Chapter 1137: Imparting Method

Lu Qing!

The name brought to mind some things that the little fox had once mentioned, abruptly resolving all of Lu Yun’s recent questions and frustrations. If this Lu Qing was that Lu Qing… then… a fox...


While certain waves of emotion roiled in Lu Yun’s heart, he didn’t hesitate. The moment the sky ladder bolstered the Thousand Obliteration Formation of the Six Royals, the Six Royals surrounded Huo Zongxing and bombarded him with attacks.

Caught off guard and overwhelmed by the power of the sky ladder, Huo Zongxing soon fell back to a disadvantageous position. Dismay crossed the faces of the eight figures standing in front of the six monarchs—they hadn’t imagined that the situation would take this kind of turn. Supposedly situated in the chaos sea, Lu Qing’s personal treasure was here instead!

“We won’t move if you don’t move. If you move, we’ll slaughter your nine divine sects,” the Nirvana monarch uttered, returning their words from earlier.

“Hmph!” the eight snorted, but didn’t make a move.

The nine divine sects were the culmination of their efforts in the realm after countless chaos tribulations. If the sects were destroyed now, all of their painstaking plans and energy would be a complete waste. Who knew how long it’d take if they had to start over from the beginning again?

Huo Zongxing lost the ability to retaliate when faced with such a heated offensive; the terrifying sky ladder utterly suppressed his strength. If it wasn’t for a strong defense, he would’ve died several times over in quick succession.

“This guy’s got such thick skin, it’s thicker than even Chi Wuxia’s!” Wang Shu’s voice suddenly rang out from the air.

Observing the fight from the sidelines, Chi Wuxia’s face spasmed painfully.

“Of course it’s thicker than Chi Wuxia’s, don’t forget that Chi Wuxia’s combat arts come from him… them! Their heritage specializes in thick skin!” You Huoran raised his hand high for public view after delivering a hefty face slap. It was indeed quite swollen.

“You bastard!” Huo Zongxing roared upon hearing these words. A ball of blackish-red light rose from his body and barrelled toward You Huoran.

However, a large foot overshadowed Huo Zongxing’s face the next second. The ball of light didn’t have the chance to shoot too far before the foot scuffed it out. Huo Zongxing fell into a current of pristine chaos energy with a loud shriek.

“AhhhHHHHH!!” he raged, finally understanding how Chi Wuxia had felt before, to be slapped, stepped on, and kicked!

Just who had these six learned from to like attacking one’s face so much? The Six Royals of the mythological realm hadn’t shown this preference!

Huo Zongxing struggled to rush out of the current of energy, but six big feet stomped on his face again and sent him reeling back.

Frustration and humiliation like he’d never felt before boiled in his veins. If it wasn’t for the sky ladder suppressing him, he would’ve slaughtered a dozen Six Royals by now! The sky ladder wasn’t a regular ultimate treasure beyond the chaos, it was the personal treasure of one who would be a heavyweight in even the third realm!

That ladder had accompanied the great one before he completed seeking out the dao, all the way to present day!

Even if Huo Zongxing had ascended beyond the chaos, the ladder would still hold him down, to say nothing of him not yet exceeding this realm. In fact, he was rather lost as to why Lu Qing would send his personal treasure here. He was currently in a great deal of trouble himself as he fought off three other entities that rivaled him.

As furious as Huo Zongxing was, he didn’t lose his bearings. The nine of them were formed from the creation seeds and contained the fortunes of the chaos. They wouldn’t die that easily, and they also had their own patron from the third realm.

He no longer looked for openings to counterattack, but devoted his efforts to a stalwart defense instead.

At the same time, the nine divine sects that had been drawn here began to grow indistinct, shaking off the spatial force and returning to the depths of the chaos. The moment they departed would be when the nine of the creation seeds begin their massacre.

Of course, the six sacred palaces were leaving as well.

Both sides noted the movements of the other, but no one made a bid to stop anyone. Battle intent burned hotly in all factions.


Within the depths of the chaos, Qing Yu sat on a Dao Flower and looked down at the battlefield.

“If a larger fight breaks out, I’m afraid the six monarchs won’t be a match for those nine.” She frowned after making some calculations.

“I’ll go help,” Qiu Luoyu quickly offered.

“You’d just be offering up your head on a platter. They’ll dig out the creation seed in you, so you and the little fox should stay away from them.” Qing Yu looked somewhat dismissively at Qiu Luoyu.

“I, I have the dark fire!” Qiu Luoyu flushed.

“Have you ever heard of using a sledgehammer on a gnat?” Qing Yu curled her lip. “Dark fire can disintegrate experts of the third realm, but you use it on mosquitoes? If Violetgrave knew what you wanted to do, she’d immediately shoot back here and squash you with her own fingers.

“The creation seeds are just power nodes fallen from the third realm. Though the nine are formed from them, they’re just the equivalent of reborn minions from the third realm.” Qing Yu frowned again, trying to determine the optimal strategy here.

“Experts from the third realm… are great entities beyond the chaos. Why do they interfere with our matters?” Qiu Luoyu couldn’t wrap his mind around it.

“Don’t the lofty eternal overlords of the chaos constantly think about how to destroy the worlds?” Qing Yu burst out laughing. “It’s quite normal for those from the third realm to want to destroy the chaos.”

“The chaos is devouring the third realm?” Qiu Luoyu asked with surprise.

Qing Yu remained quiet.

“No, wait, those nine are the patrons of the nine sacred—divine sects. The nine divine sects are after the worlds! So you’re saying that after the worlds swallow the chaos, they’ll swallow the third realm?” Qiu Luoyu gasped.

“So you’re not that dumb after all.” Qing Yu nodded and continued murmuring to herself. “Though the nine are just minions, their cultivation level and strength are truly beyond the chaos. The combination of the five elements and four origins will still form a terrifying impact.

“Seniors, please accept this method.” She suddenly reached out and scattered six tiny flowers to the center of the monarch’s foreheads. The Thousand Obliteration Formation of the Six Royals that’d belonged to Lu Yun and the others materialized in their minds.

“The Thousand Obliteration Formation of the Six Royals… this is the formation of the Six Royals in the mythological realm. No wonder!” Leize and his peers looked at each other, newfound confidence appearing in their eyes.

“As strong as the formation is, it is still the method of another. Lu Yun and his friends can make use of this method, but seniors must not be overly vested in it. It might hinder your own dao otherwise.” Qing Yu’s voice sounded in their minds.

Lu Yun hadn’t shared the formation with the six monarchs firstly because it belonged to You Huoran, and secondly because it was so strong that it might lead the six monarchs down another path from their own.

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