Game of the Monarch

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Palico & Yojj
Shijoon (시준)
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Previous Translators: DaringRuse, Palico

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Park Moonsoo worked REALLLLLLY hard in life before dying. 

After awakening to the memories of his previous life as Park Moonsoo, Milton thought he could finally have an easy life as a noble. At least, that was what he used to think before he found out about the enormous debt his father had left him. 

“Okay, I’ll pay off this damn debt. I will.” 

I died from working so hard to pay off the student loans in my previous life, but I’m burdened with more debt again?

Milton wanted to sell the ancient scroll his father left behind to pay off his debt…    

[You have awakened to the Monarch’s Authority.]

Argh! I wanted to have an easy life, please leave me alone!