Chapter 794 - Provocation!

When Ji Wuye was defeated, a large amount of profound amber aura flew out from his jade token and was devoured by Lin Yun’s jade token. After a sudden shattering sound, a nine meter long dragon projection flew out and entered Lin Yun’s body.

“You won.” Ji Wuye looked at Lin Yun helplessly, but the obsession in his heart had been shattered. Ji Wuye no longer had any regrets and cupped his hands together with a smile, “Thank you. I hope that you can continue in this manner.”

Lin Yun nodded his head lightly and sensed the dragon projection within his body. The dragon projection actually coiled around his heart, releasing a warm current throughout his body and filling him with vitality. If he wanted, Lin Yun could refine it right now and would greatly benefit from it. In fact, his current dragon projection could help him easily reach the quasi-Heavenly Soul Realm. But that would be the same as giving up on the ranking battle. Additionally, this was just the tip of the iceberg when it came to the dragon projection’s benefits.

When Lin Yun left the stage, he saw Yu Haotian ascend the stairs of the third group’s stage. His opponent was Feng Wudao. After Feng Wudao lost to Lin Yun, his popularity had greatly dropped. However, Feng Wudao held back in the elimination round and didn’t reveal his full strength.

Feng Wudao didn’t choose to surrender, but instead jumped on the stage to fight. Unfortunately, he was destined to lose. Yu Haotian only used one move to defeat Feng Wudao. Afterwards, the dragon projection around Yu Haotian grew to twenty-one meters and even emitted a faint golden light.

As the battle resumed, the three kings and seven elites maintained their unshakable position. Through the battles, the differences between the three kings and seven elites were being revealed. The three kings only needed one move to defeat their opponent, while the seven elites would use three to ten moves.

Lin Yun’s gaze fell onto Yue Weiwei until she defeated her opponent. Then, he turned to Bai Lixuan who was currently on stage.

“Second group, Bai Lixuan VS Zhou Yong!” Zhou Yong was ranked sixteenth in the previous banquet and this time around he shined brightly. Aside from several unlucky matches against the top ten, he had no losses.

Bai Lixuan’s record was similar to his as Bai Lixuan only had one loss to the top ten. Additionally, their strength was very similar. As they fought, they exchanged over a hundred moves and were evenly matched.

In the ferocious battle, the advantage of Bai Lixuan’s cultivation technique was also revealed. With his Azure Dragon Sword Sutra, he gradually became more ferocious. Soon enough, the purple lightning from his attacks manifested into a dragon. In the end, Zhou Yong was exhausted by the dragon and was heavily injured. Wisely, he admitted defeat.

“Thanks for the battle,” said Bai Lixuan. He devoured Zhou Yon’gs profound amber aura, revealing his dragon projection.

“Interesting, Bai Lixuan didn’t seem tired at all.”

“He might receive a promotion quota in the second group.” Bai Lixuan’s performance lit up everyone’s eyes with admiration.

As more time passed, Lin Yun won seven fights in a row. Some of these easy wins were due to his opponents surrendering the moment they were called. With that, his dragon projection had become twelve meters long. But the spotlight of the fourth group was focused on Nangong Wanyu, Li Mubai, and Lin Tao.

Nangong Wanyu and Li Mubai’s performances were even more dazzling as they finally started revealing their strength. Nangong Wanyu’s sword techniques were so cold that he even froze an opponent in the middle of battle. As for Li Mubai, his sword techniques were domineering and free.

The breathtaking performances of Nangong Wanyu and Li Mubai shocked many people because the strength they revealed was a lot stronger than Lin Yun’s strength. At this point, everyone understood why Ji Feng was ranked at the bottom of the three kings and seven elites.

As for Lin Tao, his performance was unlike his gentle appearance. His attacks were domineering and ferocious. Every single one of his punches were as explosive as a volcanic eruption. In fact, each punch caused waves to form on the lake. Seeing this, everyone wondered how high his attainments in the Profound Yang Art were.

The three of them had very different temperaments and the fangs they showed in the battle were blinding. To the crowd, it felt like the three elites were trying to intimidate Lin Yun and warning him not to interfere.

“All of them have Quasi-Heavenly Soul Realm cultivation, the foundation of an overlord force, unfathomable cultivation techniques, and top-tier comprehension and aptitude. Aside from the three kings, no one can suppress Nangong Wanyu, Li Mubai, or Lin Tao.”

“Actually, their opponents aren’t that strong if you look closely. So there’s no need for them to show such a strong performance.”

“What do you know? They’re after the quota and they don’t want to look weak before Lin Yun.”

“That’s right. Lin Yun’s foundation is weaker than those three, but he’s a variable in their group. If he faces any of them, he would be forced to reveal all of his trump cards. This means that one of those elites will have a disadvantage against the other two.”

“I see. No wonder the three of them are showing such a strong front. They probably want Lin Yun to back down.” The spectators could all feel the unusual aura coming from the three elites.

“Brother Lin, the three of them seem to be targeting you,” said Feng Ye in a solemn voice. Even he could sense that the three were flaunting their strength for Lin Yun.

“Is that so?” Lin Yun replied indifferently.

“Is that not the case? They could’ve easily resolved their opponents with one move, so why are they causing such a huge commotion?” asked Feng Ye.

“Perhaps,” replied Lin Yun casually. So what if they were trying to intimidate him? The three of them had underestimated him. Did they really think that he was so weak that he couldn’t fight for the seeded participant's quota? He would show them how wrong they were for underestimating him.

It didn’t take long for Lin Yun to go on stage again. This time, his opponent was Zhang He, an seemingly average genius without dazzling performances or fame. But when Zhang He attacked, he instantly unleashed his unfathomable cultivation in the quasi-Heavenly Soul Realm that reached Lin Yun instantly. Clearly, Zhang He had practiced this move countless times. In the face of this attack, Lin Yun was forced several steps backwards as he didn’t want to reveal any of his trump cards.

He stuck close to Lin Yun, so Lin Yun was continually forced backwards. However, Lin Yun didn’t draw his sword and dodged Zhang He’s attacks with his movement techniques. When the crowd saw this, they were shocked. This was the first time Lin Yun was forced to this state by someone with no fame.

The unfavorable situation was short lived. When Lin Yun decided to make his move, he drew his sword and casually stabbed at Zhang He’s flaw. His sword pierced through Zhang He’s right shoulder, which rendered Zhang He unable to raise his sword.

“Zhang He really endured to keep his cultivation hidden. I remember that he lost several rounds in the elimination round so that he wouldn’t reveal his true cultivation.”

“It’s a pity that he ran into Lin Yun. If he ran into someone else, he might have been able to defeat his opponent.” Many people were dumbfounded by how long Zhang He hid his strength. However, they were more impressed by how calm and decisive Lin Yun was. His composure had fully displayed the grace of a swordsman.

“I really wanted to catch you by surprise and force you into desperate straits...I surrender,” sighed Zhang He.

Lin Yun sheathed his sword and said, “I really was caught by surprise. It wasn’t as easy as it seemed, but a swordsman’s existence is to break through all desperate straits.”

What he said wasn’t fake and he said this because he didn’t want to reveal too many of his trump cards. Since he experienced many desperate straits in the past, he was able to maintain his composure and quickly found a solution.

Zhang He was briefly stunned before his emotions were stirred by Lin Yun’s words. After a brief silence, he said with a heavy tone, “Perhaps this is the true gap between us.”

After they got off the stage, Lin Tao went up. His appearance instantly caused an uproar as many people turned to watch him. He had more or less concealed his true strength in the previous fights. Even though his strength was concealed for this battle too, it was exciting. However, as soon as the crowd got excited, Lin Tao’s opponent surrendered.

“Boring.” Lin Tao said before he left the stage. Then, Lin Tao suddenly turned to look at Lin Yun with flames blazing in his pupils. At the same time, the water around the stage began to boil violently. It was so violent that the waves formed a little mountain range that made the stage sway violently.

“This…” This scene shocked many people because the waves were getting as high as three thousand meteres. Lin Tao stuck his hand out and pointed his thumb towards the ground. Although his mouth moved, no sound came out. However, everyone could tell that Lin Tao was saying ‘You’re going down!’

At the same time, Lin Tao’s aura reached its pinnacle and the waves began to burn with flames. With this, everyone sucked in a cold breath.

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