Chapter 1166: Rebirth Realm God

The instant the jade slip was crushed, even the weather changed. The hemp garment person was confused, but he could sense an unusual aura.

"This is bad; he's calling for help," his expression changed greatly. In his panic, he attacked without holding anything back.

A purple lightning palm was sent flying toward Xiang Shaoyun's head. He had decided to kill Xiang Shaoyun and get this over with. He couldn't let Xiang Shaoyun live.

Xiang Shaoyun's main body was already seriously injured. Let alone dodging the attack, he couldn't even react. At this critical moment, a certain aura flickered into existence before Xiang Shaoyun, easily blocking the incoming attack.

"Who is this?" The hemp garment person's face sank. He roared as a saint weapon appeared in his hand while he retreated rapidly.

He was unable to even sense the newcomer's arrival, so he couldn't help but feel some fear. The newcomer was none other than the gravekeeper elder. In fact, this wasn't even the actual gravekeeper elder. It was only a clone hidden in the jade slip. However, there was no doubting the amount of strength this person with an unkempt appearance carried.

"M-master!" Xiang Shaoyun called out weakly when he saw the gravekeeper elder.

He wanted to get on his feet and salute his master. However, he was too weak to even do that. The gravekeeper elder looked at Xiang Shaoyun with his empty eyes before turning to look at the retreating hemp garment person.

"Shit!" When the hemp garment person sensed the thick killing intent, he no longer hesitated. He tore the space before him apart as he tried to escape.

He ripped the space apart and jumped into the void in his attempt to get away as quickly as he could. This was an ability one would gain after reaching the Heaven Battling Realm. Those at this level of cultivation could move at a horrifying speed almost equal to a minor teleportation formation.

In the blink of an eye, the hemp garment person appeared thousands of kilometers away. When he felt that nobody was following him, he heaved a breath of relief. But right that moment, a palm appeared out of nowhere and grabbed him like he was a tiny chick. He couldn't even move as he was pulled back to where he was a moment ago.

Th-this is not possible! the hemp garment person roared inwardly.

He was a sixth-stage Heaven Battling Realm cultivator. He might not be the strongest person in the dominion, but he was still strong enough to lord over a large territory. Not even a Great Saint could capture him so easily. The other party had actually captured him with one hand. The difference of strength between them was hard for him to comprehend. He didn't even dare to imagine just how strong the attacker was.

After dragging the hemp garment person back, the palm slammed him into the ground. The slam was much heavier than what Xiang Shaoyun had suffered earlier. The saint body of the hemp garment person cracked, and a large amount of blood flowed. He looked incomparably miserable.

"For touching my disciple, you shall die," judged the gravekeeper elder with a flat tone as a massive palm reached for the hemp garment person's head.

The hemp garment person sank into despair. The thought of fighting back didn't even appear in his mind. The only thing he did was shut his eyes and wait for his death.

This is a God, someone in the Rebirth Realm, thought the hemp garment person bitterly.

There was no end to the path of cultivation. Someone who could cause a Saint to feel absolute despair was naturally a God, someone at the Rebirth Realm. The so-called Rebirth Realm referred to a state where one's body and soul underwent rebirth, becoming an entirely different existence possessing true immortality. The gravekeeper elder's cultivation was most definitely beyond the Heaven Battling Realm. He was most likely a God.

"Don't kill him," Xiang Shaoyun managed to force out a shout from his mouth.

Unfortunately, he was too late. The gravekeeper elder was too fast. Instantly, the hemp garment person's head was crushed. Even his saint soul was destroyed.

"What's the point of keeping him alive?" asked the gravekeeper elder.

"I-I can change him into my puppet," said Xiang Shaoyun weakly.

"Puppetry is simply a useless trick," said the gravekeeper elder with scorn. "Hurry up and heal yourself. I will stand guard for you."

Xiang Shaoyun nodded and started healing himself. The little incident from earlier had nearly killed him. He hurriedly refined some lightning liquid and used the Secret Reversal Technique to heal himself. As for the gravekeeper elder, he sealed the area, making it impossible for anyone to approach.

Xiang Shaoyun healed himself at top speed and slightly improved his condition in a short amount of time. When he recalled how this was a clone of his master and probably couldn't stay long, he stopped meditating.

"Thank you for the help, master," said Xiang Shaoyun with a salute.

He had always known that his master was strong. However, he had never imagined that his master would be strong enough to kill a powerful Heaven Battling Realm expert as easily as crushing a bug. In fact, this level of strength was comparable to his strength in his previous life. Or to be precise, he had a feeling that his master was even stronger than him in his previous life.

"I still have plenty of time. Continue healing. Don't leave any long-lasting injuries on your body. It won't be good for your cultivation," said the gravekeeper elder.

Xiang Shaoyun blanked out slightly before continuing to meditate. He repeatedly used the Secret Reversal Technique and his profundity of wood, nourishing and repairing every inch of his body. After about half a day, he was fully healed.

"How did you provoke such a powerful enemy?" asked the gravekeeper elder.

Xiang Shaoyun gave it some thought before answering, "Someone must be curious about me and wanted to search my soul for all my secrets."

"Looks like it is really quite dangerous to let you cultivate by yourself," said the gravekeeper elder with a sigh.

"In that case, should you consider sending lord wolf guard to give me some protection?" Xiang Shaoyun decided to try his luck.

"Don't even think of it. You will only know the value of strength by staring death in its face. Only then will you work harder to increase your strength. That would be the best for your cultivation," said the gravekeeper elder coldly.

Xiang Shaoyun's expression turned gloomy. He had thought that he could obtain more help by acting pitiful, but it seemed sympathy wasn't an effective card.

"Do you know who he is?" asked the gravekeeper elder.

Xiang Shaoyun thought about it and said, "Probably someone from the Xiang Clan."

Xiang Shaoyun was familiar with the name Zixuan uttered by the hemp garment person. When he saw his opponent using lightning power, he concluded the man was probably from the Xiang Clan.

"So this is an internal dispute? I guess this is something that has existed since the beginning of time. Let this be your start. Conquer your clan. Only then would you be worthy of calling yourself my disciple," said the gravekeeper elder flatly.

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