Chapter 1841: Abyssal Spirit Dragons

This was a very peculiar-looking creature that resembled a giant lizard with an oversized head that made up approximately a third of its body, the total length of which was over 50 meters. Even among abyssal creatures, this was quite a massive unit. Its four limbs were very thick and powerful, and it was lying flat on the ground. Its entire body was covered in dense grey scales, and what was most worthy of interest was its eyes, which were bulging outward and seemed to be comprised of countless compound eyes that were glowing with eerie blue light.

In the instant that this abyssal creature emerged, bright blue light suddenly erupted out of its eyes, forming a blue light barrier that encompassed its entire body. Immediately thereafter, it abruptly vanished on the spot.

At the main control center.

Yu Guanzhi had constantly been keeping tabs on the images of the front lines, and after receiving news that the powerful beings from Shrek Academy and the Tang Sect had already set off, he heaved a sigh of relief. However, he was then greeted by the sight of that massive abyssal creature disappearing into thin air.

"What happened? How did we lose sight of it? Activate all the surveillance soul tools; we can't afford to allow it to conceal itself!"

In the instant that the giant creature disappeared, the fine hairs on the back of Yu Guanzhi's neck immediately stood up on end. He was instantly able to sense that this abyssal creature was extremely dangerous.

All of the surveillance soul tools were instantly activated, but right at this moment, an extremely sharp screech suddenly rang out from within the abyssal passageway.

The screech released devastating soundwaves that instantly spread across the entire battlefield, and even with all of the thunderous explosions taking place, the screech was still clearly audible.

Even Yu Guanzhi in the main control center was struck by a burst of ringing in the ears, and his mind went completely blank.

Yu Guanzhi was a Limit Douluo, yet even he had been affected by the screech, and the normal soldiers on the battlefield naturally fared far worse.

In the instant after the screech rang out, all of the attacks directed at the battlefield became completely chaotic and directionless. The soul lasers were no longer concentrated, and soul missiles were sent flying in all directions.

Taking advantage of this opportunity, around a dozen more of those giant lizard-like creatures emerged from the abyssal passageway before also vanishing one after another.

After those giant lizards came a humanoid figure, who would be very handsome in appearance, except his eyes were bulging out of their sockets and glowing with dark blue light. Looking at his facial features alone, he bore a strong resemblance to Tang Wulin, but his face was currently twisted in vengeful fury. This was none other than the Spirit Sovereign, and he was utterly livid.

During the Eternal Heaven blast, he had been in the scope of the attack. He didn't think that a weapon wielded by humans would be so powerful. In that instant, he was struck by a sense of pressure similar to the kind he felt in the presence of the Holy Lord.

After that, he was wounded in the terrifying explosion.

He had immediately tried to flee into the abyssal passageway, but he was still heavily injured.

Aside from the Holy Lord, this was the first time that someone had injured him. He had always treated his body as his most precious asset, and the injuries he sustained infuriated him to the extreme.

Man's understanding of abyssal creatures was still limited, and unbeknownst to the human race, not all abyssal creatures could be resurrected without paying a price.

It didn't matter for those low-tier abyssal creatures as they possessed no intelligence, only battle instincts, and they didn't care if they died.

However, the higher the abyssal life form, the more care they took to look after themselves. This was because once they died, an identical being would be reborn in the abyssal plane, and that being would also be very similar to them in power. However, this would take a very long time, and most importantly, that being would be someone entirely different!

For example, if the Spirit Sovereign were to perish, another Spirit Sovereign would be born in the second level of the abyss, but that new Spirit Sovereign would arise from the evolution of one of his brethren. That abyssal being would absorb the abyssal energy he left behind to complete their evolution, so in a practical sense, he would still be dead.

After rising to their positions of power, which high-tier abyssal being would be willing to die?

From the Holy Lord's perspective, it didn't matter whom his servants and subordinates were, but that certainly mattered to those high-tier abyssal creatures!

Thus, the Spirit Sovereign had been completely incensed by the injuries he had sustained. He was a powerful being who possessed Divine Origin realm spiritual power, yet he had almost fallen to a surprise attack; this was something that had never happened before.

During this second phase of the battle, an abyssal being of his caliber was supposed to have only come out after the battlefield had stabilized, but he had chosen to return right away.

The Holy Spirit Cult had already told him that the blast had most likely been unleashed by Eternal Heaven, and that there was only one Eternal Heaven in this world. Thus, the fear in his heart was erased, leaving only vengeful fury.

That screech was a full-scale indiscriminate attack that he had unleashed with all his might, and in some of the places on the battlefield with lackluster soundwave defenses, countless federal soldiers had already been stunned to death, while even more had been injured to different extents.

The Spirit Sovereign's face was slightly pale, but after letting loose that devastating roar, all of his frustration had been vented, and he was feeling much better.

Right at this moment, a silver figure descended from the heavens, and a familiar aura appeared before him.

The Silver Dragon Spear was devouring the abyssal energy on the battlefield, while its wielder was appraising the Spirit Sovereign with an intense gaze.

The Spirit Sovereign's eyes narrowed slightly at the sight of Gu Yuena. "It's you! You are going to die; all humans must die!"

He pounced toward Gu Yuena as he spoke, and the air around him warped violently as if it had been set alight.

Gu Yuena pointed her Silver Dragon Spear forward, and eight bursts of silver light quickly appeared around her before transforming into eight doors of light. The space around her was warping violently, but it was unable to reach her at all.

The Spirit Sovereign raised his right hand and thrust it toward Gu Yuena, upon which all of the twisted air instantly compressed into a silver ball of light that was about to explode right in front of her.

Gu Yuena slashed her Silver Dragon Spear through the air in an arc, and four balls of light appeared, comprised of one that was yellow for earth elements, one that was blue for water elements, one that was red for fire elements, and one that was azure for wind elements. The balls of light struck the silver ball of light one after another, and the entire battlefield trembled as space warped violently.

Both sides groaned as the clash took place, and the Spirit Sovereign merely swayed slightly, while Gu Yuena was forced back, and it seemed that neither side had gained a decisive upper hand.

Right at this moment, a string of explosions rang out in the distance.

The left side of the defensive line was already experiencing serious issues.

That screech unleashed by the Spirit Sovereign was so powerful that almost all of the normal soldiers in that area had been killed, and even among Soul Masters, only very few of the most powerful ones survived, so the offensive capabilities of that section of the defensive line were naturally severely weakened.

The dozen or so giant lizards that had vanished earlier took advantage of the opportunity to rush onto the mountain on the left, and as soon as they reappeared, they went on a frenzied spree of destruction.

These giant lizards were all vastly renowned in the abyssal plane; they were subordinates to the Spirit Sovereign, and they referred to themselves as Spirit Dragons.

Among the abyssal creatures, they were known as Abyssal Spirit Dragons, abbreviated as Abyssal Dragons.

The Abyssal Spirit Dragons had always had an extremely small population, but all of them were very formidable from birth with Spirit Domain realm spiritual power, which was also their forte.

They excelled in concealing themselves through a special method using abyssal energy, and it was extremely difficult to track them down in that concealed state.

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