Chapter 3909: Crystal Godbow

The Praetor couldn’t afford to be haughty like always. Though he managed to stop Lil’ Black earlier, the power shown by this boar indicated that he had met a mighty foe.

The massacre committed by Lil’ Black so far was unreal. More than half of the coalition army was dead. Rain of blood poured down while bones piled like mountains. 

Normally, no one would take a second look at this boar. Now, they shuddered at its sight.

“Is this also a chaos primal beast?” Someone brought this up.

The survivors from the east kept a far distance from Lil’ Black after seeing the fate of their brethren. They were heroic and battle-hardened yet this beast still frightened them.

“Humhmp-” The boar growled at the Praetor while slowly moving forward, still looking harmless.

It was different from Lil’ Yellow in this regard. Normally, Lil’ Yellow always looked down on everyone else. On the other hand, Lil’ Black liked to play innocent. In reality, it was far more dangerous and nefarious.

It didn’t mind resorting to ambushes and despicable means to catch its opponents off guard. Some powerful cultivators would question how the hell did they die to a boar during their last moment.

As Lil’ Black approached, the Praetor became alarmed and staggered backward while shouting: “Form the arrow formation!”

The eastern army was well-trained. Though they lost more than half of their men, they still hurriedly formed a formation after receiving the command.

“Boom!” The Praetor took out a resplendent diagram. It immediately illuminated the battlefield.

“Go!” Several hundred thousand soldiers released their unceasing vitality and formed a boundary capable of pushing up the firmaments. They disappeared into the diagram and out came bright stars.

The stars immediately assembled into celestial arrows that gather on the quiver behind the Praetor’s back. It seemed as if he was carrying an entire galaxy and its power.

“Buzz.” He summoned a longbow with celestial particles pouring from it. It was crafted from an entire planet. Thus, as he pulled the string back, he also drew on the planet’s power.

“What treasure is this?” Its power was obvious to the crowd.

“Crystal Godbow.” An expert from the east said: “A treasure from this race left behind by their emperor, at least according to the ancient scrolls. When combined with the right formation, it can be immensely destructive.”

“Ooo-” Lil’ Black roared and faculae appeared on his body. As the faculae rotated, it also grew larger. The faster the rotation, the faster the growth.

The Praetor didn’t let the boar have time to power up. He immediately released the string and shot out the first celestial arrow. It had extreme speed on top of the power of a galaxy, resulting in an unstoppable sharpness.

An ancestor thought that this arrow alone could destroy a sect.

“Boom!” The arrow didn’t hit the boar but rather, one of the faculae. The facula crumbled and the boar’s size increase stopped right away.

The Praetor seemed to notice something and unleashed several dozens more. Each arrow managed to destroy one facula. He didn’t miss a single shot while maintaining ample power.

Lil’ Black started shrinking in size like a balloon being popped.

“Yes!” Those from the east started cheering.

“The Praetor lives up to his fame, such accuracy.” Another became excited.

He let out a sigh of relief after finding the right method to force Lil’ Black back to its original form. Perhaps the boar wasn’t that terrifying.

“You brought this upon yourself!” He roared as his murderous intent intensified.

He channeled more power into the bow this time. As he drew the string back all the way, it became blindingly bright. 

Spectators couldn’t keep watching due to the pain inflicted on their eyes.

He looked like a god in a mortal world. This next arrow could slay immortals themselves.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the battlefield, Lil’ Yellow’s hair continued flying towards the citadel.

This was a magnificent scene due to their massive size. Millions of them turned the sky black. Not to mention one city, the entire world could go down to this. Even the big shots were impressed by this apocalyptic attack.

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