Chapter 1919: Unmatched

One had to realize that in the past, even the weakest of dragons had been godly officials in the Divine Realm.

Following the fall of the dragon clan, its power was significantly diminished, but even then, each giant dragon was equivalent to a Titled Douluo.

Tang Wulin summoned his Golden Dragon Spear in his left hand before pointing it in the direction of the abyssal passageway, and the army of divine dragons immediately pounced toward the abyssal creatures amid a string of deafening roars.

The army of divine dragons surged toward the abyssal army alongside heavy artillery fire, and the entire battlefield was plunged into complete chaos.

Meanwhile, the Holy Lord merely stood still on the spot, appraising Tang Wulin with a calm expression, as if none of this had anything to do with him.

As the army of dragons advanced toward the abyssal army, Tang Wulin also turned to face the Holy Lord as he raised his Sea God's Trident and Golden Dragon Spear in unison.

All of a sudden, he suddenly pulled back his arm before hurling the Golden Dragon Spear directly toward the Holy Lord.

The Holy Lord still had his left hand clasped behind his back as he swung his Heavenly Saint Abyssal Rift casually through the air, instantly sending the Golden Dragon Spear flying amid a crisp clang.

"Do you still not understand? Your resistance is utterly futile now that I'm here."

Right at this moment, a series of nine-colored halos descended from the heavens; it was none other than Tang Wulin's Unpredictable Storm!

In the face of the oncoming halos, the Holy Lord continued to stand still on the spot, and his smile didn't waver in the slightest.

In the instant that the nine-colored halos encircled the Holy Lord's body, Tang Wulin was instantly struck by the feeling that the Holy Lord was already completely within his control. The Holy Lord seemed to have been too conceited and complacent, allowing himself to be struck by this divine technique.

Unpredictable Storm was an extremely formidable control technique; even if a god were to be trapped in it, it would buy Tang Wulin enough time to unleash his next attack.

All of a sudden, the entire world turned dark, so dark that visibility was reduced to zero, and even the purple sun in the sky had vanished.

Restrict the Omniverse!

In the next instant, dazzling white light erupted forth, piercing through the inky darkness.

Tang Wulin knew that he most likely only had one chance, so he wasn't holding back in the slightest, pouring his all into his Sea God's Trident.

An indescribably sharp aura surged through the air, and both he and his Sea God's Trident had turned a scorching white color. Tang Wulin shot forth through the air as a scintillating streak of light, instantly passing through the Holy Lord, who had been immobilized by Unpredictable Storm.

The entire world seemed to have fallen completely still, and everyone on the battlefield had their attention fixed on Tang Wulin and the Holy Lord.

All of them knew that this clash was the key to deciding the outcome of this battle!

The only sound that could be heard stemmed from the explosions of the artillery fire, but in the instant that the streak of light flashed through the air, even sound seemed to have been stripped away from this world.

Tang Wulin's face had taken on an unhealthy pale pallor, reflecting his overexertion from that previous all-out attack.

He had completely exhausted all of his energy reserves to unleash that attack, but it would be all worth it if he could strike down the Holy Lord.

"I already said this: you are not a true deity, and even if you were, there's no way you could harm me unless you possessed the power of a first-rank god."

The Holy Lord lowered his head to look down at his own body, most of which had gone missing in the wake of Tang Wulin's Dragon Emperor Radiance, but his smile only grew even more pronounced.

The halos of Unpredictable Storm disappeared around him, and in the next instant, he immediately recovered to his original form amid a flash of bluish-purple light, as if he had never been wounded at all.

"Impossible!" Tang Wulin couldn't help but exclaim.

"Nothing is impossible," the Holy Lord said in an indifferent voice, "Even all of my people are able to resurrect themselves over and over again through the abyss; did you think I wouldn't possess the same ability? I am the ruler of the abyss; I AM the abyss, and there's no way you can kill me."

Tang Wulin's heart instantly sank upon hearing this.

Unpredictable Storm and Dragon Emperor Radiance were already the most powerful techniques he was currently capable of unleashing, particularly in his Dragon God form.

He had truly completely exhausted himself after unleashing that sequence, yet the wounds that he had inflicted upon the Holy Lord had been healed in the blink of an eye!

This was truly an unkillable foe!

The Holy Lord was very patient as he appraised Tang Wulin, and continued, "Do you know what my death would entail? It would entail the destruction of the core of the abyssal plane. As a result, the entire abyssal plane will be destroyed and detonated. As the only plane connected to our abyssal plane, your planet will also explode, so even if you possessed the power to defeat me, you still wouldn't be able to kill me. Life in the abyssal plane had actually become very boring for me. For so many years, I did the same things day after day, and I'm very happy to be able to have such a lengthy conversation with you.

"Unfortunately, I have to put an end to your life. I can sense something in your body that's able to pose a threat to me, so this is where you fall. Now then, let me show you what my true power looks like."

The Holy Lord took a step forward as he spoke, and it wasn't a very big step, but it allowed him to instantly traverse through the air and arrive right in front of Tang Wulin.

He then swept his Heavenly Saint Abyssal Rift through the air, and the bluish-purple blade projection was only around three feet in length, seemingly very easy to evade, but in that instant, Tang Wulin discovered that he was unable to move.

In that instant, the entire world seemed to be rejecting him, forcing him toward Heavenly Saint Abyssal Rift.

Blood splattered through the air amid an agonized groan, and even though the Sea God's Trident had blocked the actual halberd blade of Heavenly Saint Abyssal Rift, he was still wounded by the blade projection.

As he flew back through the air, he split up into two, and Gu Yuena stumbled out of his body.

Gu Yuena was completely unscathed, while Tang Wulin's chest and stomach had been completely sliced open and was bleeding profusely. His Golden Dragon Moon Song battle armor had completely failed to protect him.

"Transcendent divine weapons are extremely powerful, but the wielder matters just as much. If it were your father wielding the Sea God's Trident, then I would have no chance at all. The same divine skills used by him would've killed me on the spot, but you're still far from that level; you're not even an actual god, how could you possibly hope to contend with me?"

"Wulin!" Gu Yuena threw her arms around Tang Wulin to stabilize his body in mid-air. Blood was gushing out of his mouth and nose, and his entire body was trembling violently.

The wound was still quickly healing, but his face was becoming paler and paler, and his life force was receding rapidly.

Gu Yuena's eyes were instantly filled with tears.

The Dragon God Transformation had united them into a single entity, and in this form, any injuries sustained should've been shared evenly among them, but as the main controller of the transformation, Tang Wulin had been making it so that he was the only one bearing the full brunt of any injuries sustained.

That attack from the Holy Lord seemed to be very simple, but he had unleashed the offensive power of Heavenly Saint Abyssal Rift to perfection, and even the Sea God's Trident hadn't been able to withstand the attack.

In the face of that attack, the first thing that Tang Wulin did was expel Gu Yuena out of his body rather than focusing both of their powers in defense. 

He knew that even with their combined powers, there was a good chance that it still wouldn't be enough to withstand the attack, and both of them would be severely wounded.

As a result, after expelling Gu Yuena out of his body, he became even more feeble, and the upward swipe the Holy Lord had unleashed with Heavenly Saint Abyssal Rift had torn through both his dragon core and his heart.

The peerlessly sharp aura of the weapon then erupted within his most important organs, and both his heart and dragon core had already been obliterated.

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