Book 3, Chapter 57 - Corpse Summoning Flag

Pei Su Su’s green robe was wrapped around her beautiful figure and her silk-like hair swayed in the wind. Her exquisite eyes were filled with anger.

The surrounding crowd couldn’t help but look at this in complete shock. They stared at the figure in the air not because of her temperament or beauty, but because of the mid stage Nascent Soul Realm cultivation she had released!

The dark green fire released by Villa Master Han flew forward. Although the fire wasn’t dazzling and was a bit gloomy, it was still very dangerous.

Normal Nascent Soul Realm cultivators had purple origin fire inside their purple palace and used it to refine their treasures. However, due to his cultivation method, Villa Master Han’s origin fire was different.

The dark green fire was like a slender arm that reached for Zhao Jiuge in the dark. However, Pei Su Su suddenly appeared and blocked its path, so it flew toward her instead.

The moment the purple origin fire appread, it circled around Pei Su Su’s beautiful body. Then the purple origin fire flew toward the dark green fire. The purple origin fire was a unique characteristic of Nascent Soul Realm cultivators and was something they used a lot.

The two collided, creating a soft sizzle. The moment the two fires collided, Pei Su Su’s purple origin fire was immediately corroded by Villa Master Han’s green fire!

Pei Su Su was a bit shocked, but she didn’t panic. She knew that she wouldn't succeed right away—after all, Villa Master Han had higher cultivation and was a corpse cultivator. However, she didn’t expect him to be able to neutralize her attack so easily.

The onlookers didn’t even have time to be shocked at the woman’s beauty and strength when they saw Villa Master Han push the mid stage Nascent Soul Realm Pei Su Su into a disadvantage. They couldn’t help but look at him in awe and fear. He was worthy of his fame.

Zhao Jiuge wasn’t distracted at all and wasn’t affected by what was happening. He knew how powerful she was and was sure that she wouldn't suffer. He wholeheartedly pursued Han Tianhu.

Seeing that her purple origin fire had no use, she blinked and her slender, white hands formed a seal. The light around her distorted and then a green lotus appeared before her.

The green lotus’ leaves were very life-like, and one could even see the veins on them. The lotus rotated slowly and the leaves opened and then slowly closed. After making a full rotation, the lotus bloomed once more, and at this moment, the dark green fire closed in.

The people watching didn’t even dare to breathe too loudly or blink, in fear of missing what would happen next. However, what happened next was not as one-sided as they had expected.

The dark green fire was immediately swatted away by the slowly rotating lotus. This happened again and again until the dark green fire was extinguished. There was not a trace of damage on the green lotus.

“Where did this beauty come from? She doesn’t seem to be from our Yan Zhi Region.”

“No matter where she is from, she is my goddess. That beauty, that temperament, that strength!”

“Take a piss and look at yourself.”

After the chatter, there was a burst of laughter.

“Nascent Soul Realm, very good. Over the years, we refined a lot of Spirit Core Realm spirit corpses, but we haven’t refined a Nascent Soul Realm spirit corpse yet. Today, we’ll make history.”

Villa Master Han looked at Su Su with excitement, as if he was looking at a rare treasure. His eyes contained desire, but it was like a child looking at their favorite toy.

After Pei Su Su revealed her strength, Villa Master Han was only shocked for a moment before calming down again. A mid stage Nascent Soul Realm cultivator wouldn’t be able to deal with him so easily. Not to mention that after embarking on the path of corpse cultivation, he was not afraid of cultivators in the same realm.

Over the years, he had killed and refined a lot of the rogue cultivators that joined them into spirit corpses. He hadn’t refined one in a while because he had already refined a lot of Spirit Core Realm spirit corpses. There wasn’t much use refining cultivators at that level for him anymore, but he didn’t have the strength to refine a Nascent Soul Realm cultivator. It wouldn’t be easy to make a move on a Nascent Soul Realm cultivator, and if their nascent soul escaped, his secret would be exposed. When he saw Pei Su Su, he couldn’t help but be tempted, not to mention it would be such a beautiful spirit corpse.

Subsequently, Villa Master Han continued to release his strength, but no matter what he did, Pei Su Su was able to deal with the attacks. Although she couldn’t do anything to him, it was enough to fend him off, and the two of them were at a standoff.

On the other hand, Han Tianhu’s situation became more dangerous. He was able to hold off against Zhao Jiuge’s attacks, but he wouldn’t be able to last for long. He was only able to resist for so long because of the evil cultivation method he had learned, or else he would have already died to Zhao Jiuge.

Han Tianhu was at the mid stage of the Spirit Core Realm and was a corpse cultivator. Normally, he would not suffer so much in a fight against a late stage Spirit Core Realm cultivator and might even gain the upper hand. However, the downfall of Han Tianhu was that he was a corpse cultivator. The Sanskrit Heart Sutra that Zhao Jiuge cultivated was a Buddhist cultivation method, which naturally restrained these evil cultivation methods.

Villa Master Han couldn’t help but became anxious. Originally, he thought that he could easily deal with these cultivators thanks to the formation, but who would have expected two monsters like Pei Su Su and Zhao Jiuge to appear. The cultivators below also stopped panicking and were able to resist the corpse energy. Although they couldn’t do anything, it would take time to consume them.

Villa Master Han had hidden aces left, but he didn’t want to use them. Once he used them, they would be gone, and he wanted to clean up the situation with minimal losses. That senior was also nearby, so nothing could really go wrong. Everything was within his grasp. It was like the chase between a cat and a mouse. Even though he knew he was going to catch them in the end, the process still made him anxious.

As time passed, the Asura Subue Corpse Formation became even more powerful. The weaker cultivators were being overwhelmed and their spirit force ran dry. The dark green smoke in the air corroded their bodies and they fell to the ground.

Even the three young men in blue and the five burly men all became grim. They clearly felt their spirit force being consumed. Forget these Foundation Realm cultivators, they would be in danger as well if this continued.

Only now did they realize that the formation could trap and attack. No wonder the formation didn’t look strong at first; as time passed, its true nature was revealed.

Miserable cries occasionally echoed and then the sounds of bodies falling echoed. Yu Meng and Yu Luo looked at their teacher. They didn’t speak a sword, but their eyes were red.

The white-haired old man sighed. He naturally knew that his two disciples wanted him to help them, but he couldn’t make a move. If he did, it would alert the real owner below the mountain, and that would be bad. Although it looked like he was letting them die, if the real mastermind got away, even more innocent people would die in the future.

Thinking about this situation, the white-haired old man continued to watch the situation as if he hadn’t seen his two disciples’ gazes. There was a flash of anxiousness in his eyes before his eyes became calm once more. He was secretly waiting for the right moment.

“Big Brother, save me!”

Just at this moment, a miserable scream echoed. Han Tianhu’s situation was becoming more and more dangerous. Zhao Jiuge’s sword intent had become much more profound, so he was able to display more and more the sword art’s strength. Even though Han Tianhu was not weak, Zhao Jiuge was a step higher in cultivation and held the advantage due to their cultivation methods

This roar caused Villa Master Han’s heart to tremble. Although he was cruel and vicious, he still cared about his sons. His expression changed and he no longer hesitated. There was a flash of dark spirit light from his hand. He didn’t care about using up these hidden aces anymore—his son’s life was more important.

The moment the dark light disappeared, a long, black flag appeared in Villa Master Han’s hands. It gave off a faint light and a chilling aura. It looked ordinary, but it was an extremely cruel treasure.

The flag fell to the ground while Villa Master Han held the black pole in his hand.

Since he couldn’t escape Pei Su Su’s entanglement, he was going to borrow an external force to kill all these cultivators who were a bother. He would leave the Spirit Core Realm cultivators to that senior.

Just as Villa Master Han was going to use the flag, a dark green light came from the cave. It was Han Shaolong inside the green light. Although the two of them always fought against each other for the position of villa master, they were still brothers. Seeing his little brother in danger, Han Shaolong rushed out to help without hesitation. Behind him were the disciples of the Wind Mountain Villa, who closed in like locusts.

“Where did you come from? I’m going to refine you into a spirit corpse today!”

Han Shaolong’s expression was gloomy and he furiously cursed.

Zhao Jiuge, who was dealing with Han Tiahu, sneered. Sure enough, the son takes after the father. Both liked to refine spirit corpses and only knew how to say this one line.

Seeing Han Shaolong and the group of Wind Mountain Villa disciples, the cultivators resisting the dark green smoke felt despair. They were pinning their hopes on Pei Su Su and Zhao Jiuge, but now the situation had taken a turn for the worse. They had no strength to resist!

They had to use all their spirit force to resist the formation. Right now, they wouldn’t even be able to resist a single disciple from the Wind Mountain Villa.

At this moment, they could only anxiously watch Zhao Jiuge and Pei Su Su, hoping there would be another miracle.

A miracle didn’t happen, but another sound echoed.

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