Dear readers of GotM!

This month, we are launching 2 new tiers for Game of the Monarch!! Yay to more chapters! We are really really grateful for all the love you guys have been showing to Milton and also our lovely translator Yojj! Continue reading and also stay safe!!

by Cosyjuhye

Greetings to all readers of Game of the Monarch,

This post came a little late but if you haven't realized, we already have 4 sponsorship tiers up and you can read up to 12 chapters ahead of the latest public release! Adding the link here for everyone >> Here

Thank you for all the love and support towards GotM and we hope you will enjoy the journey with Milton Forrest!

by Cosyjuhye

Hi everyone! I’m Yojj, a new Korean translator on WW! I’m so happy to see the launch of GotM!! I'm a noobie translator in the webnovel world and I'm always looking to improve, but I hope the translation doesn't distract from the wonderful storyline of GotM. 

A bit about me: I LOVE reading. It’s terrible how much I love to read. Before, it used to be fanfic that kept me up all night, but after I discovered the world of webnovels, it’s chinese and korean webnovels that keep me up all night. You’d think I’d learn not to start a new novel right before bed, but nope. And speaking of novels keeping me up, my favorite novels on WW are Life, Once Again and Fields of Gold. 

I hope everyone can enjoy GotM as much as I did because some of the characters are absolutely hilarious.

by Yojj