Chapter 2223 Old Monster From the Depths of the Sea

He was precisely the Six Horn Sea Serpent man that had fought against Long Chen in front of the Yin Yang World. He was extremely powerful, but because he was suppressed by the pressure of Long Chen’s dragon blood, he wasn’t a match for Long Chen. In the end, Wilde had ripped off one of his horns.

That horn was connected to his divine abilities. Wilde said that the flavor wasn’t very good, but it was full of energy. He wasn’t willing to eat it all just yet. He was holding onto it and would only occasionally take a few bites.

The Six Horn Sea Serpent glared at Long Chen, his eyes red. With a furious roar, his bone trident slammed toward Long Chen.

Following his movements, the Martial Heaven Sea-Ring began to rise, as if the entire sea was boiling over. His manifestation of the sea-ring appeared as well.

“You dare to come to my territory and act wild?! I’ll make sure you’re buried beneath the Martial Heaven Sea-Ring today!” 

“I want to ask you, does your face not hurt when you say such things?”

Long Chen summoned Evilmoon and his divine ring. Six stars appeared in his eyes, although one was still dim. 

At the same time, a majestic dragon cry resounded through the air. He summoned the Azure Dragon Battle Armor right off the bat. He couldn’t hold back against this opponent.


Evilmoon and the bone trident smashed into each other, causing huge waves to explode.

“So that’s the case. Within the Martial Heaven Sea-Ring, your manifestation is able to unleash more power.” Long Chen swung out his slightly numb hand.

“Hmph, not only am I able to use more power, but here a portion of your dragon pressure is blocked by the sea. Don’t even think of suppressing me. Today, I’ll defeat you in an open battle and show the continent just who the real ruler of this world is!” The Six Horn Sea Serpent man sneered. His bone trident rumbled along with his manifestation. Light gathered within his trident, and the sound of a sea roaring appeared within it.

“I’ll show you the sea demon race’s peerless technique: Angry Sea Tsunami!” The entire sea seemed to link to his bone trident. It was as if his attack contained the power of the entire Martial Heaven Sea-Ring. 

Holding his saber with both hands, Long Chen’s white scales suddenly turned half black. He began using Evilmoon’s power, and a sinister air erupted. Evilmoon’s energy merged with Long Chen’s dragon blood, forming a special aura.

The true dragon was noble and majestic. The evil dragon was fierce and sinister. When their powers combined, Long Chen’s hair danced in the wind. He raised his saber and slashed it down.


It was like two stars had collided. The sea raged, with water soaring into the sky.

Cloud and Dong Mingyu retreated from the battlefield, watching from a distance. Long Chen had told them not to interfere in this battle.

Long Chen repeatedly attacked. His arms were growing numb, and he almost lost hold of Evilmoon. Here, the Six Horn Sea Serpent man was able to unleash greater power. But Long Chen also saw that blood was leaking out of his opponent’s palm as well, meaning he wasn’t any better off than Long Chen.

“You only have this little bit of power? If that’s the case, you really have disappointed me,” said Long Chen, looking as if this wasn’t even his full power.

The Six Horn Sea Serpent man didn’t realize that Long Chen was lying, and he was so infuriated that his hair stood on end.

Suddenly, he retreated. His six horns began to shine, and a spot of light appeared on the tip of each horn. His aura began to transform.

“Oh, it grew back so quickly? It seems that my brother will have more to eat,” said Long Chen as he secretly gathered energy as well.

The Six Horn Sea Serpent man suddenly coughed up a mouthful of blood, the mental disturbance interrupting his energy gathering.

His body then transformed back into a giant sea demon. The light on top of his six horns linked to form a strange diagram.

Long Chen’s heart shook. The cause was some kind of forbidden energy.


Before the Six Horn Sea Serpent man could unleash his attack, Long Chen swung Evilmoon, trying to interrupt him. But when Evilmoon slashed into his body, Evilmoon bounced off.

“This is the power of sacrifice. There’s something terrifying at the bottom of the Martial Heaven Sea-Ring,” warned Evilmoon.

Despite bouncing off, Long Chen’s attack managed to force the Six Horn Sea Serpent back, and the diagram of light dimmed. It had been interrupted.

The Six Horn Sea Serpent returned to human form and coughed up more blood. Having this technique interrupted had resulted in a large backlash.

“Despicable!” he roared, feeling like he might go crazy with rage.

“Idiot, do you think others will just wait for you to accumulate power and let themselves be attacked?” sneered Long Chen. This sea demon’s head had to have something wrong with it. This was no game but a life and death battle. Who would fight according to his tempo?

Long Chen stepped forward, no longer planning on giving his opponent a chance to unleash any more big moves. Evilmoon had said that there was something terrifying at the bottom of the sea. The Six Horn Sea Serpent was capable of borrowing that existence’s power, and that wouldn’t be good.

“Evilmoon, can you sense what it is at the bottom of the sea?” asked Long Chen.

“I cannot. Unless you go into the sea… but I’d advise you not to. I have a bad feeling. If that thing appears, calamity will follow. I’ve been refined into a weapon by that bastard Yun Shang, so I can’t use my true power. Moreover, you’re still too weak, let’s not play around with it,” said Evilmoon.

Long Chen began to unleash a tempest of attacks at the Six Horn Sea Serpent man, not giving him any chance to breathe and repeatedly forcing him back. Let alone a big move, the Six Horn Sea Serpent man couldn’t even unleash a small move. He could only bitterly endure.

“Long Chen, some terrifying existence is approaching! It’s probably on the level of a fourth step Netherpassage expert!” warned Evilmoon.

“I know. This time, I’ll have a proper discussion with them so we can settle things.” Long Chen also sensed it. He suddenly unleashed a fierce hack that sent the Six Horn Sea Serpent man flying back.

“Cloud, we’re going!” Long Chen appeared on Cloud’s back. Cloud spread her wings, and they flew off.

“You think you can leave after coming to my Martial Heaven Sea-Ring? Leave your life behind!” An ancient voice resounded through the air. A giant mountain-like figure shot out of the sea. Opening its mouth, it tried to devour Long Chen and Cloud.

However, Long Chen had calculated the time. Before the mouth could close, Cloud flew out. Carrying Long Chen and Dong Mingyu, she soared into the clouds.

At this moment, Long Chen finally had a chance to see what kind of sea demon had come. It was a giant Six Horn Sea Serpent, and its scales had already turned to bone. There were countless barbs on it. Compared to its mighty figure, the Six Horn Sea Serpent man that he had just fought was like a little fish.

This was a terrifying old sea serpent, perhaps even the ancestor of the Six Horn Sea Serpent race. Its aura was truly frightening. Even Long Chen felt a chill.

“Four Sea Barrier!”

The old monster of the Six Horn Sea Serpent race let out a cold shout. Its six horns lit up, and the world darkened. It was like the sky was being devoured. 

Long Chen slashed his saber at the darkened space, only to find some kind of special law bounced his attack back.

“It’s god energy. Yu-er, it’s up to you,” said Long Chen.

Dong Mingyu nodded and vanished.

A dagger appeared in midair and cut across it. The darkness was cut open, revealing a crack of light.


The old monster of the Six Horn Sea Serpent race let out a confused sound. It clearly hadn’t expected Dong Mingyu to possess the power to break through a divine barrier.

Cloud shrank and shot through the crack. An instant later, the crack vanished, the darkness fusing back together.

Outside the darkness, the sun was still shining brightly. From above, it looked like a giant black bubble had appeared on top of the sea. It was like the eye of a fiend.

“Hehe, nice job, Yu-er.” Long Chen praised Dong Mingyu. God energy was truly the most effective choice against a divine barrier. This was the reason why he had brought Dong Mingyu.

Cloud’s speed was unrivaled within the Martial Heaven Continent, but if she was trapped in a barrier, then that speed would be useless.

The barrier exploded and a giant figure shot after Long Chen. This old monster of the Six Horn Sea Serpent race was actually able to fly quickly through the air as if it was still swimming. It opened its mouth and sucked in, causing the heavens to collapse. Long Chen felt a powerful force pull him back, and Cloud’s speed instantly dropped.

“Since you’ve come, don’t even think about leaving! Those who offended my sea demon race have never had good endings!” sneered that old monster.

“Big brother Long Chen, this old monster’s too terrifying. My talents are being restricted. I can’t escape him,” said Cloud. Her speed was being affected by some kind of law. She could only maintain the same speed as the old monster but not throw him off.

If this continued, she would definitely be at a disadvantage. She couldn’t compete in terms of energy storage with an old monster who had been alive for countless years.

“It’s fine. You’ve done very well. I’ll handle it.” Long Chen turned back to the sea serpent. He disdainfully said, “Your skin is really thick. Has the sea demon race never felt what it’s like to have your face slapped? Well, that’s fine, I’ve come so far, so I’ll give you this little bit of face. Let’s see if you like how it tastes.”

Long Chen took out a rather large black pill. He opened his hand, and that pill was instantly sucked into the old sea serpent’s mouth due to its suction force.

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