Chapter 1676: Illusionary Clones

Within the protective barrier, Xie Xie and Jiang Zhanheng were appraising one another with 30 meters between them, and their auras were beginning to change.

The air around Jiang Zhanheng was warping slightly, and it was apparent from his Douluo Title that he was definitely a very offensively adept Soul Master.

In contrast, not only was Xie Xie not releasing a powerful aura, he seemed to be on the verge of fading out of existence.

In reality, only Tang Wulin had been heavily scrutinized and had his abilities dissected among Shrek’s Seven Monsters as he had appeared in public the most.

In contrast, everyone else kept a very low profile, so even the Battle God Hall had very little information about them.

In regard to Xie Xie, all they knew was that he was an agility attack system Soul Master. After all, no one had access to the files of Shrek Academy.

Jiang Zhanheng didn't underestimate Xie Xie just because the latter was very young. All of Shrek’s Seven Monsters were exceptional prodigies, as evidenced by their leader, who had defeated the entire Star Luo Empire on his own.

All of a sudden, both of them sprang into action as if it had been choreographed in advance.

A resounding boom erupted from beneath Jiang Zhanheng's feet, and he launched himself toward Xie Xie like a cannonball, while Xie Xie took on an illusionary form and evaded to the side.

Nine soul rings, five purples and four blacks, emerged from Jiang Zhanheng's body, while Xie Xie revealed eight soul rings, seven blacks and one orange-golden.

Black soul rings were the least attention-grabbing among all soul ring colors, yet the orange-golden soul ring was extremely resplendent, creating a stark contrast with the other seven.

All of the Battle Gods were naturally aware of what an orange-golden soul ring entailed; this was a legendary soul ring that transcended even above red 100,000-year-old soul rings!

As such, even though Xie Xie only had eight soul rings, none of them were going to make the mistake of taking him lightly.

Jiang Zhanheng held a dark purple short spear in each hand, each of which was around 1.2 meters in length with lightning flashing along them. These Lightningflame Spears were his martial soul, and they possessed extremely fearsome explosive power.

In response to Xie Xie's evasion, Jiang Zhanheng plunged both of his spears into the ground at once, and a massive burst of dark purple light immediately erupted out of the ground before surging directly toward Xie Xie.

Tang Wulin's heart stirred slightly upon seeing this. This wasn't just a reflection of Jiang Zhanheng's power alone; he was also making use of the venue advantage. This was the Battle God Hall, so all of the Battle Gods were undoubtedly going to be more familiar with this place, thereby placing Tang Wulin and the others at a disadvantage.

Xie Xie's body unfurled in mid-air, and he twisted around in an agile manner, then rose diagonally upward to evade the lightningflames.

Jiang Zhanheng's third soul ring lit up, and his lightningflames suddenly took on the shape of a sharp spear that followed Xie Xie in hot pursuit.

On this occasion, it seemed like evasion would be impossible.

However, Xie Xie's body suddenly split up into two, and at the same time, he accelerated once again, just barely evading the oncoming attack once again. At the same time, both Xie Xies vanished in unison.

Both sides were testing each other out and displaying their respective fortes.

Jiang Zhanheng pulled his Lightningflame Spears out of the ground before raising them high above his head, following which his fifth soul ring lit up, and a dark purple ring of light erupted outward from his spears.

This was his fifth soul skill, Lightningflame Spirit Array!

The temperature on the entire first level abruptly rose drastically, and arcs of lightning began to appear within the expanding ring of light.

This was a soul skill that covered a huge area, but wasn't a directly offensive one. Instead, it could greatly increase Jiang Zhanheng's affinity with the lightning and fire elements in that area, thereby enhancing all of his other soul skills.

Furthermore, this soul skill also acted as a radar that was scouring for the hidden Xie Xie.

All of the Battle Gods were veteran combatants and had faced countless martial souls in the past, so they were always able to remain calm and formulate strategies regardless of the opponent.

However, to Jiang Zhanheng's surprise, his Lightningflame Spirit Array had already encompassed virtually the entire venue, but he still couldn't sense Xie Xie's presence.

How had he managed to do this?

Right as this thought appeared in Jiang Zhanheng's mind, he was suddenly struck by a peculiar feeling, and he immediately rushed forward while lashing out with the Lightningflame Spear in his left hand, sweeping up a vast expanse of lightningflames that surged behind him.

An illusionary Xie Xie appeared before curling up into a ball in the face of the oncoming lightningflames, quickly retreating by borrowing the propulsion force of the lightningflames.

Jiang Zhanheng's eyes immediately lit up as he prepared to give chase, but right at this moment, a sense of extreme peril welled up in his heart, and he dove forward without any hesitation.

Almost at the exact same moment, a cold streak glanced past his back.

Jiang Zhanheng was a rank 93 Titled Douluo, and at his level, he had great premonition when it came to danger. Thus, as soon as he sensed that something was wrong, he had instinctively released his soul power.

The cold streak behind him was extremely sharp and had appeared in a very abrupt manner.

Everyone could clearly see that the soul power released by Jiang Zhanheng had been sliced apart, and even though he had reacted very quickly, the cold streak had still torn through the clothes on his back.

He immediately twisted around while sweeping his Lightningflame Spears backward, and at the same time, his second soul ring lit up as he released a massive burst of lightningflames to force out the sharp soul power that had infiltrated his body.

At this point, Jiang Zhanheng was already drenched in cold sweat. If it weren't for his natural premonition as a Titled Douluo, the battle would've most likely already ended. It was clear that everything up to this point had been a trap set by Xie Xie, and the clone that had been struck by the wave of lightningflames was already long gone.

After failing in his sneak attack, Xie Xie disappeared once again, but two clones had suddenly emerged on either side of Jiang Zhanheng, both of which were attacking him at once. On top of that, a cold streak was also descending toward him from above.

As a Titled Douluo level assault system Soul Master, Jiang Zhanheng shouldn't be having this much trouble against an agility attack system Soul Master, but Xie Xie was simply far too fast, and he didn't know anything about Xie Xie's abilities.

As a result, he was immediately forced onto the back foot. He injected his soul power into his Lightningflame Spears with all his might, and lightningflames surged out of his body like a volcanic eruption to oppose all of the oncoming attacking figures. However, once all of those clones disappeared, Xie Xie was nowhere to be seen again.

The other Battle Gods were stunned to see this.

If they were in Jiang Zhanheng's shoes, how would they fare?

Were Shrek’s Seven Monsters this powerful already? According to the Battle God Hall's files, Shrek’s Seven Monsters were definitely still in their twenties. Furthermore, this was only one of the more obscure members of Shrek's Seven Monsters; how powerful would their leader, Tang Wulin, be?

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