Status Update

UPDATE 07/16/2021: So... I learned the hard, painful way that you shouldn't type for long periods with arms on the armrest. Suffering from mild medial epicondylitis now, which is more or less a swollen elbow. Shouldn't affect releases or anything. I've corrected my posture, and now taking meds and using ice compression.

UPDATE: 05/21/2021 So, a whole lot of Covid cases popped up near me and I was in the same place with one of them. Got tested twice and I'm negative. Really messed up my work schedule though. So much waiting in line. Things are getting pretty hectic here.

UPDATE: 04/24/2021: I will be splitting some of the chapters or so into 2 parts each (starting from 1361) because the author has basically more than doubled the length of each chapter, jumping from around 3k to 6-8k. 

UPDATE 03/01/2021: 

So, there was mention of a Wolf Sovereign and Wolf Monarch/King in chapter 1315. The former is the leader of the Summit of Peaks, but the latter is... from the neutral lands? The leader of the ancestral faction is the Wolf Ancestor. I think the author made a mistake and typed Wolf King instead of Wolf Ancestor (which I had to change into monarch because there was already a wolf king in the neutral lands.)

Long Story Short:

Summit of Peaks => Wolf Sovereign

Ancestral Faction => Wolf Ancestor

UPDATE 01/15/2021: I managed to lose my keys outside last night. Wasn't able to get into my house until morning OTL.

UPDATE 10/12/2020: Discharged!

UPDATE 10/08/2020: I was hospitalized for a bad case of flu and gastritis. Extra Covid measures just made everything more complicated.

UPDATE 10/07/2020: Still in bed most of the time. Sore and tired all over but still translating as much as I can.

UPDATE 10/05/2020: Ok, I'm really sick. I've been translating in bed but I'm quite exhausted. This really isn't a good year.

UPDATE 10/04/2020: A bit under the weather but still working, another chapter coming up today.

UPDATE 09/20/2020: My city is going under lockdown in half a day's time, so I'm scrambling to get some essentials stocked up.

UPDATE 08/29/2020: I can't guarantee a fixed release-time for the time being. Right now, I'm just doing my best to get each chapter out as soon as it's translated.

UPDATE 08/21/2020: Chapter 1118 is over 2x long. Goodness. I don't think I'll finish it even if I stay up all night.

UPDATE 08/03/2020: Feeling better now. Thanks for all the kind messages! Trying to catch up on translations today.

UPDATE 07/31/2020: Taking the day off. I've come down with a cold--I'm translating, but it takes 6++ hours to get each chapter done with this headache. I don't think I'll finish in time today. I'll try to release early or double tomorrow if I feel better.

UPDATE 07/06/2020: There might be some erratic release times these days, but no chapters will be missed.

UPDATE 06/25/2020: Had an ear infection for the past couple of days. I'm feeling better now. Thanks for everyone's well-wishes.

UPDATE 05/18/2020: I'll be trying to catch up on the owed chapters starting this week. Still stuck away from home and feeling down, but hey that's no excuse to owe chapters! I must and will clear out this debt.

UPDATE 04/10/2020: Home-quarantined for two weeks. Doing my best not to fall behind on the schedule, but feeling pretty bummed these days. It's been very troublesome, but I'm in good health and have no symptoms. Take care, everyone!

UPDATE 04/04/2020: I'm stuck in Burma and unable to go back home to Taiwan due to the corona situation. The virus is also starting to spread here; local transmissions and deaths are piling up. Utter chaos.

UPDATE 03/11/2020: Sort of went down with a cold, but I've recovered. Will make up for everything with +5 chapters dispersed over the coming weeks.

UPDATE 02/29/2020: I'm feeling a bit unwell, probably something to do with the hectic schedule and lack of sleep. I'll make up for the missed chapter as soon as I can.

UPDATE 02/27/2020: Sorry for the erratic release times this week. I'll try to get them back to normal over the course of next week. My real-life schedule is just a huge mess right now.

UPDATE 01/20/2020: I've more or less recovered now. Thanks for the well-wishes and understanding ^_^ You guys are the best!

UPDATE 01/16/2020: Thanks for all the well-wishes. I'm still working little by little when I feel okay, but progress has been very slow. I hope to be able to get one chapter out by tomorrow morning.

UPDATE 01/15/2020: I've been hospitalized for a bad case of the stomach flu/food poisoning. I'm still translating in bed but the release times might be erratic for a day or two.