Chapter 634 - Help

“There’s no one here?” Lin Yun’s eyes flashed with doubt. Although he was distracted when he refined the blood earlier, he could sense a faint gaze on him. He couldn’t determine if the gaze came from a demonic beast or a cultivator, but he was pretty confident that the gaze came from here.

This was why he charged over after he finished refining the blood essence. Logically speaking, there should be some traces left behind. But no matter how Lin Yun searched the place, he couldn’t find a lingering aura.

“Weird…” Lin Yun muttered to himself. There were only two explanations. Either there was no one here to begin with or that person’s strength was too powerful. The former was a good thing , but the latter…

Lin Yun stopped thinking about it. If a Heavenly Soul Realm expert really placed his eyes on him, he would definitely be dead no matter what he did. Rubbing his nose, Lin Yun smiled, “A small fry like me shouldn’t be capable of luring a Heavenly Soul Realm expert to hunt me down, right?”

Generally speaking, Heavenly Soul Realm experts wouldn’t make reckless moves. The Bloodwing Pavilion had many enemies and Heavenly Soul Realms were their strongest fighting prowess. They could send one to the Withernorth Sea, but the gains wouldn’t make up for the losses to dispatch one out of the Nether Prefecture. Furthermore, if it was that Heavenly Soul Realm expert from the Bloodwing Pavilion, he would be dead by now.

“I’ll stop thinking about it for now.” Lin Yun retracted his gaze. This was only a minor issue and it was more important for him to examine the changes after refining the blood.

With a single thought, a purple glow was released from Lin Yun’s body that formed a membrane on the surface of his body that was engraved with lightning runes.

Lin Yun removed his clothes and looked at the surface of his body with shock in his eyes. He could sense the strength brought to him by the lightning runes and the terrifying defensive capability of this membrane.

The membrane was similar to the Dracophant War Armor. However, the difference between the two was so great that they couldn’t be compared at all. The Dracophant War Armor was refined into an armor on his body, but this was a membrane on his skin that wouldn’t hinder his movements.

He could tell that the Azure Dragon Enneaform had a huge origin when he first looked at it, but he didn’t expect it to be so powerful. Then again, the Azure Dragon Enneaform required the Azure Dragon’s blood to cultivate.

Now that he had refined the Azure Dragon’s blood, he had formally completed the first two stages of the Azure Dragon Enneaform. He could sense that the armor made up of these lightning runes were stronger than low grade cosmic artifacts.

But Lin Yun had a feeling that this was just the surface of this technique. Strictly speaking, the Azure Dragon Enneaform wasn’t a pure body-refining technique as there were some lethal techniques to it. As he cultivated it more, there would be more transformations to his body. He could even use wind and lightning energies to fight for him.

Inside his chest was half of the blood essence that had yet to be refined. He could guess that the blood essence would gradually merge with his body as he cultivated the Azure Dragon Enneaform. The two complemented each other, so when he merged with the blood completely, he would also reach the limit of the Azure Dragon Enneaform.

“Time to test the power. Azure Dragon Enneaform–Monoform!” Lin Yun’s eyes flashed as he poured his origin energy into his right hand. The moment he clenched his fist, the lightning rune appeared and lightning began to flicker on his body. The lightning made it look like there was a dragon coiling around him.

When Lin Yun threw out his punch, he unleashed a dazzling brilliance that shined brightly in a thousand meter radius. When everything settled down, all signs of life had been annihilated.

Lin Yun let out a breath and the membrane on his body gradually disappeared. The power of the Monoform had increased by a lot and it was comparable to the Thunderbolt Slasher. The Monoform was already so powerful after refining the Azure Dragon’s blood. This meant that he should be able to face those in the greater Yin-Yang stage once he reached the third stage of the Azure Dragon Enneaform and obtained the Duoform. 

The Yin-Yang stage was separated into lesser, greater, and complete mastery. Every time Lin Yun made a breakthrough, his strength would undergo a transformation. Logically speaking, an expert in the greater Yin-Yang stage could kill ten cultivators in the lesser Yin-Yang stage.

It was also a threshold since many people would spend ten or hundred of years stuck in the lesser Yin-Yang stage. As for the geniuses on the inner ranking who were in the lesser Yin-Yang stage, they could suppress elders at the same cultivation as them. However, they might face trouble when encountering someone in the greater Yin-Yang stage.

The further one went in cultivation, the greater the gulf would be. Although Lin Yun managed to slay three Bloodwing Pavilion’s elders, he had a clear understanding of his strength. The three lesser Yin-Yang stage elders were probably weaker than Ji Wuye by themselves.

But he knew that he couldn’t let his guard down when facing someone in the greater Yin-Yang stage. As for those geniuses on the inner ranking, there was naturally nothing to say about them. The inner and outer ranking were two completely different worlds.

As time gradually passed, Lin Yun continued fighting with demonic beasts during the day to temper the Azure Dragon Enneaform. At night, he would comprehend the Overlord Sword. In his free time, he would temper his origin energy to consolidate his cultivation.

In the blink of an eye, seven days had passed. Currently, Lin Yun was fighting a hound demonic beast that was huge in size. However, it was no match for him as he used his fist and quickly killed the beast. When it died, the spikes on its body leaked out poison.

But since Lin Yun had been training in the mountain range for a long time, he naturally wasn’t injured by it. Lin Yun relaxed his fist as he raised his head to look out at the mountain range, “The demonic beasts along the way are getting weaker and weaker. It looks like it won’t take long for me to get out of here.”

Since no one from the Bloodwing Pavilion was pursuing him, he believed that he must have shaken them off. Lin Yun pondered briefly and continued his journey since it was time for him to get out. 

When he stepped out of the forest, a vast plain laid before him. There was a group of people gathered together fighting a demonic beast. The demonic beast was a bull with lightning flickering on its body. Its cultivation was in the pinnacle Yang stage.

“Damn it, why is there a Thunder Brutebull here? Lady Yun, run while we stop it!” A middle-aged man dressed in blue clothes turned to a lady as he was busy stopping the bull with several others.

“I won’t leave if you guys don’t!” The lady’s face was pale, but her face was firm.

“Lady Yun, leave quickly…”

“We won’t be able to hold it back for long.” Several guards were persuading her as they wore ugly expressions.

Right at this moment, the Thunder Brutebull flickered with lightning as it sent several of the guards flying and vomiting blood.

“Damn it!” The middle-aged man’s eyes flashed with rage as he stabbed his spear out.

The sharp spear only managed to pierce the bull’s skin by half an inch. Blood splashed out, which infuriated the bull as it attacked with a bolt of lightning that struck the middle-aged man. The middle-aged man lost his grip on his spear as he was sent flying while throwing up a mouthful of blood. As he flew, he smashed through three towering trees.

“A Thunder Brutebull?” A figure landed on a tree nearby. It was naturally Lin Yun who had spent a few hours rushing to the border of the mountain range. All the demonic beasts he encountered were weak, so he dealt with them quickly.

Lin Yun was surprised to see a Thunder Brutebull. He ran into many lightning attributed demonic beasts over the past few days, but they were all overlord demonic beasts, so he didn’t dare to touch them. After all, lightning attributed beast cores were beneficial for him to cultivate the Azure Dragon Enneaform.

The Thunder Brutebull continued to charge towards the middle-aged man with shocking speed. The middle-aged man was a cultivator in the greater Yang stage and he slammed his palm onto the ground just before he soared back into the sky.

But when he was mid-air, he was sent flying by the bull. Throwing up another mouthful of blood, he knew that he would be dead if this carried on.

But right at this moment, a figure descended from the sky and a palm landed on the bull. The sounds of bones cracking could be heard as the Thunder Brutebull was sent flying. It was naturally Lin Yun who attacked.

The middle-aged man, who was saved, clutched his chest as he got back up on his feet with great difficulty.

“Uncle Chen.” The lady ran over nervously.

The middle-aged man looked up ahead and replied, “I’m fine.”

The lady’s gaze also fell on Lin Yun and she was shocked that Lin Yun could send a Thunder Brutebull flying so easily at such a young age.

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