Chapter 703 - Great Boost in Cultivation

When the entire world began to spin, Lin Yun realized that he was falling. By the time he regained his sight, he discovered that he was standing on a towering platform with a stone statue standing at the side of the platform.

The statue wielded a sword and looked at him coldly. When Lin Yun turned his gaze around, he noticed that there were nine platforms in total. Each platform followed a basic pattern. The first platform had a stone statue, the second platform had two stone statues… and the ninth platform had nine statues.

“What is this place?” asked Lin Yun.

“This is your test. There are nine tests in total and there’s a reward after each test. Each of the statues will have cultivation one realm higher than you. You’ll be able to leave after getting through the ninth platform and you only have half a day,” said the voice coming from the broken sword.

Lin Yun started to examine the stone statues. If they were only in the Yin-Yang stage, then they shouldn’t be hard to deal with. Lin Yun was in deep thought when the stone statue suddenly came to life and their eyes flashed coldly.

With a surge of killing aura, the stone statue drew out its sword, which caused a huge rumble. The rumble was purely caused by sword intent, which enveloped the entire region. But when Lin Yun looked at the stone statue’s attack, he was shocked.

Thunderbolt Slash? Lin Yun’s eyes flashed with shock. However, the stone statue didn’t care about his shock and swung its sword, unleashing eighteen thunderbolts towards Lin Yun. This made Lin Yun’s face change drastically as the thunderbolts coming at him were too quick. Lin Yun’s first reaction was to draw his sword, but he wasn’t able to draw his sword no matter what he did.

“What’s going on?” Lin Yun was greatly shocked that he couldn’t draw his sword.

“I forgot to tell you that you can’t draw your sword here, but this only applies to you. After all, you practice the Overlord Sword, so it’ll be too easy for you if you’re allowed to draw your sword.” The elderly voice sounded out once more, which made Lin Yun cursed out inwardly.

In a split second, the eleven dragon runes began to squirm on his body like lightning dragons. A dragon roar echoed out from within his body as he was shrouded in a purple mist. His body flickered as he dodged a few attacks and punched three thunderbolts that were flying at him.

However, he was hit by the last eight sword rays, which caused him to spit out blood and go flying. As a violent storm descended, his tottering body was on the verge of collapse.

Damn it! Lin Yun was both enraged and fearful at the same time. Is this what others feel when they face my Thunderbolt Slash? He knew how terrifying this attack was, but he never expected that he would have a taste of it one day.

Before he could even think about it, the stone statue soared into the sky once more, slashing its sword down. Lin Yun tapped his foot and spun three times in mid-air to dodge the attack. But before he could even gain a firm footing, the violent wind from the stone statue’s sword sent him flying back, leaving a few gashes on his body.

“Are you done?! You really think I’m a pushover?” Lin Yun was enraged. He knew that he would be knocked off the stage if this carried on.

Azure Dragon Palm!

Scales began to cover his hands, turning them into dragon claws. With an enraged dragon roar echoing out of his body, the ancient azure dragon energy poured into both his hands as he charged forward, tearing the stone statue’s defences apart.

The stone statue was knocked back with ten sinister claw marks on its chest. If the stone statue was a human cultivator, it would have already been torn into two by Lin Yun.

“Is that the only move you have? You can die then!” Lin Yun was relieved upon seeing that the stone statue only knew the Overlord Sword’s first form.

The claw marks on the statue slowly started recovering, so Lin Yun spread his hands apart and soared into the sky like a golden crow. In the next second, his azure dragon energy exploded as a hundred cauldron’s worth of strength exploded with a hundred lightning bolts converging together.

The lightning rumbled and the stone statue was instantly covered with wounds. When Lin Yun poured all eleven dragon runes into his fist, causing it to radiate brightly. In the next second, cracks began to cover the stone statue before it exploded into countless light spheres.

In the next second, the light spheres entered Lin Yun’s body, turning into origin energy that poured into Lin Yun’s violet palace. In the next second, Lin Yun could sense his cultivation growing at a visible speed.

“These are the so-called benefits? They’re really great.” Lin Yun rejoiced as he could sense that it was equivalent to half a month of bitter cultivation. When he looked at the stone statues up ahead, his eyes lit up with excitement. Stomping on the ground, Lin Yun landed on the second platform like a ferocious beast as he rubbed his hands. It didn’t look like he was taking a test, but like he was hunting his prey.

“Brat, why are you like a ferocious beast?” The weak consciousness in the broken sword was surprised by Lin Yun’s glowing eyes. He clearly didn’t know how much Lin Yun wanted to make a breakthrough in his cultivation.

Overlord Sword–Solar Slash!

When Lin Yun landed on the ground, two statues stood up as a pair of light screens manifested at their sides into wings. In the next second, the stone statues swung their swords out as darkness enveloped the entire region.

But there was no change to Lin Yun’s face as he circulated the Iris Sword Sutra, allowing the Iris Flower to bloom within his violet palace. In the next second, silver sword energy began to pour into the eleven dragon runes.

When the dragon runes shined with silver brilliance, the eleven dragon runes parted from Lin Yun’s body, manifesting into eleven dragons that lit up the darkness. At this moment, Lin Yun had fused Azure Dragon’s aura together with his sword aura, forming the Azure Dragon Sword Aura.

Just like that, the two stone statues were sent flying back from Lin Yun’s aura. When he formed a seal with both his hands, his thumb pressed down on the nail of his middle finger. With that, his hands looked like a stretched bow as his complete mastery of xiantian sword intent kept accumulating in his fingers.

The eleven dragons circled around him as they clashed together. In the next second, a dragon manifested into an Iris Flower enveloped with lightning.

Flicking Divine Finger—Graceful Moment, Absolute Hit!

Lin Yun’s nails emitted a dazzling brilliance before they turned into two sword rays that streaked through the air. When the two stone statues landed on the ground, they had huge holes in their chests. Shortly after, cracks began to spread out on the stone statues before they crumbled into pieces.

Looking at the power of the Flicking Divine Finger, Lin Yun was shocked by how powerful it had become. It looks like he had to cultivate this secret technique again. After all, it had been left behind by the Iris Sword Saint. Upon reaching a high stage in it, he could even destroy a star with a flick of his finger.

In the next second, countless light spheres entered his body as the origin energy within his body began to fluctuate. When the light spheres dissipated, Lin Yun was shocked to discover that the Iris Flower in his violet palace had reached ninety-three petals.

This made Lin Yun’s eyes glow with excitement on his face, “It’s actually foundation origin energy. How terrifying… if this carries on, I can try pushing the Iris Sword Sutra to the eleventh stage after reaching the ninth platform.”

After thinking about it, Lin Yun could no longer conceal the joy on his face.

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