Yojj's Greeting

Hi everyone! I’m Yojj, a new Korean translator on WW! I’m so happy to see the launch of GotM!! I'm a noobie translator in the webnovel world and I'm always looking to improve, but I hope the translation doesn't distract from the wonderful storyline of GotM. 

A bit about me: I LOVE reading. It’s terrible how much I love to read. Before, it used to be fanfic that kept me up all night, but after I discovered the world of webnovels, it’s chinese and korean webnovels that keep me up all night. You’d think I’d learn not to start a new novel right before bed, but nope. And speaking of novels keeping me up, my favorite novels on WW are Life, Once Again and Fields of Gold. 

I hope everyone can enjoy GotM as much as I did because some of the characters are absolutely hilarious.