Chapter 641

Hyeonu's sudden question baffled some people. Reina, who was approaching Hyeonu, and Tang-E, who was still in the distance. Additionally, the party who was being asked the question, the magic spirit. Everyone stared blankly at Hyeonu without answering properly.

Tang-E was the first to come to his senses. He returned to his original form that looked exactly like the magic spirit and stood in front of Hyeonu. “What are you saying all of a sudden, Master dude? What identity?”

Tang-E sent Hyeonu a look like he was pathetic. 

“Did something happen?” Reina also hurriedly asked Hyeonu. The magic spirit was a cute child. It wasn’t something that would make Hyeonu say such words.

“Aren’t you going to answer me?” Hyeonu ignored Tang-E and Reina and continued to question the magic spirit. Despite Hyeonu’s continued questions, the magic spirit just blinked without giving any answers.


“You can’t talk?” Hyeonu stared at the magic spirit for a long time before opening his shut mouth. Maybe it was because it couldn’t speak that it couldn’t answer.

Nod nod.

The magic spirit moved its head up and down. It was as Hyeonu said. The magic spirit couldn’t speak. Not yet.

“Then can you write?”

The magic spirit shook its head. Its lips were pouting.

Hmm... What is going on...?” Hyeonu cocked his head. Something incomprehensible happened. How did the magic spirit develop an ego?

‘I didn’t hear from John Blake that this would happen...’

He thought about it, but he couldn’t figure anything out. The description of the magic spirit skill that he checked before didn’t say that the magic spirit would change according to the proficiency.

“Why? What is the problem?” Just then, Reina scattered Hyeonu’s thoughts.

“That... I am a bit flustered. This guy shouldn’t be like this...”

“What does that mean? It shouldn’t be like this?” Reina cocked her head at Hyeonu’s answer. She couldn’t understand the exact meaning of Hyeonu’s answer.

“That... it is made from my magic power. If I don’t control it consciously, then it shouldn’t move. Yet as I saw... it moved on its own?”

Reina heard Hyeonu’s words and nodded with an expression that she understood. Then she alternated looking between Tang-E and the magic spirit.

“If you don’t know, why don’t you look at the skill description again? You might’ve seen it wrong at that time,” Reina said while looking at Hyeonu’s face again.

“How can that be? The skill window hasn’t changed.” Hyeonu shook his head. Even so, he opened the skill window as Reina suggested.

‘Skill Window.’

[Magic Spirit Creation]

[Make a shape using magic power. There will be many benefits while the shape is maintained.

Type: Continuous

Rating: Epic

Skill Proficiency: C-

During the magic spirit duration, all stats will increase by 45%, all effects associated with magic power will increase by 45%, and magic power recovery rate will increase by 325%. The higher the proficiency, the more pronounced the magic spirit’s ego will become.]

Uh? It has changed?” Hyeonu showed a flustered expression. There was an added skill effect. Something that obviously hadn’t existed previously was now present.

“What has changed?” Reina heard Hyeonu talking to himself and continued the conversation. She was also curious about what made Hyeonu so surprised.

“There is an added skill description. Every time the proficiency is increased, the ego will become clearer.”

“Isn’t it a very good thing?”

“That’s right. It is good.”

It was a good thing. Hyeonu didn’t have to pay too much attention to the fact that the magic spirit developed an ego. That alone was a huge increase in power.

‘Looking at the fight earlier, it doesn’t seem to be lacking compared to Tang-E...’

The magic spirit’s ego—he didn't know how the ego was formed, but the magic spirit’s combat power was pretty good right now. It wasn’t just the solo combat. The instantaneous situational judgment based on the actions seen during the joint cooperation were very satisfactory.

‘I will teach it with Tang-E.’

Of course, he wasn’t completely satisfied. Still, it was something that would have to be taught gradually.

“I understand. Then that’s it. Go and play with Tang-E.”

Hyeonu turned toward Tang-E and made a gesture with his chin. Then the magic spirit ran and stuck to Tang-E.

Eh, this purple guy. Stop sticking to me.”

Tang-E and the magic spirit were identical without a single difference. It was no wonder that Tang-E was annoyed when something the same size stuck to him. However, the magic spirit continued to cling closely to Tang-E’s side and kept touching Tang-E’s face.

“Master dude, do something about this. It keeps bothering me.”

In the end, Tang-E asked Hyeonu for help, but Hyeonu didn’t listen. Hyeonu was the one who sent the magic spirit to Tang-E.

“It is up to you.”

A corner of Hyeonu’s mouth curved up. Then he looked at Reina and opened his mouth, “Do you want to check the items together? Three things came out.”

Reina’s eyes briefly widened at Hyeonu’s words and she nodded immediately. “Okay.”

Upon hearing Reina’s answer, Hyeonu pulled out the items dropped by the three nobles from the inventory. Of course, the rings were excluded. In this way, a luxurious sword, a book, and a bead were placed on the ground.

“What do you want to look at?” Hyeonu passed the choice to Reina. He honestly wasn’t too curious. He just wondered about it.

‘What is good?’

Reina looked at the items on the ground with a curious glance. A long sword, a bead, and a book. She was curious about all three.

‘However, the weapon is most important...’

Reina’s choice was the long sword. Her weapon was a sword, so it was natural for her to focus more attention on it.

“Then check the long sword first.”

Hyeonu realized that Reina’s gaze remained on the long sword for a long time and pushed the long sword toward Reina.

“Then I’ll check it now.”

Reina nodded and raised the long sword handed to her by Hyeonu.

‘Item Information.’

[Long Sword of a Struggler]

[The sword of a demon who climbed to the position of a marquis with his sword. It contains the blood of many demons and demonic creatures.

Rating: Unique

Conditions: 2,200 strength, 1,500 agility, 1,500 physique.

Durability: 5,500/5,500

Attack Power: 4,300

Effect: Increases defense penetration by 25%. ‘Winner’s Rights’ can be used (Cooldown time: 168 hours).

Winner’s Rights: Killing boss monsters will randomly increase some stats. The increased stats will be permanent even if the Long Sword of a Struggler isn’t worn.]

Wow... Isn’t this a jackpot?” Reina shifted her gaze between the long sword and Hyeonu with wide eyes.

Hyeonu thought that Reina was very cute when she was like this. “Really? I’ll take a look as well.”

Hyeonu received the long sword from Reina and checked the item information.

‘It isn’t bad?’

It was no match for the Mysterious Sky Sword, an epic item, but it was a good enough item. No, it was the best among the currently released long swords.

“By the way, do you meet the requirements to wear this?”

Hyeonu knew that Reina’s stats focused on agility and magic power rather than strength.

“I have enough stats, but will you give this to me?” 

Reina’s stats weren’t as low as Hyeonu thought. Rather, they were quite high thanks to the items given by Hyeonu. It wasn’t lacking at all compared to the top rankers.

“It is an item that is useless for me. I will just give it to someone or hand it out on the streaming. Reina, wouldn’t it be better to give it to you, whom I am hunting with now?”

Reina was troubled for a moment by Hyeonu’s words. She wanted to accept it with a frank heart.

‘However, I’ve only been receiving...’

It wasn’t just one thing she had taken. Hyeonu had given Reina many things in the meantime. He also gave her skill books. Meanwhile, Reina had nothing to give to Hyeonu. Most of what she could give was of no use to Hyeonu.

“Then Hyeonu, you must take the other two items no matter what. And...” Reina pushed the bead and book in front of Hyeonu. “I will give you one wish. Anything is fine as long as I can do it.”

Reina gave Hyeonu the remaining two items and a wish ticket.

“Wish?” Hyeonu imagined something funny at Reina’s mention of a wish.

‘Should I ask her to transfer to Crescent Moon?’

“That is nonsense...”

Hyeonu shook his head and made eye contact with Reina.

‘Let’s ask her to appear in my streaming in the future. It is nominally my wish, but this much should be okay.’

Hyeonu decided to use the wish ticket on Reina’s streaming appearance. He couldn’t think of any other uses.

“Thank you just for saying that.”

Hyeonu picked up the bead directly after a short thanks. Just then, Reina reached out and pressed against Hyeonu’s hand holding the bead.

“The item can be checked later. I might want to have it if I know it.”

At Reina’s words, Hyeonu put the bead and book into his inventory.

‘Does she want to hunt that much?’

Hyeonu knew that Reina’s words were false. Reina wasn’t so greedy for items. He could tell just by the way she received the long sword and refused the other two items. There was only one reason why she made such an excuse: Hunting. She obviously wanted to increase her level further.

“Then let’s go hunting,” Reina opened her mouth again as if to confirm Hyeonu’s speculation.

“Yes, we will go hunting.”


After the hunt, Reina and Hyeonu separated. Hyeonu remained in Arena as he had something else to do, while Reina logged out. There was the sound of air leaking and Reina emerged from the cube. Her face was red.

‘Why did I say that...?’

Reina blamed herself for acting like that without knowing why.

A wish. Combine this with Hyeonu’s words that he muttered to himself and she felt ashamed.

‘Shaking his head at that time and saying...”

“That is nonsense...”

The meaning of this sentence was obvious. What request would a man in his 20s ask when seeing a beautiful woman?

‘Asking to go out with me...’

“It is okay...”

She felt her face becoming hotter as she kept imagining it. It was literally an imagination that heated her up.

‘If he had said that...’

Reina didn’t stop. Rather, she took it one step further.

“I wish he had asked me for such a thing...” Reina’s inner thoughts involuntarily flowed out of her mouth.


Reina took several laps around her house that contained no one before heading to the bathroom to cool her face.

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