiye. This happened because of her and now he was against the entire dynasty. She thought that this might end with Li Qiye’s death, and it would be a gruesome one.

“Looks like quite a few of you want me to die.” Li Qiye smiled amusingly and beckoned the aggressive crowd: “Come now, show me your determination and ability.”

He had no issue with challenging the entire holy ground in a haughty and carefree manner.

The crowd exchanged glances. No one really wanted to step up to face Li Qiye. Of course, they had no problem running their mouth enthusiastically but to actually step on the stage?

Li Qiye had insane schemes and methods. Moreover, the holy ground had other talents such as Hu Ben. It wasn’t their turn to worry anyway.

“Pah! It is disgraceful for Vajra to have a degenerate like him as part of the court.” One of them said with disdain.

These cultivators knew perfectly what to say to match the situation. But to tell them to fight to the death over justice? That’s impossible since their personal benefits haven’t been negatively impacted. This was Vajra’s personal issue; they didn’t need to risk their lives.

“So this is what people mean when they say the holy ground is full of hidden dragons and crouching tigers. They forgot to add one last part, turtles hiding in their shell.” Li Qiye laughed and said: “No wonder why Righteous Scion looks down on you bunch, capable tongues yet shaky hands.”

The crowd glared angrily at Li Qiye with fire in their eyes, wanting to incinerate him into ashes. Of course, the glares were fully ineffective.

“If you wish to challenge all the heroes in the holy ground, I will work together with Brother Hu Ben to see your wondrous techniques, yes?” A cold voice uttered.

This newcomer came with auspicious energy and a flashing figure. He looked to be an ethereal spirit without physical form.

“Phantom Sacred Child!” Everyone recognized this youth.

Now, the other side looked quite impressive with the third prince, Hu Ben, and Phantom.

“Hmph, even Phantom Sacred Child has lost his patience because of this Li’s arrogance. He needs to be taught a lesson.” One member of Divine Ghost Division scowled.

“Phantom Sacred Child is known for his friendly temperament and patience, he’s only doing this because Li Qiye is unbearable.” A young genius remarked.

Some experts started wondering. Phantom was nowhere to be found against the scion yet he showed up to fight Li Qiye?

Nonetheless, the older ones expected this. Li Qiye’s arrogance was one thing but Phantom always had a good relationship with the third prince. The latter seemed to be the main reason for his appearance.

“So Divine Ghost Division has chosen Third Brother.” The crown prince sighed while watching from a distance.

He tried to befriend Phantom several times in order to build a relationship with Divine Ghost Division. However, Phantom remained cordial but unmoved.

There have been rumors of them supporting the third prince but they have never expressed their stance.

In the key moment today where the third prince was branded as an offender, Phantom still came to support him. This made everything apparent.

“The three of us against you, how about it?” Hu Ben spoke.

“Till death!” The third prince added, not wanting Li Qiye to leave this place alive.

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