Chapter 1761: Making Heaven

Heaven's Prison was the most dreadful of prisons in the whole of the sky palaces. Once caught inside, one would be subject to torture for eternity.

Not many made it out alive.

The Jade Emperor's declaration was testament to the extent of his anger.

Of course, this was not meant as revenge against Luo Pin, Full Moon of Nanshan, and Ye Xixi, but rather a move calculated to bring Wu Yu's surrender.

After all, Wu Yu had the Somersault Cloud Mystique. He had escaped from the Heavenly Queen Mother and the others once already, and it seemed like getting a hold of him would be quite a formidable task.

In order to quickly settle this incident, Jade Emperor decided to put the three into Heaven's Prison.

Many immortal emperors headed for the Well of Eternal Life!

True Lord Erlang and Lotus Prince Nezha were responsible for heading down to escort Luo Pin and the others.

They were already a step behind Wu Yu.

Patriarch Bodhi sent Wu Yu a message. If the two of them could meet first, Luo Pin and the others would be fine.

But if True Lord Erlang took Luo Pin and the others away first, it would be a troublesome situation.

Wu Yu understood immediately.

He could tell from the Patriarch Bodhi's message that he still stood with Wu Yu, although he was not in a position to disobey the Jade Emperor's orders.

Wu Yu increased his speed down the Well of Eternal Life.

Still, the power of the peaches was overflowing from his body. Struggling to contain it, he was unable to go much faster.

Up till now, he had been forcibly trying to suppress it.

But it was a losing battle against time.

"No, this can't continue. I might implode first before even reaching Patriarch Bodhi, Luo Pin, and the others!" Wu Yu realized.

After all, it would take a year or two just to head down the Well of Eternal Life. He could not hold out that long.

For the sky palaces, a year or two felt like a day or two.

But for Wu Yu now, every moment was agony. Too many peaches, too much power.

He could only let his body auto-pilot downwards, while he began to absorb the power of the peaches, devouring and converting their power.

"The fifth tier of the Eternal Immortality Realm is to open the heavens!"

"After creating the cycle of rebirth, the next step is to open a heaven, so that the mortals in the apotheosis realm have a chance to cultivate and become immortals....."

This was Wu Yu's understanding after devouring so many immortal buddhas and immortal emperors.

Tapping on the vast reserves of immortality peach energy, Wu Yu began to develop his Devouring Apotheosis Realm.

He gathered the immortal essence qi within, and started to build a separate space.

This space was similar to the 8,000 Sky Palaces, but on a much smaller scale.

Others might take hundreds of thousands or millions of years to create their heavens.

But saturated with immortal essence qi, Wu Yu managed to create it in a mere half a year!

Otherwise, there was no way he could have rid himself of all the immortal essence qi within him, even if some of it was wasted.

He had not only established his heaven, but had also reached the fifth tier of the Eternal Immortality Realm. All of the immortality peaches' power was also safely stored in his Devouring Apotheosis Realm now.

Given how rich the immortal essence qi now was within his Devouring Apotheosis Realm, many of the mortals rose immediately to become immortals!

This also made Wu Yu much stronger, as he drew on their power.

As a third tier immortal emperor he could defeat the likes of the Dhrtarastra and Primeval Mighty Miracle God.

Now as a fifth tier immortal emperor, he only needed one move to defeat them.

He also stood a chance against even stronger immortal emperors.

These obviously included True Lord Erlang Yang Jian as well as Lotus Prince Nezha.

However, Wu Yu had no time to go cause trouble with them, given how hectic the situation was.

The slightest slip-up, and he might fall into unsalvageable territory.

Wu Yu had actually managed a breakthrough in the Well of Eternal Life, thanks to the immortality peaches.

However, he spotted two powerful immortal emperors hot on his tail!

One was True Lord Erlang, the other was Lotus Prince Nezha. The two of them had caught up to him while he was cultivating!

They were actually here to escort Luo Pin and the others.

But now they had come across Wu Yu, how could they let him go?

"Wu Yu you thief, stop right there!"

True Lord Erlang raged. His trident glaive lanced through the air at Wu Yu!

[TN: It's a classic weapon of Erlang Shen, also known as the three-pointed, double-edged lance. Too wordy though. ]

Wu Yu could not ignore an attack from such a strong immortal emperor. It could blow him to bits.

"Bedlam of Heaven and Earth!"

Wu Yu felt like he had unlimited power within him at this point.  With the Ruyi Jingu Bang in hand, he countered!

Besides helping him reach the fifth tier of the Eternal Immortality Realm, the peaches' power had also allowed the mortals within him to rapidly ascend to immortalhood, which gave him even more power.

The Ruyi Jingu Bang in Wu Yu's hands was charged with Bedlam of Heaven and Earth and struck out backwards.

A clash between the trident glaive and Ruyi Jingu Bang, two elite epochal immortal treasures!

The Ruyi Jingu Bang grew in size, shimmering with golden light and vibrating with power!

The trident glaive exploded into many different blades that circled the Ruyi Jingu Bang!

An epic fight broke out within the Well of Eternal Life.

The titanic impact of their clash shook even the Well of Eternal Life.

Dust flew, and the void crumbled. From the smoky debris flew out a completely unharmed Wu Yu.

His eyes were shining gold, and the Ruyi Jingu Bang was in his hands. He had grown with the Lawful Embodiment of Heaven and Earth into a gigantic golden figure!

Not long ago, Wu Yu had been a titchy little runt, held helplessly by the power of his Eye of Heaven......

His rate of growth was unbelievable!

He was the mighty Yang Jian. When had he ever taken the kid seriously?

Wu Yu was a tumbling clown to him. An oddity for sure, but a harmless one.

And now, he had grown to the point where he actually posed a threat to him.

He sobered up quickly.

True Lord Erlang was a seventh tier immortal emperor, just like Nezha. They were considered the elites even throughout the sky palaces.

But now, they could feel the threat that Wu Yu represented.


Neither Yang Jian nor Nezha hesitated. From his initial move alone, they could tell his skill.

Giving him no chance, they attacked together!

"Splitting the 9 Skies Vortex!"

Yang Jian used his trident glaive to stab out at Wu Yu, creating vortexes in the void.

The Splitting the 9 Skies Vortex formed all around Wu Yu, surrounding him.

Within their area of effect, he felt like he was being accosted by many voidblades, each one sharp enough to cut space itself. It felt like being in a meat grinder.

"Three Heads, Six Arms!"

Nezha immediately used his Mystique as well, growing two extra heads and four extra arms. His various epochal immortal treasures flew out.

Fire-tipped Spear, Flaming Wheels of Two Realms, Chaotic Sky Band, Universe Ring......

First up was the Fire-tipped Spear.

A word from Nezha, and his Fire-tipped Spear spilled white-hot flames that seemed to fill the entire passage of the Well of Eternal Life. Wu Yu was surrounded!

The combination of Splitting the 9 Skies Vortex and the Fire-tipped Spear's flames put Wu Yu in a tough spot instantly.

In the past, Wu Yu could have dealt with neither.

But thanks to his solo-Feast of Peaches, Wu Yu's cultivation realm had grown greatly.

It gave him a confidence, an instinct.

It told him that Nezha and Yang Jian together were not his match!


Wu Yu did not hesitate, but used the Heaven Devouring Titanic Beast's Immolate to burn his apotheosis immortal energy!

As he began to burn apotheosis immortal energy, his strength only continued to grow.

"Vajra Shield!"

Wu Yu shouted, his eyes glowing golden as the golden vajra shield appeared around him.

Both Nezha and Yang Jian celebrated.

These two offensive moves of theirs were ultimate offensive attacks. Ordinary immortal emperors could fend off neither.

If Wu Yu was going to fight it head on, he would definitely be badly injured.

The combination of the two attacks swirled and buried Wu Yu within.

Knives, and white hot fire.

The two attacks merged, producing a terrific spectacle of power. Wu Yu's Vajra Shield was completely swamped, and its golden light dimmed!

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