Chapter 1920: The Amorous One is Left to Rue What Could've Been

Thus, there was no longer any place for Tang Wulin's abundant life energy to gather, and it was rapidly leaking and dissipating.

The Holy Lord appraised Heavenly Saint Abyssal Rift, and mused, "What a wonderful feeling this is."

He stepped forward again as he spoke, but instead of going after Gu Yuena, he was heading toward the main battlefield.

As he glided through the air, his body expanded alongside Heavenly Saint Abyssal Rift, and after what seemed like an eternity, but also only an instant, he had swelled to over a kilometer tall.

As he continued to glide forward, he swept his Heavenly Saint Abyssal Rift horizontally through the air.


It was as if the entire world had been shattered. Even after expanding to over a kilometer in length, Heavenly Saint Abyssal Rift's blade projection was still only around three feet, but due to how massive it had become, it resulted in an effective offensive radius of over a kilometer.

All living beings within this area, including giant dragons, abyssal creatures, human soldiers; everything was completely destroyed as Heavenly Saint Abyssal Rift swept through the air.

One dragon soul rose up into the air after another, but they were also destroyed in the vast storm of violent energy.

In the face of Heavenly Saint Abyssal Rift, even true dragons were no match, and countless dragon bone fragments were being scattered through the air.

As a result, the entire main battlefield was instantly cleared out, following which the Holy Lord returned to his original size and hovered in mid-air in a still manner.

"That was rather noisy; I prefer peace," he said with a smile before taking another step forward.

The entire sky above the boundless ocean was pitch-black, but in the next instant, a gigantic figure that seemed to obscure the entire heavens appeared.

Heavenly Saint Abyssal Rift was swept through the air again, triggering countless explosions as it eradicated all of the federation's most powerful artillery fire with ease.

After just a single attack, the sea also fell silent.

Just as the Holy Lord had said, the wielder of a transcendent divine weapon was just as important as the weapon itself. In his hands, Heavenly Saint Abyssal Rift could bring about the destruction of an entire world.

Yu Guanzhi was staring at the large screen in the main control center in a completely slack-jawed manner.

Who could've imagined that the mighty human army and army of divine dragons could be silenced in just an instant?

The sea was littered with fragments of destroyed ships, and there wasn't even a single abyssal creature left near the abyssal passageway; only those from the human army that were situated quite far away remained unscathed by that doomsday-like attack.

Tang Wulin was on the brink of death, and there was clearly no way for Gu Yuena to turn the tables on her own; it was all over for the human race.

Everything had happened far too quickly, and only now did the human army truly understand why the Holy Lord had taken so much time to explain his plan.

In his eyes, the battle had already been decided, and nothing could stop him, so he simply couldn't help but want to share his plan in order to gloat and express his triumph.

As he lashed out, he displayed the most terrifying and cold-blooded side to his character. Not only had he slain humans, he had even slain his own people. In his eyes, all other living beings aside from himself were mere ants; he was like an arrogant god of creation looking down on all other living beings with scorn and disdain.

Just as he had said, he was the abyss, and everything in the abyss was under his control.

No one could stop him, and it seemed that it was all over.

Tang Wulin was lying in Gu Yuena's arms, spasming and trembling uncontrollably. He was unable to speak as blood would come gushing out as soon as he opened his mouth.

His Invincible Vajra Body seemed to be nothing more than a joke in the face of Heavenly Saint Abyssal Rift.

This Holy Lord possessed powers rivaling those of a first-rank god, and he was wielding a transcendent divine weapon, allowing him to conquer an entire plane with ease.

Tears were flowing down Gu Yuena's face as she frantically unleashed all types of light elemental soul skills, trying to heal Tang Wulin, but to no avail; the Holy Lord's presence repressed all elements, particularly light elements.

All of a sudden, a thought occurred to Gu Yuena, and she cast her gaze toward the secondary tree of life.

However, it was also right at this moment that the Holy Lord made a grabbing motion with his left hand, and the secondary tree of life was uprooted in the distance.

The rich life energy that it was releasing instantly faded.

"You sure got away quite quickly," the Holy Lord scoffed with a hint of disdain in his eyes, "Your clone may have gotten away, but you're not going anywhere; it's only a matter of time before I hunt you down, and I'm not in a hurry at all."

"My Lord, you can't hesitate any longer! Only by reverting back to the form of the Dragon God will you be able to stop him!" An urgent voice rang out beside Gu Yuena's ears, and she shuddered before turning to look behind her.

Beast God Di Tian was standing not far away, appraising her with an urgent expression.

She was naturally aware that he was right, but if she were to revert back to her Dragon God form, then Tang Wulin would have to die. The final three Golden Dragon King seals in his body would have to be opened, and she would have to completely devour him, which was absolutely unacceptable to her.

Besides, as soon as the Holy Lord sensed what she was trying to do, he would immediately stop her and kill them both.

Right at this moment, a faint sigh suddenly rang out.

"Looks like this day has finally arrived, after all," a forlorn voice sighed.

"Even though we're only going to be delaying the inevitable, it's time for us to make a stand." Another forlorn and bitter voice rang out in response.

The voices were coming from very far away, but at the same time, two figures began to expand.

These weren't two people, but two swords instead!

One of the swords was entirely white with a crimson line extending down the center of the blade all the way from the hilt to the tip.

As for the other sword, it was of a dark blue color and was glowing faintly.

The two swords began to rapidly expand, and in the blink of an eye, they had already exceeded 100 meters in length.

"Oh? There's still something else up your sleeves?" A hint of intrigue appeared in the Holy Lord's eyes upon seeing this. He wasn't in a hurry to stop whatever was coming. Instead, he was merely appraising it as if he were appreciating some type of artwork.

Two figures also appeared in mid-air, but both of them were very illusory and translucent, clearly indicating that they were projections.

The two figures belonged to the two Limit Douluos of the Tang Sect, Cao Dezhi and Zang Xin.

What was astonishing to everyone was that they were holding hands, and even though they were only projections, it was still a stunning sight to behold.

Cao Dezhi turned to Gu Yuena, and said, "Only you two have a sliver of a chance to stop him; all we can do is help buy you some time. Wulin harbors many secrets, and he is the one chosen by the plane; you must get him to connect with the power of the plane no matter what. You must help him, and only then will the human race have any chance at survival."

Gu Yuena faltered slightly upon hearing this, while Zang Xin suddenly remarked, "Don't forget about that flower Wulin gave to you."

After that, the two of them suddenly rose up into the air, and the two giant swords ascended alongside them, as if they were threatening to pierce through the heavens.

The two projections continued to hold hands as they rose up further and further, and Cao Dezhi chanted, "The heartless one denies his innermost feelings."

Zang Xin took a deep look at him, and also chanted, "While the amorous one is left to rue what could've been."

Among the human army, only the powerful beings of the older generation knew what they were doing. The two Limit Douluos were finally going to unleash their soul fusion skill for the first time in several decades!

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