Chapter 702 - Sword Sect's Ruins

When Lin Yun landed on the ground, countless sword intent shot over towards him from all directions. But when the sword rays collided with the purple mist around him, the collision only released crackling lightning.

“It doesn’t seem to be a problem?” Lin Yun realized that he could rely on his physique to defend against the incoming attacks. He didn’t even have to bring out his sword intent.

With that, Lin Yun could travel as he wished, unaffected by the sword rays. Relying on the broken sword, he had a feeling that he would hold the upperhand in this mountain.

A few minutes later, a cave appeared before him. The cave was sealed with a bronze gate engraved with ancient runes. The spiritual runes were so powerful that not even Lin Yun could understand them fully. This meant that they were sixth grade spiritual runes or higher.

“Someone’s here!” Lin Yun suddenly became cautious as he noticed that there was a palm print on the bronze gate. Looking at it carefully, he could still sense the lingering origin energy. It looks like the spiritual array was broken by someone.

“I’ll just go in for now.” Since the person who came before him could break the spiritual array, they should be rather strong. But Lin Yun wasn’t worried. After all, there was a high possibility that there might be ancient records and jade slips here. So he knew he had to go even if it was dangerous.

Pushing the bronze gate open, Lin Yun’s eyes flickered as he executed the Seven Profound Steps. He soon found that this was a secret tunnel that was leading him somewhere. It didn’t take long for him to reach an intersection.

“Footprints?” Lin Yun fell into deep thoughts when he saw the footprints on the ground, so he followed them. Before he knew it, he had arrived in an underground palace. When he raised his head, the entire region was dark, filled with vivid statues on the ground.

Lin Yun squinted his eyes as he could sense a boundless sword array. Although the fluctuation was concealed, the power contained in it was shocking. Glancing around, he could see several corpses on the ground.

“The Skycloud Sect’s disciples…” Lin Yun instantly recognized the victims by their uniform. They belonged to the Skycloud Sect in Skymound City. There was a huge grudge between him and them, not to mention that he killed one of their core disciples. So this made Lin Yun curious who he would run into. Is Chu Muyan here?

He heard that this person was one of the strongest among the seven. Back then, he could sense that Chu Muyan and Chen Ziyu were both extremely terrifying.

Raising his head to look at the sword array, Lin Yun’s pupils blazed with fighting spirit. Clearly, he had no intention of giving up. After all, he would have a battle with Chu Muyan sooner or later.

With a flash, Lin Yun stood on an array node. Based on his proficiency in spiritual runes and sword intent, this sword array couldn’t pose much danger to him. Whenever he landed, the ground would emit a faint light and the statues would also loosen their grip on their swords.

Relying on his sword intent, Lin Yun cautiously avoided the triggers. Although he was moving slowly, he moved much smoother than those who barged in earlier. In just a while, he arrived at the core region of the sword array. The core region had an altar with nine statues surrounding it. Each statue was grabbing their sword hilts with a solemn expression. With the faint pressure that they were emitting, it seemed like they were protecting something.

“What’s over there? Damn it, it’s too far…” The altar was mysterious, but he couldn’t take a closer look at the altar. In the next second, a beam shot out from the nine statues that lit up the dark place. At the front of the altar, he could see the Skycloud Sect’s party with Ouyang Hao in the lead.

“Him?” Lin Yun was rather surprised as he had heard about how domineering Ouyang How was. This was the first person who declared to kill him. But quickly ignored Ouyang Hao because he could see a box hovering on the altar, enveloped in flames. It seemed like the Skycloud Sect’s party intended on breaking the restriction forcibly. But when they did that, the nine statues came to life.

“Kill! The box must contain treasures from the Sword Sect!” Ouyang Hao’s eyes lit up as he charged over with the Skycloud Sect’s elders and disciples.

In the next second, the Skycloud Sect fought with the nine statues. The nine statues might not be alive, but their sword aura was linked together. Clearly, the nine statues had formed a mini sword array.

The Skycloud Sect was fortunate that they had elders with them. However, it still wasn’t easy for them. Just when Lin Yun intended to head over by relying on the chaos, a light rune exploded beneath him.

Several stone statues opened their eyes as they turned to look at Lin Yun. The core region also underwent some changes as the sword array began to transform with a barrier splitting the core region. This made Lin Yun’s face change as he quickly retreated before he could figure out what was going on.

But when he landed on the ground, the light rune beneath him exploded once more as the entire sword array changed. He knew that the entire sword array had changed and that it was practically impossible for him to quickly find the right nodes.

In the next second, dozens of stone statues opened their eyes as they looked at Lin Yun. The statutes might not be as ferocious as the nine statues, but they were greater in number. It would be rather troublesome for him to deal with them and he would be trapped if he wasn’t careful.

“Shit.” Lin Yun’s face turned grave. He initially wanted to take hold of the opportunity after the restriction around the altar broke. However, he never expected that he would be in danger as well. Fortunately, the Skycloud Sect’s party still hadn’t realized that he had come.

As light runes on the ground continued to explode, sword intent surged as more statues were awakened. Lin Yun knew that he could still leave safely if he left right now. But if he stayed longer, he would have to pay a great price.

“Aren’t you a little too useless? You brought me all the way here, yet there's nothing you can do about this?” Lin Yun muttered as he looked at the broken sword. After all, it was this broken sword that brought him here. There was no question that the owner of this broken sword was powerful as he could kill an empyrean with a sword fragment. The owner must have had a high position in the Sword Sect back then.

“Watch how you speak. If it wasn’t for me, you would have been killed by that empyrean.” A weak voice sounded out in Lin Yun’s heart, which startled him. But it was also because he was briefly stunned that the stone statues were able to charge over.

With his face changed, Lin Yun could only avoid the attacks from the stone statues. When a sword ray flashed past him, it sliced off several strands of his hair, which made him break out in cold sweat.

“These bastards are too reckless.” The voice sounded out once more, allowing Lin Yun to confirm that the voice wasn’t an illusion.

“I’m sorry about that, senior,” apologized Lin Yun.

“It’s not that I don’t want to help you, but this is the rule I created when I was still alive. You have to pass the test to receive my inheritance. But these bastards aren’t following the rules at all…” The wek voice sounded in Lin Yun’s heart once more, bringing hope to Lin Yun.

Shortly after, he figured that the nine statues must be the test and Ouyang Hao had to get past it by himself. But for some reason, Ouyang Hao decided to charge through the test relying on numbers.

“These bastards. If it’s not because I want to leave behind my legacy, there’s no way they can open the bronze gate. Did they think that they could open the bronze gate by themselves? Relying on numbers upon hearing that you’ll die if you fail the test. What a bunch of naive fellows.” The voice sounded out once more, showing clear unhappiness at Ouyang Hao’s actions.

Lin Yun didn’t dare to utter a word as he was afraid of offending this senior. “I can help you, but you’ll still die if you fail the test. You can decide if you want to take the test.”

“I’ve never cowered in my path as a swordsman. What do you think?” Lin Yun knew that the Skymound City’s geniuses wouldn’t let him go when he offended Qing Ruoyou, but that didn’t deter him from coming. Since there was an opportunity before him, he naturally wouldn’t give up.

“I like your guts. I’ll forgive your rudeness for now. Follow me,” said the voice coming from the broken sword. He didn’t seem surprised by Lin Yun’s choice or perhaps he already knew that Lin Yun had cultivated the Overlord Sword.

As a weak aura emitted out from the broken sword and the statues charging towards Lin Yun suddenly dropped to their knees.

“Where are we going?” Before Lin Yun could even react, the light rune beneath him formed a vortex that pulled him in.

At the same time, the flames on the altar surged even more. This made Ouyang Hao, who was fighting the nine statues with the Skycloud Sect’s party, excited. “There’s a reaction. Break the restriction quickly!”

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