Chapter 1667: Wheel of Taichi

The entirety of Heaven was in a stir.

However, Wu Yu did not know about the situation outside. All he knew was that this was huge, and that the Dhrtarastra and company would definitely not let this matter slide. They would definitely be here soon.

He was currently alone with the Patriarch Bodhi.

Within Bodhi's Palace, the Patriarch Bodhi was in his usual gray garb, seated on the futon with a grave expression. Evidently, the killing of Mo Liyin was too serious for him to settle with just his reputation.


Patriarch Bodhi shook his head. "Not an easy matter to deal with! If I do not punish you, I'm afraid the others will not accept it. I also will be unable to explain to the other immortals."

Wu Yu could see the difficulty of his position. He too knew that the Patriarch Bodhi's punishment would probably be much better than the alternatives. After all, he had always felt his kindness.

If he left the punishment to someone else, a more terrible fate definitely awaited him.

Therefore, Wu Yu only briefly thought it over, before immediately cupping his hands in respect. "Patriarch Bodhi, your disciple Wu Yu is willing to accept your punishment!"

Although he had only been under the Patriarch Bodhi for 100 years, but he had learned a lot at each of the lectures, and improved very quickly. It might be even quicker than when he was studying the epochal immortal designs and devouring eternal demon emperor corpses at Eternal Emperor Tomb.

After all, the Patriarch Bodhi was one of the oldest immortals in the sky palaces. Even a bit of his knowledge was an entire sea of wisdom for Wu Yu.

Therefore, Wu Yu had already begun to trust the Patriarch Bodhi.

Such a great being wouldn't sabotage him, right?

"Very well. Come with me."

Patriarch Bodhi gave another pleased smile. It was best that Wu Yu accept his judgment as well.

He rose and led Wu Yu out of Bodhi's Palace.

Wu Yu followed behind him. As they exited, he saw many of the disciples gathered outside Bodhi's Palace, whispering.

When Patriarch Bodhi appeared with Wu Yu, the immortal emperors all hushed up. They looked curious to know what Wu Yu's punishment would be.

If it did not satisfy the masses, then the Four Heavenly Kings, True Lord Erlang, and other immortal emperors would have something to say about it.

This was a first even for the Patriarch Bodhi, and so they were all curious to see what he would do.

Patriarch Bodhi patted the air with his hand, gesturing for silence. And then he spoke solemnly. "Disciple Wu Yu has killed eternal immortal emperor Mo Liyin. Because Wu Yu killed him accidentally in self-defense, the crime does not deserve death. And yet his life will not be so easily spared. Three days later, he will be put into the Wheel of Taichi for 10,000 years!"

This was met by exclamations.

Wu Yu was hearing Wheel of Taichi for the first time. He had no idea what it was, but trusted that the Patriarch Bodhi meant him no ill, especially since a long imprisonment was involved.

Given the Patriarch Bodhi's abilities, he could definitely have Wu Yu within an inch of death with just a word or two.

But seeing the expressions on the other disciples' faces, this Wheel of Taichi was probably something extraordinary. Once within, he would probably face something terrible, although Wu Yu did not know what it would be.

A flurry of murmurs broke out, and they whispered and pointed at Wu Yu, a mix of vindictive justice and pity. It was clear that they were all thoroughly frightened by the Wheel of Taichi.

Wu Yu was not disposed to ask more right now. He could only curb his curiosity. In any case, he would find out three days later. He could also speak to Memory Star Immortal Emperor in the meantime.

"Such is the punishment! May this be an example to the rest of you not to make the same mistake!"

Patriarch Bodhi said sternly to his followers.

All of the immortal emperors replied fervently: "The Patriarch is wise!"

These immortal emperors were by nature not lovers of trouble. These had been peaceful years, and the death of an immortal emperor was major indeed.

In just a mere 100 years since Wu Yu had come, such sensational things had already happened.

The other disciples such as Complete Zen Immortal Emperor and Memory Space Immortal Emperor gave Wu Yu looks of pity.

"It's basically impossible to escape the Wheel of Taichi. I had thought the Patriarch would be lenient!" Complete Zen Immortal Emperor said in a low voice.

"That's right. 10,000 years on the Wheel of Taichi? Even an immortal emperor would die within. Let alone someone who hasn't even reached the immortal emperor realm! Sigh." Memory Space Immortal Emperor felt that it was a pity. Wu Yu was after all brilliant.

Who else but a genius could beat the second tier immortal emperor Mo Liyin as a mere 9-heavens immortal king?

However, he had broken the heavenly rules and restrictions, and his fate was terrible. Killing never ended well in the sky palaces.

Wu Yu did not hear their conversations. After the Patriarch Bodhi finished his announcement, Wu Yu headed back for his residence.

He had three days to prepare.

It was only a brief moment. He could not do much about it. All he could do was seek information about the Wheel of Taichi, so that he might live.

"I feel that the Wheel of Taichi must be some terrible place, where even an immortal emperor might die." Full Moon of Nanshan mused.

Ye Xixi and Luo Pin were in misery.

"No matter what, the Patriarch Bodhi should not intend me harm. All I need to do is endure. I won't die there." Wu Yu said, frowning.

He felt that no matter how hard it was, the Patriarch Bodhi would not send him in to die, given how much he favored Wu Yu.

Both he and Mo Liyin were disciples of the Patriarch Bodhi, but the Patriarch Bodhi had told him that he had to punish Wu Yu to satisfy the other immortal emperors.

This made Wu Yu feel that the Patriarch Bodhi still favored him.

However, he wasn't clear what that implied.

In the night, Memory Star Immortal Emperor came looking for Wu Yu.

"Wu Yu, you don't have much time left. Senior brother here will explain it to you. I take it you don't know anything about the Wheel of Taichi?"

Memory Star Immortal Emperor spoke to Wu Yu privately in his residence.

"Please tell me, senior brother." Wu Yu also sobered up. This concerned his next 10,000 years. He could not take it any more seriously.

Memory Star Immortal Emperor told him.

The Wheel of Taichi was one of the greatest epochal immortal treasures in the whole of the sky palaces. It was a huge trigram millstone, divided into two parts. The black part was the Heavenly Devil Battlefield, while the white part was the Everlasting Battlefield.

Wu Yu was to be imprisoned in the black Heavenly Devil Battlefield.

"It's said that there are many Spirits of the Universe that have wandered the Heavenly Devil Battlefield since the beginning of time. These heavenly devils can gnaw at an immortal spirit. All immortal emperors dread it!"

"These heavenly devils are shapeless and colorless. They are everywhere, can come at any time, and enter your body to gnaw at your immortal spirit. Ordinary 9-heavens immortal kings will probably give out within a year, dead in agony. It's basically impossible to survive 10,000 years inside!"

Even Memory Star Immortal Emperor was shocked, shaking his head sadly as he explained.

He had thought the Patriarch Bodhi would let Wu Yu off more lightly. But this was a horrifying imprisonment within Heavenly Devil Battlefield that was tantamount to a death sentence.

This punishment was no better off than the Unholy Spirit Abyss that Mighty Miracle God had wanted to throw Wu Yu in. There was no leniency in this punishment!

Memory Star Immortal Emperor's description of Heavenly Devil Battlefield only made Luo Pin, Ye Xixi, and Full Moon of Nanshan feel even more worried.

"Has anyone ever come out alive from the Wheel of Taichi before?" Luo Pin asked anxiously.

"Yes, but they were all immortal emperors. And none of them were in for that long."

Memory Star Immortal Emperor shook his head. "No one below the immortal emperor has ever come out alive. Of course, the Patriarch rarely uses it as punishment. It has always been reserved for the most vile of immortals...... It was a complete surprise that he is sending Wu Yu there! A complete surprise!"

His sombre tone only made them even more worried.

But Wu Yu smiled with equanimity. "There is no need to worry. The Patriarch must have his reasons for sending me to the Heavenly Devil Battlefield. I believe in the Patriarch. He would not send me to my death."

"Eesh! Even I am not sure what the Patriarch is thinking."

Memory Star Immortal Emperor shook his head. "You will know how terrifying the heavenly devils are when you experience it for yourself. Nothing now will do it justice! Wu Yu, senior brother hopes that you make it out alive. Then all will be well. With such a serious sentence, the Four Heavenly Kings will definitely wipe the slate clean when the Patriarch reports this to them."

This was definitely a silver lining for Wu Yu. However, would the Four Heavenly Kings so easily let him off for Mo Liyin's murder?

How bad was the Heavenly Devil Battlefield?

Wu Yu nodded, happy but serious.

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