End of RMJI

Wowee, this has been quite the journey, one that was no less exciting than Han Li's journey to immortality, I daresay. A big thank you to all of the readers who have supported the translation of this fantastic story, the editors who have helped out along the way, and the OG, doubleDD, for carrying the first half of the book before the torch was passed onto me. Without all of you, this journey wouldn't have been possible. 

There have been a lot of questions about the translation of the sequel, so I'll address that here as well. Unfortunately, it doesn't look like the translation of the sequel will go ahead. I don't get to decide what I translate, and from what I've heard, there seem to be some contracting complications preventing Wuxiaworld from securing the translation rights for the sequel. In any case, I hope we'll be reunited someday as reader and translator elsewhere, but for now, it's time to bid farewell.

One of the main editors for the story, the one and only Immortal Galaxy Tree, has asked me to relay a message to all of you, so here it is:

"It's been a pleasure reading and editing RMJI alongside everyone, I hope everyone enjoyed the book as much as I did~ 🙂 It's sad that it's ended, but also incredible that I stuck with it long enough to see it end. "

A shameless parting plug before I sign off: I recently took over the translation of Yama Rising. If anyone's interested, feel free to check it out!

PS. There will be four bonus easter egg chapters being released tomorrow, so you can look forward to that!