Chapter 1206: Hide of the Kui Cow, Bone of the Azure Dragon

Deafening cheers rose from the city. Their savior hadn’t failed them!

Though the little fox was completely obscured beneath the black enforcer robes and black veil, her stance beneath the silver moon made her seem like a goddess that'd walked out of the moonlight.


“Aooo!” A roar swelled out of the tide of beasts when the gigantic moon suddenly appeared from the city. The steelback golden armored dragon that’d remained in the rear all this time finally showed itself.

It looked like a lizard and was pure gold in color, as if it wore a set of armor in the same color. Eighteen reversed black spikes grew out of its spine and it shook the earth with every ponderous step it took, since it was five hundred thousand kilometers long.

It rammed savagely through the Redbud city walls and charged into the city, making straight for the little fox.

“Die!” She placed her hands together and coalesced beams of moonlight that shot at the golden armored dragon. Sparks sprayed from its back and the golden armored dragon went flying, squealing and wailing as it tumbled away.

But it didn’t die; its defenses were too strong. With it as the vanguard, the arcane beasts behind it flooded into the city once again.

The little fox’s expression turned extremely grave and numerous Redbud superiors in the city swiftly gathered together, swarming protectively around her. A horrific atmosphere of bleak violence filled the city as horrific slaughter began once more.


“So this is the legendary third realm!” The Divine Azure Dragon King stood next to Lu Yun and opened his arms, taking in a deep breath of rich Hongmeng qi. And then, he naturally broke through to creator realm.

Another figure stood beside him—Kui, his archenemy in the primordial world of immortals.

Kui was also a creator now, but the two still didn’t get along even after their rebirth. The Divine Azure Dragon King had returned to his position as patriarch of the azure dragons, while Kui had become one of Lu Yun’s Infernum.

Lu Yun wouldn’t be able to return to the Hongmeng once he went back to the world of immortals, but he could communicate through the abyss and hell to pull those from the world of immortals to the third realm.

“What business do you have with us, since you’ve brought us here?” The Azure Dragon King glanced sideways at his old rival and continued addressing Lu Yun, “As creators, the two of us can dominate the world of immortals, but here, we’re just two ants…”

“Master, if you wish for Kui’s hide, just take it!” Kui interrupted since it could tell what Lu Yun wanted to do.

“You want to refine the Kui Battle Drum?!” The Azure Dragon King understood as well when he heard the exclamation. “Legend has it that a battle drum refined from a kui’s skin can summon the wind and rain, bolstering an army’s morale. But the appropriate drumstick to use with the drum…

“You want my dragon bone.” He looked at Lu Yun with a tight frown.

“If you write your names down here, you’ll be undying beings.” Lu Yun nodded and placed the Tome of Life and Death in front of the two. “After I take your hide and bone, you’ll be reborn in hell.” 

The Azure Dragon King chuckled ruefully. “I’ve always shied away from your secrets because I didn’t want your label stamped on me. Ai… so it turns out it was inevitable. Alright then.”

He bit through his finger and wrote down his name in the treasure.

Meanwhile, Kui was champing at the bit and quickly wrote its name into the book. It knew of the treasure’s existence and its significance. After placing its name in the Tome of Life and Death, it would be a far cry from its former self. Instead of being a lowly Infernum, it would be second to only the ten Yama Kings!

Contrary to its rival’s anticipation, the Azure Dragon King looked woebegone.

The two vanished after a black light flashed through the area, leaving behind only a kui hide and an azure dragon bone.

Kui and the Azure Dragon King returned to hell before they even knew what’d happened. It was more like nothing had happened at all, but the latter was now fully Lu Yun’s.

“Well, I’m a dragon that’s gone to the third realm at least. Just that alone makes me stronger than a lot of immortals in the chaos and world of immortals!” A certain degree of pride returned to him when he thought of this, sweeping away the dejection looming in his heart.


The hide of a kui and bone of an azure dragon were only creator realm. Thus, their core essence was inordinately weak and no one in the Hongmeng would even stop to pick them up if they were litter on the ground.

But to Lu Yun, these two were priceless treasures. He just needed to nourish them with the treasures of the Hongmeng to turn them into items of the same level!

As a supplemental grandmaster in possession of the five great fires of hell, he had an even more crucial heaven-defying combat art—Spacetime Reincarnation! Though the concept of time existed within the third realm, it didn’t really hold any sway here. Him deploying that combat art wouldn’t result in interference from the orders of the third realm.

During the past three days, he’d utilized the art to slow down time so that he could etch three Nineturns Sky Curtain Formation disks, one Detonation Talisman, and countless war treasures. He’d utilized only a tenth of the items in the Redbud treasury to do so, leaving countless ones untouched for future use.


“Little fox, hang on for three more days!” Lu Yun’s voice echoed in her mind.

“Mm… I’ll be able to do that as long as no kings show up from the other side!” Her face was already slightly pale behind the enforcer mask, but she grit her teeth and nodded in agreement. Why, she hadn’t even used Lu Yun’s Resurrection Talisman yet!

Though she didn’t need to support the Oddmoon with her own strength, the feedback from it still inflicted grave injuries. Just when she felt that her wounds were growing too severe, warm energy flowed out of her wrist and seeped into her body, instantaneously healing all of her injuries.

The thirty-six beads on her wrist glowed with a bright radiance, enveloping her and isolating her from Oddmoon’s recoil.

“Hahahaha!!” She threw her head back with proud laughter. “Just look at who has a filial son! Don’t worry, I’ll be able to hold on for thirty, three hundred days, much less than three!”

The heavily injured golden armored dragon shuddered to hear these words. The drumming that spurred all of them on grew increasingly raucous, like the instrument had arrived beneath the city walls.

“You bunch of trash!” raged an irate voice. “Don’t set yourself against the black robe! Hurry up and destroy the city! All of you will be exterminated, and your races too, if you delay the king’s affairs!”

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