Hey readers,

Court Lady has finished airing + all chapters have been released! If you haven't caught up already, make sure you do so!

This novel is extremely unpredictable. 

Romance is not its main focus. If you're into action, war, palace politics, comedy, tragedy, schemes, this is for you! (It has romance, but this would not be classified as a romance novel). It's about survival of the fittest. 

It's not over until it's over!

by AwesomeGrace

Hey readers!

If you haven't checked out this novel yet, I highly recommend you to do so! Volume 1 is complete. 

The story will get a lot darker and is extremely unpredictable. 

If you enjoy action, palace schemes, war, fighting, romance, comedy, and tragedy, I highly recommend!

You can also watch Court Lady on youtube and viki as well! 

by AwesomeGrace