Chapter 1565: Tacit Understanding

The sky brightened again, and the heavenly sounds from the light of guidance faded as a massive yellow projection of a Titan Giant Ape that was over 1,000 meters tall appeared.

The projection gradually shrank as it descended from above, then landed beside Yuanen Tiandang and Yuanen Tianshang before draping a muscular arm over each of their shoulders.

"It's been a hard time for both of you."

Tang Wulin was looking on from the side, and there were already tears swimming in his eyes. He could sense the pain that Yuanen Tiandang had been wallowing in for over 10 years. The fact that he was able to recover his powers was a clear indication that Yuanen Zhentian had only sealed his powers away rather than truly disabled him.

Tang Wulin was genuinely happy as he witnessed the reunion of Yuanen Yehui's family. At the same time, he couldn't help but think of his own birth parents. When would he be able to reunite with them?

Father, Mother, are you both doing well? Are you in the distant Divine Realm? I really want to be by your side! 

If it weren't for his Golden Dragon King seals, perhaps he would've been able to stay with them.

Three days later.

The rear mountain of the Yuanen Family estate was one that stood higher than all of the surrounding mountains, and halfway up this mountain was a flat and spacious area.

Unless one were to arrive there or look down from above, it would be very difficult to find this place.

This was the drill ground of the Yuanen Family, which was used by the younger generation for practical combat training.

There were currently many people gathered around the drill ground, including Yuanen Zhentian, Yuanen Tiandang, Yuanen Tianshang, and around a dozen more members of the Yuanen Family.

At the center of the drill ground stood three people with Tang Wulin on one side, and Xie Xie and Yuanen Yehui standing directly across from him.

After that night, Er Ming went into seclusion in his room. Only after the event was Tang Wulin made aware by Yuanen Yehui that Er Ming had used his own blood essence to stimulate Yuanen Zhentian's bloodline, thereby allowing him to make that breakthrough.

After that, he had used another drop of his blood essence to help Yuanen Tiandang complete his breakthrough. It was only two drops, but blood essence was the true essence of one's body, and not to be compared with normal blood. Even with Er Ming's immense life force, he only had several dozens of drops of blood essence in his entire body. As such, he needed time to recover after expending those two drops.

Tang Wulin and the others stayed at the Yuanen Family estate, and Yuanen Yehui and Yuanen Tiandang were eager to catch up. Only after Er Ming came out of seclusion would they be able to resolve Yuanen Yehui's Fallen Angel martial soul issue.

Three days later, everything finally settled down, and Yuanen Zhentian promised his brethren that the issue surrounding Yuanen Yehui's Fallen Angel martial soul could be resolved. Only then was she truly accepted by the entire family.

Yuanen Tiandang was also working hard to acclimate to his new powers, as well as normal everyday life.

A bright and vibrant smile befitting a young woman of her age finally appeared on Yuanen Yehui's face, and Xie Xie was often entranced by the sight of her.

However, Tang Wulin hadn't forgotten about their agreed sparring match, and this was met with strong support from Yuanen Zhentian; he also wanted to see just how powerful his granddaughter currently was.

The most nervous person in this sparring match had to be Xie Xie. He was going to be sparring in front of all of his future in-laws, and if he were to embarrass himself with a terrible performance, how would he be able to propose to Yuanen Yehui in the future?

Yuanen Yehui could clearly sense that Xie Xie was very tense, and she nudged him as she asked, "What are you doing? Do you think you can beat Captain in your current state? Relax, this is just a sparring match. The result doesn't matter; just perform to the best of your abilities."

Xie Xie took a deep breath, and replied, "My name is Not Nervous!"

Yuanen Yehui couldn't help but burst into laughter upon hearing this, and Xie Xie was momentarily entranced once again.

"You're so dumb!" She lowered her voice and whispered something into Xie Xie's ear, upon which he shuddered and an elated look appeared in his eyes. "Are you being serious?"

Yuanen Yehui blushed as she snapped, "Can you be any louder?"

"We have to win! There's no other choice!" Xie Xie jumped up and down on the spot, and all of nervous energy was immediately replaced by an unprecedented urge to win.

Tang Wulin smiled as he witnessed the change in Xie Xie's demeanor. He also wanted to battle Xie Xie at the height of his powers.

"Are you ready?" Yuanen Zhentian asked.

With a quasigod like him as the referee, both sides would be able to fight to their hearts' content.

"Ready!" Xie Xie yelled in response, while Tang Wulin and Yuanen Yehui nodded in confirmation.


Thus, the commencement of this sparring match was announced.

Xie Xie was the first one to spring into action. He took a step toward Tang Wulin, and his body suddenly became transparent. He didn't simply disappear like he did before; he was currently in an indescribable semi-vanished state.

Yuanen Yehui remained standing on the spot while unleashing a punch toward Tang Wulin from afar.

The air instantly compressed, and a massive vortex appeared around Yuanen Yehui. The vortex then abruptly compressed even further to form a yellow ball of light that hurtled directly toward Tang Wulin.

This was the combination of Yuanen Yehui's Divine Cloudvortex Fists and Divine Titan Fists. Er Ming was the patriarch of the Yuanen Family, so no one was more aware of how the power of the Titan Giant Ape should be used, and while receiving guidance from Er Ming over this past period of time, she had improved at a rapid rate.

The punch was filled with devastating power, and Tang Wulin was struck by a sense of deja vu, almost as if he were facing the third punch from Yuanen Zhentian again.

The compressed vortex was compressing all of the space around it, causing it to almost congeal. It was as if a straight path had been formed between Yuanen Yehui and Tang Wulin, and in the next instant, that path was filled with her Divine Cloudvortex Titan Fist.

Xie Xie arrived a step before the Divine Cloudvortex Titan Fist.

His transparent body was like a thin sheet of paper that transitioned between reality and illusion, slicing through the air with ease.

Tang Wulin felt as if the space beside him had been sliced into two, while a half of his own body existed in each of those two sections of space. There was no sense of pain, but it somehow felt like he had been sliced in half.

Xie Xie's attack came from the side, and it was only a split-second faster than Yuanen Yehui's full-frontal attack, reflecting their seamless and immaculate teamwork.

In the face of these attacks, Tang Wulin remained calm, and the time around him suddenly congealed. The torn space was instantly mended, and the Divine Cloudvortex Titan Fist also retracted backward slightly.

This was his Time Reversal domain.

At the same time, Tang Wulin immediately reached out in Xie Xie's direction with his right hand, and rainbow light was surging over his palm.

Dragon Emperor Break!

This was the abridged version of his Dragon Emperor Break, and all of the spatial fluctuations were instantly destroyed as the power of time and space under Xie Xie's control surged toward Tang Wulin.

Xie Xie was wary of Tang Wulin's Time Reversal domain and Dragon Emperor Restriction Techniques, but he didn't think Tang Wulin would unleash such powerful attacks from the get-go.

In the past, he would've been powerless to resist, but during this period of time, his understanding of the Space Time Dragon had improved significantly.

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