200th Chapter Bonus Time~~!!

Greetings to all readers!

I can't believe that we have actually reached the 200th chapter already, and that's actually very close to the halfway mark (Duke Pendragon has 432 chapters). So, anyway, if you guys are wondering why am I writing this post in Dan's stead and his whereabouts, I locked him in the dungeons to translate more chapters for all of you. ^^

Just kidding! Dan is currently somewhere in the skies, on his way back to Korea after being away from his family members for close to 2 years or so. I'm really envious of him and I wish I could travel soon as well, don't we all? But no worries, I'm sure he will pop in very soon to say hi once he settles down in Korea and all. Also, not to worry, we have a stockpile so you guys will still get your daily fix.

I digressed, but here's the bonus chapter for our 200th chapter milestone!!!