Chapter 3975: Tsunami

“Boom!” Today, the currents from Black Tides returned. A surging tsunami could be seen from a distance, virtually unstoppable.

“The water is back!” Cultivators from Black Wood immediately took note of this.

“That’s the end of the tidal recession.” A big shot understood this development.

However, everyone was caught off guard because Black Tides became increasingly violent.

The massive tsunami smashed against Black Wood and didn’t stop. Waves continued in a ferocious and relentless manner.

The water didn’t only come back to fill the ocean. It seemed eager to destroy Black Wood along with all of the southern West King. Black Wood was nothing more than a helpless ship stuck in a storm.

“Shit!” The inhabitants turned pale and trembled with fear. Some thought that escaping was futile so they dropped to the ground.

“What is going on?!” Big shots who have experienced the end of tidal recessions couldn’t believe it. This was unprecedented.

Black Tides resembled a roaring beast trying to lunge up the cliff. Strangely enough, though the water didn’t hold back, it still couldn’t make it past the shore. There seemed to be an invisible rein holding it back.

Most thought that this was the end of the world and that Black Wood had no chance of holding. However, this eventually subsided.

The water calmed again and Black Tides stopped its assault. The water has fully returned and covered up the seafloor.

Cultivators regained their wits and exchanged glances, still feeling afraid.

“It’s finally over.” They heaved a sigh of relief.

“This tidal recession was too scary, it wasn’t like this before.” A big shot took a deep breath.

All of them would have died if something invisible wasn’t holding it back.

They looked towards the ocean and still saw the same dark liquid. However, there was something different this time.

“It’s quieter.” An expert said with certainty.

This was indeed the case. The waves, albeit continuous and surging, weren’t raging as much. In the past, entering Black Tides meant risking being swept away by the waves. The current waves seemed rather weak in comparison.

“So what the hell happened?” A cultivator quietly asked. Unfortunately, no one could answer his question.

“Where, where is His Majesty?” Another remembered something.

Everyone knew that Li Qiye had entered the inner region of Black Tides. Alas, nothing came back, no signs of a fierce battle either.

They started wondering about his goal in that region.

“Is he okay?” Someone became worried because Li Qiye had been there for too long.

Of course, some big shots felt just fine about him. Even Worldly Immortal treated him with respect. A monster like Li Qiye should have no problem leaving the inner region alive even if it meant being empty-handed.

Most didn’t discuss this matter in public and only talked about Li Qiye’s disappearance with their friends.

Numerous rumors spread as a result. One stated that Li Qiye had died in battle there. Another said that he was still struggling against the dangers there. The third spoke of Li Qiye opening an immortal portal and leaving for the upper world…


Eight Desolaces had a region named Sword Continent. True to its name, swords were everything there.

West King was considered small compared to Sword Continent. However, the eight regions were separated by forbidden zones. 

These seals would only go down during the presence of a dao lord. Otherwise, it became difficult for one to travel across the regions. It would require an unreasonable amount of resources.

Sword Continent was massive and diverse. There were too many sects to count but several stood out - Sea Emperor Sword Kingdom, Nine-wheel Citadel, Sword Temple, Virtuous Sword School, Daoist Sword Ground, Wooden Sword Holy Kingdom…

Their specialty was obvious given their name. This was often the case in this region. More than eighty percent of sects focused on the sword dao.

Of course, there were notable exceptions such as Nine-wheel Citadel. Nonetheless, the sword dao still reigned in this continent.

There was a popular adage in Sword Continent - as long as I hold my blade, the world is mine.

Their fanaticism towards the sword resulted in producing numerous top sword users - Sword Sea Dao Lord, Sword Queen, War God Dao Lord, Violet Abyss Dao Lord…

These powerful dao lords paved the path for Sword Continent, turning it into one of the strongest regions.

The ultimate sword dao for the continent turned out to be one of the nine Heavenly Scriptures - the nine paths of Finality.

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