Chapter 1004: Welcoming the Young Master's Return

With Tuoba Wan'er, Xia Liuhui, and the others, Xia Liuhui left through Dragon Phoenix City's teleportation formation. His first stop was the Bloodsin City, which was basically the headquarters of his current faction. His most trusted helpers were all there, and he needed their participation in what he was about to do.

Of course, he also aimed to forge his soul foundation before returning to the Ziling Sect. If he could, he would have even greater confidence.

The Bloodsin City and Dragon Phoenix City were connected by a special teleportation formation that could only be activated by the Dragon Phoenix Academy. Since Xiang Shaoyun wasn't a disciple of the academy, he was not qualified to use it. Thus, he could only use a regular teleportation formation and move to a different place before heading to the Bloodsin City.

After about half a month of travel, the travel-worn group finally arrived. The Bloodsin City was filled with sin, blood, and darkness. Shunned by many, it was the heaven of criminals.

When Xiang Shaoyun arrived, he sensed that the devilish aura in the air had reached an extremely high level. A trace of excitement rose within him out of nowhere, and he was sure his bloodline was the reason.

"So this is the so-called Bloodsin City. What a thick smell of blood," said Tuoba Wan'er with a frown. Evidently, she wasn't used to this kind of environment.

"Why do I feel chilly all of a sudden," said Xia Liuhui as he shrunk his neck.

"You're already a seventh-stage Emperor. Where are your guts?" said Xiang Shaoyun. He looked at Tuoba Wan'er and said, "The Bloodsin City is filled with sin and blood, and it's a place where the devils are suppressed. Circulate your energy and adapt yourself. You will feel better in no time."

"Boss, are there really any helpers in a place this chaotic?" asked Xia Liuhui curiously.

"You'll know when we're there," said Xiang Shaoyun with a smile.

The moment they arrived, someone had set his eyes on them. Unfortunately for that person, he had picked the wrong target. When he attempted to rob them, the strong-ape instantly smashed him to mincemeat.

Their high-profiled arrival attracted the Skeleton Gang's attention. Soon, someone arrived before Xiang Shaoyun and greeted deferentially, "Welcome back to the Bloodsin City, young master."

A few years ago, Xiang Shaoyun had gained control of the three leaders of the Skeleton Gang. He had also swallowed the Noxious Blood Gang and unified the turf of the two gangs. Thus, his face was known among the Skeleton Gang members. Even those who had not seen him personally would have memorized his features from his portrait.

"Rise. Where are your leaders?" asked Xiang Shaoyun.

"The first and second leaders had entered the Devil Devil Domain to temper themselves. Only the third leader remains. This subordinate will take you there now," said the person respectfully.

This subordinate still remembered how stupefied he was when Xiang Shaoyun forcefully declared himself as their young master back then. Ultimately, the capitulation of their three leaders and the assistance of the Ghostface Sect taught him that their young master was not at all an ordinary person.

The group headed to the Skeleton Gang's headquarters. The headquarters was no longer located at the same place. Its new location was now much better, and its size was rather impressive as well. Powerful cultivators could be seen patrolling at all times, and it was obvious the headquarters had strong defenses.

"Reporting, Xiang Shaoyun, the young master, is back!" shouted the subordinate the moment they arrived.

The guards blanked out momentarily before kneeling down. "Welcome back, young master!"

Xia Liuhui was filled with envy when he saw the respect they showed Xiang Shaoyun. He said, "Boss, you're amazing! This isn't an organization left behind by your father, right?"

"The organization my father left behind is the Ziling Sect. This is a tiny organization I managed to build after you and I had separated," said Xiang Shaoyun nonchalantly.

In the past, organizations like the Skeleton Gang would be considered decent for him. But with his current strength, such organizations became a tad bit too lacking. However, he also believed that Devouring Ghost had also trained them up, so there would definitely be some useful people around.

The group headed into the headquarters, and some people hurriedly rushed out from the inside. They knelt down on one knee and greeted, "Welcome back, young master."

"You may all rise," said Xiang Shaoyun.

It was then that he saw that there were actually some Sovereigns in the Skeleton Gang. He was surprised. 

The group entered the headquarters. He first arranged for the people to settle Tuoba Wan'er, Xia Liuhui, and the others down before summoning the Skeleton Gang members over for a meeting.

He was, after all, the true master of the Skeleton Gang. He had been away for a few years, so it was only proper that he showed his face to placate them for his absence over the years. Sitting on the main seat, he listened to the reports of what the gang had gone through in recent years. He then spoke some words of encouragement and took out some treasures to reward those who had contributed to the gang.

The people there did not know him well, but they could all sense the powerful aura around him. His aura was scarier than even their three leaders, so they naturally didn't show him any disrespect. And when they saw him taking out some emperor-grade treasures to reward them, they were wild with joy.

During his years at the Dragon Phoenix Academy, as the leader of a faction, Xiang Shaoyun naturally knew how to buy the hearts of the masses. To make others work for him, he had to offer sufficient benefits.

After spending a day handling the gang affairs, he sent someone to call Devouring Ghost over. He hoped to learn more about Scarlet Flame Monarch's current condition from Devouring Ghost. 

Devouring Ghost rushed over the moment he heard that Xiang Shaoyun was back. He had been staying at the Skeleton Gang's place, but as he needed to take care of Scarlet Flame Monarch, he had subsequently moved to the Ghostface Sect. After all, the Ghostface Sect had better resources to help Scarlet Flame Monarch's recover. 

When the two met, they started asking about each other's well-being.

"Devouring Ghost, how is Scarlet Flame?" Xiang Shaoyun asked.

"Second brother has recovered considerably, but it won't be easy for him to make a full recovery. After all, many hidden injuries are still in his body. Without saint-grade materials, it will be hard for him to fully recover," said Devouring Ghost. "However, it is already very good that second brother can see the sun again. It is only a matter of time before he recovers fully."

"You're right. As long as one is still alive, there will be hope. No problem will remain unsolved," said Xiang Shaoyun with a nod. "This time, I am planning to return to the Ziling Sect. I will be needing your help."

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