Chapter 1750: The Spirit Pagoda's Response

She could still clearly recall their first-ever meeting. Back then, they were still complete newbies in the Soul Master world. At the time, he had made a vow to her that he was going to become the most powerful Soul Master in this world, and it was precisely his drive and ambition that had made her fall in love with him.

Even though over 100 years had passed since then, she felt as if she were looking at the same Chen Xinjie from back then again.

This was an indescribable feeling, as if both of them had returned to their youth in that instant.

"I'll go on ahead; let's reunite in the north. Prior to seeing me, you have to promise me that you won't take any risks," Chen Xinjie said in a serious manner.

Long Yeyue nodded in response. "Alright, I'll see you on the front lines."

Chen Xinjie took a deep breath and enveloped her in a tight embrace once again before flying away.

Long Yeyue reflexively took a step forward, and yelled, "Chen Xinjie, if we survive this ordeal and you're still willing to come back to Shrek Academy, then I'll forgive you!"

Chen Xinjie stiffened in mid-air upon hearing this, and he offered no response other than to give a firm nod before accelerating into the distance.

Looking on at his departing figure, tears finally began to flow down Long Yeyue's face.

Perhaps this really was going to be their last dance!

At the Spirit Pagoda.

"Those bastards have gone insane! They've completely joined forces with the abyssal plane! How could they do this? They're still humans, are they not?" Qiangu Dongfeng yelled.

There was only his brother and father in the same room with him.

Qiangu Dongfeng wore a calm expression, not looking at all like he had just escaped death by the thinnest of margins.

A cold smile appeared on Qiangu Qingfeng's face. "I told you long ago that working with them was no different from shooting yourself in the foot."

Qiangu Dongfeng turned to Qiangu Qingfeng, and said, "Even so, I don't regret this. If I could go back, I would still drop those two godslayer missiles onto Shrek Academy. With Shrek Academy constantly standing in our way, when will we ever be able to rise to the top? The fact of the matter is that I had made the right decision; my only regret is that I failed to wipe out everyone from Shrek Academy."

A cold look flashed through Qiangu Qingfeng's eyes, but he didn't say anything in response.

Qiangu Dieting said in a cold voice, "Those bastards from the Holy Spirit Cult have forsaken their humanity long ago. All they want is destructive and deathly energy, while the abyssal plane wants life energy. All life forms will release destructive and deathly energy at the point of their demise, so there's no conflict of interest between them. It looks like their actions are insane, but in reality, they have a straightforward plan and a unified goal. The abyssal plane wants to devour our entire Douluo Plane as a stepping stone for evolution, while the Holy Spirit Cult wants to use the destructive and deathly energy from the demise of the entire plane to help them attain godhood.

"We should've anticipated long ago that they would be ideal collaborators with one another; it's just that we failed to consider that the abyssal plane had the ability to open up another passageway."

Qiangu Dongfeng was at a loss for what to do. "So how should we proceed?"

A cold light flashed through Qiangu Dieting's eyes. "What do you think? What else can we do aside from facing the abyssal plane with everyone else? If the entire plane ceases to exist, what will become of our Spirit Pagoda? We must protect the plane first and foremost above all else."

A hesitant look appeared on Qiangu Dongfeng's face upon hearing this. "Then are we really going to work with Shrek Academy and the others?"

Qiangu Dieting immediately flared up with rage. "Are you even thinking before you speak? I chose you to inherit my position because I thought you had sufficient critical thinking skills to be a good successor; has your brain suddenly been thrown out the window? So what if you've lost an arm? There are many ways for you to recover it in the future; what's most important now is that we weather this upcoming storm. At the same time, we have to take advantage of this opportunity to weaken Shrek Academy and the Tang Sect during the battle, so this is not necessarily a bad thing for us."

Qiangu Dongfeng faltered slightly upon hearing this, but he quickly understood what Qiangu Dieting was saying, and he took a deep breath before replying, "I understand; I'll get everything arranged right away."

Following Qiangu Dongfeng's departure, Qiangu Dieting and Qiangu Qingfeng were the only ones left in the room.

Qiangu Qingfeng also rose to his feet. "I'm going as well."

Qiangu Dieting took a long look at him, then said, "Leave and don't come back; take your wife with you."

Qiangu Qingfeng stiffened upon hearing this, and he turned around violently. "What do you mean by that?"

Qiangu Dieting replied, "I know that you've always harbored resentment toward me, but I had to make the right decision. Dongfeng didn't fail due to his own inadequacies; he was simply unfortunate to have come up against the one who was chosen by fate. Even if I had to go back and make the decision again, I would still choose him. If you had been made my successor, you definitely wouldn't have done as well as him. He's decisive, ruthless, and he has some wisdom. You're not lacking in wisdom, but you are not decisive enough. My final piece of advice to you is to be more assertive and forceful in your decision-making.

"The heritage of our Qiangu Family can't end here, but no one knows what will happen in the future, and our top priority right now is to protect the continent. Take your branch of the family elsewhere, then adopt a new identity and cut off all ties with the Qiangu Family. Regardless of whether we can successfully force the abyssal plane into retreat, Shrek Academy and the Tang Sect won't be willing to let us off the hook; they'll make sure to wipe out our Qiangu Family at all costs. If we somehow manage to win the battle against them, then you can come back, but if we lose, then don't ever come back. 

"Pass down the bloodline of the Qiangu Family; that will be your final duty. Dongfeng has already shouldered the heaviest burden in our family, so this burden will be for you to carry."

Qiangu Qingfeng faltered slightly upon hearing this. "You want me to run away like a coward?"

Qiangu Dieting replied, "No. Oftentimes, it's far harder to live than to die."

Qiangu Qingfeng's brows furrowed tightly as he said, "I won't be leaving."

After that, he slammed the door and departed.

In the same instant, Qiangu Dieting suddenly seemed to have aged significantly, and he slowly closed his eyes in an exhausted manner.

All of the military power on the entire Douluo Continent quickly began to mobilize in a short time, but everything appeared to be normal on the surface.

The federation had made the right decision, which was to keep the news of the abyssal plane invasion strictly confidential to the public.

The Northern Legion was situated the closest to the northernmost region of the continent, and it had already begun setting up defensive lines.

At the same time, the Northsea Legion was transporting all types of war resources toward the north as quickly as possible.

Records of abyssal creatures had existed since 6,000 years ago, and those who were aware of their existence knew just how terrifying they were. However, the current Douluo Continent wasn't the same as the Douluo Continent from 6,000 years ago. With the advancement of soul technology, the continent was far better equipped to target these abyssal creatures.

Of course, the abyssal plane wasn't the continent's only enemy; it also had to face the threat of the Holy Spirit Cult.

Thus, the federation had immediately issued mobilization orders to several major organizations, including Shrek Academy, the Tang Sect, and the Spirit Pagoda.

The Blood God Legion was unable to join in on this resistance effort as it had to continue to guard the abyssal passageway. Otherwise, if abyssal creatures were to flood into the continent from that passageway as well, then the continent would be facing enemies from both sides.

At Shrek Academy. 

Another Sea God's Pavilion meeting was being held.

Tang Wulin's eyes were still a little red from indignation and frustration.

It had taken a herculean effort for him to calm himself down. They had been on the brink of exacting revenge, only to be stumped at the final hurdle, and his pain was plain for all to see.

However, he had no choice but to make this decision. Right now, revenge wasn't the top priority for Shrek Academy and the Tang Sect. Instead, it was to work with the military to protect the continent.

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