Chapter 4063: Asking For A Beating

Ning Zhu defeated Starshooter Prince without resorting to external measures nor trickeries, only her actual power. No one could criticize her victory and only gained a better understanding of her power.

She seemed to be among the top three and could actually contend against the high elders and ancestors from the previous generation.

Thus, from today henceforth, people might be more prone to think about her power instead of her past engagement with the king or her status as a princess from Wooden Sword.

“Bam!” Dirt splashed outward and spectators noticed Starshooter Prince climbing out of the pit.

Being occupied with the princess and the ranking made everyone forget about the prince. Some thought that he was already dead.

He looked ragged and bloodied with wounds all over. The slash didn’t kill him but still smashed him onto the ground. This left him with both external and internal injuries.

“You’ve lost.” Ning Zhu glanced at him.

Not long ago, he looked awe-inspiring and flushed with success. Now, losing in this manner publicly dealt a considerable blow to his reputation. He would never be able to hold his head high in the presence of the princess.

His arrogance and pride have been trampled upon and shattered. 

“You, you have nothing!” Starshooter Prince blurted without rhyme or reason due to his rage: “You’re nothing but a maid, and that’s all you’re worth, not worthy of being a member of our Sea Emperor Sword Kingdom, shameless and foolish woman!” 

The princess’ expression darkened while the spectators exchanged glances.

However, the prince’s spiel stopped abruptly due to a figure appearing in front of him.

“Ugh!” His eyes turned white as he kicked his legs back and forth.

People saw someone seizing him by the throat and raising him up in the air. This uninvited third party was none other than Li Qiye who has been observing on the sideline.

No one saw how he got there, only mere flashes before he subdued the prince.

“Wh-what are you doing-?” The strangled prince had trouble speaking clearly.

“Should I crush your neck right now or just let you run out of breath?” Li Qiye smiled and asked before adding more strength to his fingers.

“Crack!” Just a bit more force and he would be able to end the prince.

“D-don’t b-be insane!” The prince nearly pissed his pants, never having been so close to death before.

He had such a bright future but death would spell the end to all of that. Thus, survival trumped reputation and honor.

“Pl-please, le-let me down, let me down…” The frightened prince began begging for mercy.

“Fine, I’ll spare your life.” Li Qiye showed a rare moment of compassion.

He slowly put down the prince and the latter heaved a sigh of relief. However, he then grabbed the prince’s ankle and raised him up again.

“What are you doing?!” The upside-down prince was horrified.

“Bam! Bam! Bam!” Li Qiye smashed him against the ground repeatedly without showing any mercy.

“Crack!” Blood and bits splashed everywhere while the youth screamed. The sounds of crushed bones horrified the listeners.

They could feel his pain while watching the visceral and gruesome beating.

Finally, Li Qiye casually tossed him into a dirt pit nearby, just like a piece of trash. He was at his last gasp from being mangled.

Spectators shuddered after seeing the gruesome assault. His defeat earlier was acceptable since duels and deaths were common in the cultivation world.

However, it was rare to see a sadistic assault. Li Qiye didn’t hold back despite the prince having powerful backings.

Their initial impression of him was that he was just a lucky parvenu. Thus, the ferocious display only added to their shock.

They realized that he wasn’t a fat sheep with money at all. He was a ferocious beast ready to bite.

“A maid of mine is a thousand times nobler than a king. You all are nothing more than an insect, just me looking at you for a second is the blessing of three lifetimes.” Li Qiye told the crowd before leaving.

Ning Zhu was stunned for a moment before calming down and catching up.

Meanwhile, everyone stared at the half-death prince in disbelief. No one refuted Li Qiye’s arrogant comment.


After leaving Armament City, Ning Zhu bowed towards Li Qiye and emotionally said: “Thanks for standing up for me, Young Noble.”

There was a hint of truth to the prince’s insult. She was indeed a maid right now.

“Gotta look at the master before beating a dog.” He smiled: “No one can bully my maid.”

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