Chapter 2577: Mysterious Ice Race’s Eminent Elder

After listening to this human race expert’s kind reminder, Huang Xiaolong smiled casually, and asked in return, “Is this holy ground called Hong Zhen Holy Grounds?”

The human race expert blanked for a second before nodding his head. “Yes, it’s the Hong Zhen Holy Grounds.” As if he was afraid that Huang Xiaolong didn’t believe him, he added, “The Mysterious Ice Race is one of the three largest races in the Hong Zhen Holy Grounds. In Yang City and this First Heaven Continent, the Mysterious Ice Race is the most powerful force. In the whole First Heaven Continent and Yang City, the Mysterious Ice Race is supreme existence. You better run quickly, or it’ll be too late!” 

Huang Xiaolong nodded his head as he listened, smiling faintly. “I know. The Hong Zhen Holy Grounds is considered as part of which domain?”

Which domain? The human race expert blanked for a second. He had obviously not expected Huang Xiaolong to ask such a question.

Then his expression froze as he wondered, ‘Could it be that this person does not belong to the same domain? Does he hail from another domain?’

The size of one domain could be described as vast, and very rarely a human expert would cross from one domain into another. Not to mention, it was extremely inconvenient for humans to move around in the Alien Lands because of their identity. If they wanted to cross to another domain, it required approval from the holy ground’s patriarch, and they had to pay a very high traveling fee.

“This is the Dissociation Domina,” the human race expert answered truthfully, “The Hong Zhen Holy Grounds is located at the north edge of the domain, close to the ancient battlefield. It is only a short distance to the ancient battlefield.” 

“Dissociation Domain,” Huang Xiaolong repeated to himself. Before setting off to the ancient battlefield, Huang Xiaolong had inquired about the Alien Lands to his four masters. Hence, he had a rough knowledge about some domains. There were six domains close to the ancient battlefield, and one of them was the Dissociation Domain. 

The Dissociation Domain was not considered a big domain, but it was not small either, and it had roughly three hundred plus holy grounds. In the Alien Lands’ smaller domains, there were only four to five holy grounds, and there were also some small domains with only one holy ground.

Then again, Huang Xiaolong only had the simplest knowledge about the Alien Lands, so he certainly did not know the more complex connections within the Dissociation Domain, except for the fact that the largest alien race in this domain was called the Dragon King Race. However, the Dragon King Race was not one of the royal families, but merely a big race.

Huang Xiaolong continued to extract information related to the Dissociation Domain and Hong Zhen Holy Grounds from the human race expert.

In truth, the human race expert didn’t know much about the Dissociation Domain, but he was quite familiar with the Hong Zhen Holy Grounds because he was part of the Hong Zhen Holy Grounds’ human race force called Zhou Dynasty.

Within the Hong Zhen Holy Grounds’ territories, there were several thousand human race forces all in all, and the Zhou Dynasty was the biggest human race force in the Hong Zhen Holy Grounds. Then again, placed next to the giant Mysterious Ice Race, the Zhou Dynasty was only a slightly bigger ant.

“Lord, you better leave here quickly, the Mysterious Ice Race must have received news of Yan San’s death, and the race’s experts must be rushing over to capture you. You won’t make it if you don’t leave now,” the human race expert urged.

Huang Xiaolong nodded with a smile. “Don’t worry. I already said that in this world, there are very few people who can break my legs. There won’t be anyone amongst the Mysterious Ice Race who is capable of doing that.”

The human race expert was stupefied, and then shook his head, sighing heavily. Only he knew whether he was sighing because of Huang Xiaolong or other things.

In the end, he cupped his fists at Huang Xiaolong and bid farewell.

Before he turned to leave, Huang Xiaolong stopped him and threw an origin spiritual pill to him.

The human race expert stared dumbly at the level-seven origin spiritual pill in his hands.

“For you,” after saying that, Huang Xiaolong left with Hei Luo.

The human race expert didn’t react for a long time, until Huang Xiaolong and Hei Luo were out of sight, and his hand holding the spiritual origin pill trembled.

It was a level-seven origin spiritual pill, and even the Hong Zhen Holy Grounds’ patriarch did not have more than a handful origin spiritual pills of this grade!

He looked up, staring in the direction Huang Xiaolong had left.

A little down the road, Huang Xiaolong stopped a pedestrian and inquired about the Mysterious Ice Race’s Central Headquarters’ location, and headed there.

While Huang Xiaolong and Hei Luo headed to the Mysterious Ice Race’s Central Headquarters, the Mysterious Ice Race’s patriarch’s roar thundered inside the Mysterious Ice Race’s Central Headquarters. 

“Lockdown the city. No, lockdown the whole First Heaven Continent, and capture that human. Don’t let him escape!” Yan Zhouhai roared, “I want him captured alive. I want to know which human race force that punk belongs to! A lowly human scum has the guts to kill a direct descendent of my race?!”

The present Mysterious Ice Race experts were trembling.

In the shortest time, the Mysterious Ice Race went out in full force.

In truth, Yan Zhouhai didn’t need to waste time to lockdown the entire First Heaven Continent because Huang Xiaolong didn’t plan to run at all.

Moreover, Yan Zhouhai had no idea at all that Huang Xiaolong had set the Mysterious Ice Race as a target. To better put it, Huang Xiaolong had set his sight on the whole Hong Zhen Holy Grounds as his first foothold in the Alien Lands.


Huang Xiaolong’s speed was moderate.

Before he arrived at the Mysterious Ice Race’s Central Headquarters, he was tightly encircled by Mysterious Ice Race’s experts.

Mysterious Ice Race’s experts were surrounding Huang Xiaolong and Hei Luo from all directions on the street, and rows after rows of them were completely blocking the sky as well.

Slightly further down was a crowd of Yang City’s alien races’ experts.

The Mysterious Ice Race’s Yan San was killed and the news had alarmed many Yang City’s experts. Hence, when the Mysterious Ice Race’s Central Headquarters had sent out a large number of experts, other alien races had followed to spectate.

“Friend, do you know the strength of that human race kid?” A spectating alien race expert asked the person next to him.

Everyone who heard him, shook their heads.

“Maybe a half-True Saint?” A Ninth Order Heavenly Monarch took a guess.

“That might be right.” An early Tenth Order Heavenly Monarch nodded his head in agreement, “It’s a pity though. It’s so difficult for a half-True Saint to come out from the human race, but he’s going to die today!”

Regardless of Huang Xiaolong’s strength, in these alien races’ eyes, Huang Xiaolong’s death was written in stone for offending the Mysterious Ice Race.

Just half-True Saints sent out by the Mysterious Ice Race experts were more than a hundred people!

“He’s from another holy ground, but then again, only those from other holy grounds would be so foolish as to offend the Mysterious Ice Race.” A late-Tenth Order Heavenly Monarch watched with glee. “I’m waiting to see how he’s going to be flayed and skinned by the Mysterious Ice Race.”

These alien races’ experts could hardly be blamed for assuming that Huang Xiaolong was just a half-True Saint. After all, in the Dissociation Domain, there were only a handful of human race True Saint experts. Clearly, Huang Xiaolong was not one of them. 

Right at this time, an old man clad in the Mysterious Ice Race’s Eminent Elder robe sped towards them from the horizon.

When this old man appeared, the scene stirred.

“The Mysterious Ice Race’s Eminent Elder Yan Guan came out personally!”

“Yan San is Eminent Elder Yan Guan’s grandson, therefore, it’s not strange that Eminent Elder Yan Guan wants to deal with this matter himself.”

Yan Guan is a Sixth Tribulation half-True Saint!

Although a Sixth Tribulation half-True Saint was weaker than Seventh Tribulation half-True Saint, Yan Guan’s reputation was louder than many Seventh Tribulation half-True Saints. There was a rumor that Yan Guan had leap-frogged to challenge an early Seventh Tribulation half-True Saint and won.

As the crowd stirred due to Yan Guan’s arrival, the Mysterious Ice Race’s experts, who were surrounding Huang Xiaolong, opened a wide path, allowing Yan Guanto to walk through.

Yan Guan looked at Huang Xiaolong and Hei Luo with a cold and condescending gaze. “A lowly human race slave actually dares to kill my grandson?! You will pay miserably for this! But don’t worry, you can still live for sometime.”

By the time he finished, he had already reached out to grab Huang Xiaolong.


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