Book 3, Chapter 90 - Plant Good Karma, Harvest Good Karma

There was a burst of golden light. The golden light shone brightly against Pei Su Su’s black light and the Happy Monk’s white fire.

When the golden light faded, a golden lotus was revealed. The golden lotus was only a meter or so wide, but the peaceful aura it gave off was extremely powerful.

As soon as the golden lotus appeared, it began to rotate slowly. Unlike Pei Su Su’s cyan lotus, it wasn’t covered by lines of spirit patterns, but instead strips of Sanskrit chants.

“Fury Buddha Golden Lotus!”

A roar came from San Wu, then he made his move. As a buddhist monk, San Wu normally didn’t kill. If it wasn’t for the fact that those spirit corpses were simply too evil, he wouldn’t have begun a slaughter.

However, right now San Wu was very angry at the Happy Monk’s inhumane practices. He was truly angry this time. At least those spirit corpses were created by evil people, while the Happy Monk had done all of this for his own desires.

“White Lotus Karma Fire!”

Seeing San Wu’s action, the Happy Monk grinned and shouted as well. The white fire before him immediately grew to an immense size and attempted to surround Pei Su Su and San Wu.

The moment this white fire flew out, it broke down into clumps of fire that turned into mini white lotuses.

What Pei Su Su and San Wu didn’t know was that this white fire was something the Happy Monk had obtained by chance when he reached the Foundation Realm.

When a cultivator reached the Nascent Soul Realm, their spirit core would turn into a purple palace and give birth to purple origin fire. Purple origin fire was something only Nascent Soul Realm cultivators possessed, and they could use it to refine spirit treasures. Only after being refined by one’s purple origin fire could the full power of a treasure be displayed.

When the Happy Monk reached the Nascent Soul Realm, something different happened. A purple palace did appear, but instead of purple origin fire, this White Lotus Karma Fire materialized. This was due to the cultivation method he used and the attribute he had absorbed at the spirit vein. This was rare, and naturally it was much stronger than common purple origin fire. This was a similar concept to how spirit force that had been tempered at a spirit vein was much stronger.

Not all Nascent Soul Realm cultivators had the same purple origin fire, and the Happy Monk was not the only one who had a special flame. There were many other flames in the world, and sometimes they were related to the attribute one absorbed from a spirit vein. Sometimes, people obtained their flames by accident.

The moment the White Lotus Karma Fire appeared, it turned into hundreds of white lotuses and surrounded Pei Su Su and San Wu.

“Hmph, it’s all lotuses even though I didn’t use the cyan lotus. Since you all like lotuses, then let me join in as well!”

Pei Su Su coldly looked at San Wu’s golden lotus and the Happy Monk’s strange, white lotus. She pouted and her hands quickly moved.

“Black Flame Divine Art!”

After Pei Su Su roared, the black light before her turned into a black lotus that surrounded her. At this moment, the hundreds of white lotuses created by the White Lotus Karma Fire appeared before her.

The battle between the three had reached a peak. The Bliss Palace continued to fall apart, kicking up a lot of dust.

While the battle reached its peak, Zhao Jiuge had entered the hallway of the secret chambers below with Han Yu.

Perhaps if Zhao Jiuge was above, he might have been worried. Sometimes it was better to not know. Since he wasn’t observing the battle above, he was still confident in Pei Su Su and San Wu.


Rumbles continued to reverberate through the Bliss Palace. This was created by the collision between Pei Su Su’s Black Flame Divine Art, San Wu’s Fury Buddha Golden Lotus, and the Happy Monk’s White Lotus Karma Fire.

The collision ended in an instant, and the result caused the Happy Monk’s expression to turn ugly. He was originally very smug, but now he was filled with shock.

The Fury Buddha Golden Lotus released by San Wu had directly crushed the white lotuses into nothing.

Pei Su Su was even more terrifying—the ordinary-looking black lotus had silently extinguished the terrifying, white fire.

Every white lotus that got close to Pei Su Su disappeared without a trace like they never existed!

The Happy Monk’s breathing became rough and his heart began to beat rapidly due to his excitement.

That was his strongest killing ace, and if this couldn’t force them to retreat, he would have to rely on his treasures. At that time, it would be a desperate struggle with his treasure and his foundation. If he made a single mistake, he would die.

The white lotuses looked ferocious and came in large numbers, but they were eliminated instantly.

After Pei Su Su eliminated the white lotuses that were flying toward her, she coldly shouted, “Go to hell, you perverted monk!”

Her hands continued to move and the black lotus turned back into a speck of light before shooting toward the Happy Monk.

“I want to see what other methods you have! Buddhist monks believe in karma. You sow good karma and you harvest good karma. You have committed many sins, and today is when you will suffer the retribution!”

After San Wu eliminated the white lotuses around him, he quickly turned the buddhist beads in his hand. Then he threw them at the Happy Monk, and they released a brownish-black light as they flew through the air.

The Happy Monk’s eyes seemed to crack and he trembled at this scene. He knew that he had to go all out. After cultivating for many years, he had never encountered such a crisis. Even when he betrayed his little sect and killed everyone, it was not this dangerous.

However, the Happy Monk had been around for a long time and therefore had ample experience. He had been in the Nascent Soul Real for hundreds of years, so he soon calmed down. Even the chubby face that was trembling before stopped.

The Happy Monk looked at Pei Su Su and San Wu with a look of displeasure. He sneered, “Bad karma? I have committed so much evil and I’m still living fine. This battle hasn’t been decided yet, so don’t feel so happy. I have to thank you both—I have never desperately gone all out before, so let’s see what kind of strength I can display!”

After the Happy Monk finished speaking, he ignored Pei Su Su and San Wu’s reactions. He closed his eyes, and the white monk robe around him began to tremble.

The next instant, silver light started to fluctuate around his body. This was him activating the three spirit treasures that he had.

The black light flying toward the Happy Monk wasn’t enough for Pei Su Su. She took out her sword and shot forth a burst of sword energy.

The endless sword energy formed a net that flew toward the Happy Monk.

After San Wu launched the golden lotus at the Happy Monk, the buddhist beads also flew forward. These beads were very different from the ones the Happy Monk had—they gave off a peaceful atmosphere, while the Happy Monk’s gave off an evil aura.

This strand of buddhist beads released brownish-black light that poured out like a waterfall and surrounded the Happy Monk.

In a flash, four consecutive killing moves were shooting toward the Happy Monk. Even if he were given wings, he would find it difficult to escape!

Facing this bombardment of attacks, the Happy Monk forced himself to calm down. Feeling the sense of danger, his emotions began to fluctuate once more.

When the four attacks were close, the Happy Monk let out a mouthful of foul air and his eyes revealed a ferocious light. Getting this far in the world of cultivation showed that he was not an indecisive person. Although he feared death, he would fight with his life on the line if he was pushed to the edge. Weren’t all cultivators fighting against heaven for that chance at immorality?

His wrist moved and he threw out his blood-red buddhist beads. He hadn’t chanted, but he had injected spirit force into them before throwing them. Then he took out the golden alms bowl and also injected it with spirit force before throwing it toward Pei Su Su’s direction.

The Happy Monk had been forced into a corner, so he would block as much as he could. He was even willing to throw away the spirit treasures he had always held dear. As long as he could stay alive, he would have another chance.

After doing all of this, the Happy Monk started to form seals with his left hand. All the spirit force inside his body surged out!

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