Chapter 4827: Chu Feng’s Means

Chapter 4827: Chu Feng’s Means

Shoosh shoosh!

Chu Feng’s swordsmanship changed all of a sudden. He cast aside his defensive stance to go for the offensive, lunging forward at an incredibly fast speed.

Alarmed, Zuoqiu Youyu quickly adjusted his stance to protect himself, but it was already too late. His attack had been so aggressive thus far that he ended up neglecting his own defense. 

On top of that, Chu Feng had come prepared, aiming specifically for Zuoqiu Youyu’s opening. He launched a series of relentless attacks that gave Zuoqiu Youyu no chance to catch a breather and regain his momentum. 

Initially, Zuoqiu Youyu was still able to barely protect himself, but soon, he found himself gradually getting overwhelmed. There was a cold flash of light, and a sword sliced through his flesh and exposed his bone.

And this was only the start. Chu Feng’s attack only continued to get more aggressive.

Even Chu Feng’s expression had changed as well. The smile had dropped from his face, replaced with the dour look of a cold-blooded killer. He gave off a chilling aura that instilled fear in others.

“I underestimated that lad. He wasn’t just insulting Zuoqiu Youyu here. It was all part of his plan,” Duan Liufeng murmured in awe.

He thought that Chu Feng was simply trying to humiliate Zuoqiu Youyu, but it turned out that he was intentionally riling the latter up so as to provoke him into making more aggressive moves, which in turn created openings for him to exploit.

A person who lost his composure was much more likely to get careless.

Chu Feng accurately grasped the opportune moment where Zuoqiu Youyu was the most vulnerable to launch a series of attacks, making sure that Zuoqiu Youyu had no chance to make a comeback at all.

Even in his weakened state, he managed to grasp the tides of the battle and turn the tables on Zuoqiu Youyu!

Even Duan Liufeng was impressed by Chu Feng’s means.

“Zuoqiu Youyu, it looks like Brother Chu was right. You should have just feigned death because you aren’t a match for Brother Chu at all. He’s able to suppress you even in his weakened state. This is more than enough to show the large gap that sits between the two of you,” Duan Liufeng shouted over to Zuoqiu Youyu, humiliating him.

But what he said was indeed the truth.

Many injuries had started appearing all over Zuoqiu Youyu’s body. None was fatal, but it was certain that Zuoqiu Youyu was getting weaker with each passing moment. At this rate, he would really fall in defeat.


A deep growl suddenly sounded from Zuoqiu Youyu’s body. It wasn’t too loud, its volume reminiscent of the cracking of bones or fluttering of robes, but it carried a domineering air that resembled a dragon’s roar. 

With the dragon’s roar, Zuoqiu Youyu’s speed and strength were enhanced greatly.

“Two Forms of the Hidden Dragon? Zuoqiu Youyu, how shameless can you get?! It’s a swordsmanship fight, but you actually resorted to a rank six Exalted Taboo?”

As someone from the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect, he was able to tell right away what kind of means Zuoqiu Youyu had used.

It was a rank six Exalted Taboo, Two Forms of the Hidden Dragon. 

While it was an Exalted Taboo, there was a greater emphasis on its moves. The moves needed to be exact in order to bring out the full prowess of the Exalted Taboo. 

Due to that, the first form focused on one’s body. As long as one was able to master it, one would be able to use one’s body as a weapon.

The second form, on the other hand, focused on weaponry. It consisted of many transformations, and it could be utilized with all sorts of weapons, including swords. 

Zuoqiu Youyu had long mastered the Two Forms of the Hidden Dragon. He was still fighting with his sword at the moment, but his strength had been elevated considerably. After all, this was an Exalted Taboo created by the sect founder. 

Duan Liufeng immediately knew that things had gone bad the moment Zuoqiu Youyu resorted to that skill. The two of them had been fighting in close quarters, such that Chu Feng was bound to be caught off guard when Zuoqiu Youyu used such a powerful skill all of a sudden. 

If Chu Feng couldn’t immediately retaliate with something of equal might, he could very well be killed in a single hit.

“Brother Chu… actually managed to block it?”

But soon, Duan Liufeng’s eyes widened in astonishment.

He realized that his worry was unfounded. Not only did Chu Feng manage to fend against Zuoqiu Youyu attack, but he still wielded the advantage in his grasp. 

But this shouldn’t have been possible. That was a rank six Exalted Taboo! It was impossible to deal with that with ordinary means.

“No, that’s no ordinary means. Brother Chu is using a rank six Exalted Taboo too! He actually grasped a martial skill that is on par with the Two Forms of the Hidden Dragon?” 

Duan Liufeng was surprised.

Very rarely were Exalted Taboo Martial Skills as inconspicuous as the Two Forms of the Hidden Dragon. Most of them would result in a grand emanation of martial power and cause a huge commotion.

“No, this isn’t right.”

The shock in Duan Liufeng’s eyes only continued to deepen the more he stared at Chu Feng. He just realized something unbelievable. 

The martial skill Chu Feng was using was actually the Two Forms of the Hidden Dragon too!

He couldn’t verify it at the start because Chu Feng’s Two Forms of the Hidden Dragon was slightly different from that of Zuoqiu Youyu—or to be more exact, it was different from everyone else in the sect. 

But without a doubt, it was the Two Forms of the Hidden Dragon too, just that it was executed in a different manner. It was a more challenging version of the Exalted Taboo, but it was much more powerful as well. 

“It’s time to end things,” Chu Feng said coldly.

Chu Feng’s body began emanating purple light, which swiftly manifested into the form of a humongous dragon.


Chu Feng pierced his Immemorial Hero’s Sword forth, and the purple dragon charged forward with a majesty roar as well. With unstoppable momentum, it knocked Zuoqiu Youyu’s Exalted Armament off his hand before piercing through his body.

This strike sent Zuoqiu Youyu flying a distance away before falling lifelessly to the ground.

“What other means do you have? Bring it all out. I’ll play with you till you finally admit defeat here,” Chu Feng gazed at Zuoqiu Youyu’s collapsed body as he spoke with a cold voice.

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